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  1. This is NOTHING!!! I've seen a boomerang get stuck in it's cobra roll twice and get stuck at the bottom of the loop once, ALL IN LESS THAN A MONTH!!!
  2. It's not a coaster, but how many people have a Vekoma Wakiki Wave credit?!
  3. Imma have to try to ride Evel Knievel in the back. I rode it and thought Boss was a much better woodie!
  4. Wildebeest is very fun but it didn't show me that much much. Just a longer Deluge. It help to not have to walk up all those steps.
  5. I think that naked lady was wearing a birth control patch! What else were people attempting to do?!


    What about this?!
  7. Thanx! I just got a chance and I just tried!
  8. Hey, sorry about reviving this thread, but I just went FULL RETARD again! Can someone explain this?! If I send an email with my mailing address to this account will I get a BAG-O-CRAP?! Do I have to have an answer to a certain question in the email?! If so, what is the question?! Doctor " " DOOM!!!
  9. Flyers are the only rides I ever take them off for (unless required). Otherwise, I feel they are safer on my face than in my pocket. Exactly! When I was still a kid, I lost my glasses on Thunder Run! They were in my pocket! Ive NEVER taken my glasses off since! I even sleep with them on!
  10. I'm still completely lost... Is Dan Leslie Hall?! Do I need to go on a trip to get Dan's E-mail address?! Is E-mail Dan a code word for something else I must do to get a BAG-O-CRAP?! HELP!!! I'm freaking out again... EDIT: Okay... Help me understand someone, where are the questions I need to answer?!
  11. ^ Didn't those same Gravity Group designers (Larry Bill...etc...) get their career started with Beast?! (Worked under Charles Dinn for Kings Entertainment, then Dinn & Summers, then Custom Coasters?!
  12. Whos Dan?! I hear a lot of emailing Dan round' here! Whats his Email address?!
  13. Ive NEVER taken off my expensive Transition lenses on ANY ride. NEVER lost them! Rode every coaster at SFStl with them on!!! The only problem ive EVER had is I had to push adjust them back on my face while riding FireHawk!
  14. If we HAVE to use SOB as firewood, I'd want a GG replacement more than a GCI!
  15. I vote for gutted rose bowl and an out an back section. Bring the loop back while we are at it! I want SOB saved, and I believe it can be done somehow and will be a success with proper marketing!
  16. Im surprised Voyage or Raven was not on the list! Paul Reben must not be welcome at Holiday World. Raven and SOB are the most overhyped coasters on the planet IMHO. Paul Reben should take sole responsibility for over hyping SOB! Beast was a great coaster and a HUGE deal in 1979 and early 80's. Nothing compared! Today, it is just mediocre. Anybody surprised Prowler didn't make the list?!
  17. ^ Thats only the average speed which includes the mean of the speed over the entire ride, including lifts, trims, TWISTY's, hills,and the speed on the final brake run before the ride "parks" Paul Ruben's that round, little, old guy with the glasses on all the rollercoaster shows, correct?
  18. I rode Beast at KI during a full fledged thunderstorm one night in October last year. Lots of lightning bolts streaking across the sky as the only light and the increased speed from the rain = EPIC, EPIC, SUPER EPIC!!!
  19. This makes me suspicious of the other 2 kids. This is unrelated but my arm is long enough to push a G-Train release pedal on Twisted Twins lift. I HAVE NOT DONE THIS WHILE THE RIDE IS IN MOTION. Those kids were prolly scarred of getting in trouble!
  20. I do think Robb may be right about Greezed Lightnin' unfortunetely. All of Greezed Lightnin's spare parts were coming from it's sister shuttle loop which is still owned by Six Flags.
  21. I had seen the courier journal back in May and thought this. It's good that Ed Hart wants to place emphasis on coasters as well as water rides. This summer has been awful with "the Kingdom" not being open. However the future is bright with Ed Hart back at the helm. Whatever his plan is, he knows what he is doing. He wants to compete with Holiday World, Kings Island and now Beech Bend. (Thats going to be a huge stretch to keep up with KI due to space and how far KI went after 99 while KK had few additions, but is was achieved in 97-98). To compete with Holiday World and Beech Bend, KK should add free unlimited soft drinks. That might not be a financially viable option but it has lured away Louisvillans to Holiday World for years and Beech Bend has this now as well, so it would help keep competitive in this market.
  22. My favorite flat by a longshot is Vekoma's Wakiki Wave! Is there any more of these in the WORLD?! The only one i've seen is Quake at SFKK! Quake was a prototype and was usually a lawn ornament! I heard that after Quake, Vekoma perfected them so they could go upside down! Quake was replaced with a ProSlide Tornado in 2005! When Quake was open, I loved everything about it down to the ominous screeching sounds the engines made! Does anyone know where I can experience another Vekoma Wakiki Wave?!!!
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