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  1. Has anyone created/edited a Windseeker/Starflyer for RCT2 and is there a download for the object??!
  2. I was at Cedar Point on 8-29-2012 and Ride ops stopped Mean Streak's train on the lift and warned guest waiting in line "We would like to remind guest waiting for Mean Streak that cameras and cell phones are not allowed! If they are seen we will stop the ride and confiscate them like we just did!"
  3. ^ I was At the park for my B-DAY on 8/29 as well. The night before the E-12 was standing and suddenly was gone that morning! Magnum was down all day! Thanks for the lift motor research cause I wondered what happened. Magnum ran a little at 11am on opening but was down all day right after that. I rushed over from TTD's second shot of the day with park guest and Magnum was already down. This was the REAL bummer of the day although I applaud Cedar Point as maintenance was at least making an attempt to get it operating most of the day! Also the park was only running the red side of Gemini! I also hopped on Windseeker so I could see the Disaster Transport destruction!
  4. A Schwarzkopf Shuttle loop pre launch horn! (Greezed Lightnin' at Kentucky Kingdom has this, do all shuttle loops have this??!) Also the hissing of brakes, the hum of magnetic brakes, Intamin Hydraulic launches, and any LIM/LSM! YES!!! Like a 747 on takeoff!
  5. ^ Who said anything about Cedar Fair??! Kings Island is benefiting from this park being closed unless it was going to be water park only!
  6. ^ I'm included in that category of going to Cedar Point over Kings Island sometimes depending on multiple factors, and I'm in Louisville KY! Last season I went to Kings Island 5 times and Cedar Point 3 times. However I'm just saying that Kings Island has gotten slightly more visitation then Cedar Point numerous times in the past based on overall attendance numbers. So both the parks have potentially high drawing power without watering the other one down!
  7. ^ The parks don't share the same consumer base... MAYBE Columbus/Indianapolis area?? Other than that, Cedar Point's more Detroit, Toledo, Cleveland, while Kings Island's more Cincinnati, Louisville, Lexington, Dayton, with slightly more visitors than Cedar Point. A Giga at Kings Island is not going to hurt Cedar Point. I'm sure it won't be a MF clone. MF will remain a huge draw to crowds at Cedar Point while a Giga at Kings Island will become a huge draw for crowds at Kings Island! I think people are under the impression that Cedar Fair is purposefully holding Kings Island back so it won't be as good as Cedar Point! I don't believe this because Money is Money! The potential money made versus cost is the issue here! Last time I checked, $$$ were worth the same amount in Southern Ohio and Northern Ohio! That's exactly my point! Nobody states "Kings Island doesn't need a B&M invert! Cedar Point has Raptor!" However it is a crime for Giga's, Winseekers and HUSS Giant Frisbees! If Kings Island builds a B&M wing coaster I believe some enthusiast would react the same way! General public would state "Cedar Point has a coaster like this named THE GatekeeperS only their's is 500 feet tall, 267 mph, and has more Loop de Loops!" I'm sure whatever's added won't be an actual clone of something at Cedar Point and will probably be unique to Kings Island! Keep in mind that SOB was a terrain woodie so their's a lot of potential for something epic in the area! It's just a manner of management capitalizing on the area! A new coaster should be a capacity monster however as Kings Island is one of the busiest parks in the nation, slightly more than Cedar Point! I think everyone wondered at some point how a HUGE park like Kings Island got so huge without any Intamins or B&M's till Diamondback! I know the GP doesn't actually know the difference, But the drawing potential from a ride by either manufacturer I believe is huge!
  8. ^ Possibly but think of how high the electric bill would be??! Also Maverick was the longest line i waited in at CP. (pre Fast Pass)
  9. I think GCI has the ability to compete with Beast in terms of intensity. I just haven't seen one with the capacity that a park like KI needs! EDIT Not in the same state and the same goes with a clone of TTD. Someone called me a fanboy earlier for my vision of reality for KI, but my fantasy would be a combination of TTD and maverick in one coaster to replace SOB. I like this idea as well. BUT, capacity and maintenance/downtime is why this MAY not be a good idea!
  10. Cedar Fair however can't. They are never going to put in the money to bring KI up to Cedar Point in terms of thrills with coasters, not with Cedar Point relatively close to KI. They also have over 10 parks to manage and consider when adding rides, more if you want to count the waterparks they manage as well. KI doesn't have to compete, just get back in the game. I can't see a Millineum or TTD, but an invert and Maverick clone would be great. I don't think CF sees KI as a competitor, but a money making park that draws a market from ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. They will add rides to help increase attendance. And I could see KI getting a RMC coaster before CP. A agree that KI should put a coaster in SOB's spot but why a clone??! Build something unique! Maybe similar to Maverick, or hydraulic like TTD or Stormrunner/Xcererator. If it has to be a clone then my personal pick would be a Ferrari Rossa clone. The problems here are maintenance and capacity issues. Kings Island actually gets slightly more visitors then Cedar Point so whatever they add should be a capacity MONSTER! I vote Intamin mega/giga OR B&M Giga with its own unique layout. Also an Intamin woodie would fit as well. I've never seen a GCI that was a real people eater yet so that gets voted out. (Although GCI MAY try something new, large, with a possible MCBR to add capacity to their coasters.) Gravity Group may happen considering their proximity to KI but not likely and I hope it's doesn't happen considering Cedar Fair's reputation for inability to properly take care of extreme woodies. I don't know enough about Rocky Mountain to comment on them. I also see a B&M invert in the area or secondly a B&M wing due to them being the hot thing. Also B&M inverts are known capacity monsters. People say that they shouldn't build a B&M wing coaster due to Cedar Point building one for next season (and complain over Windseeker and Delirium/MaxAir) but CP having Raptor doesn't stop them from saying that KI needs an invert. So I say either or. apatos99 Also mentioned TAER down Firehawk for a B&M Flyer! I don't see this happening at all. B&M Flyers are better capacity wise but not by any means great. They are better maintenance wise and have less downtime but I still don't see this as a reasonable investment. Also I personally prefer Vekoma Flying Dutchman over SUF. (Haven't yet ridden any other B&M flyers.)
  11. When the upstop wheels (or pads) fail and the train comes flying off the track!
  12. Ride ops on Wicked Twister have to press down hard for the seat belt to click in for me... Haven't had any problems on any other rides including Top Thrill Dragster and Millennium Force!
  13. I'm late but I still use a Fear the 4 cup from 2007 with SoB on it! They refilled it with the 5 dollar wrist band! My question is does KI do that everyday and do all the Cedar Fair parks have the Unlimited refill 5 dollar wristband??!
  14. Then who is the Keymaster? Raptor is the Keymaster and Mantis is Zuul!
  15. My choice for a name "Avalanche Run"!!! Also has anyone seen this news clip about the leak where the anchors call the virtual video of X Flight at SFGam the video for the new coaster at Cedar Point??! Thanx Steve!
  16. I'm watching GhostHunters right now!!! Where is the cemetery at??! EDIT, Does anyone know when this was recorded?!
  17. Anyway, Kings Islands Windseeker does not do all that crazy swinging and goes down for high wind! The reason I prolly won't ride it is cause i don't do good with the circular motion! I mite ride it once for the exp! I also hear alot of GP thats been on it saying it sucks!
  18. A couple! Georgia Cyclone and Boss are wonderful coasters! Both are in my top 5 woodies! Mean Streak wasn't as bad as people make it out to be! Also I did enjoy Son of Beast! As far as steel, Vortex at KI is in my top 10 steelies! Ninja at SFSTL and T2 aren't that bad either!
  19. Its Kings Island, when isn't it crowded? But yes I'd assume it'd be crowded. Whatever you do, don't go Sunday! It's bring a friend day which will make it automatically be very busy, plus all the people going for after prom.I live in Indianapolis and I know almost everyone going to prom is also going to KI Sunday. Too late! Perfect day to go!
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