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  1. someone PLEASE give these people the number to U Haul, Ryder, Thrifty, and Budget!
  2. ^^ Not until we get some kind of word filter for TRIMS!!! Doctor "THIS THREAD IS EPIC!!!" Doom
  3. The best coaster in Louisville KY got moved over 12 hours away! Where would Big Dipper get moved to?! Would the locals even get to enjoy it?!
  4. ^ What caught my eye was the fact that the trains from SFGadv's Great American Scream Machine are no longer listed! Who purchased them?!
  5. ^^ It was open almost all of August! Before and during the KY state Fair! There's a little secret street that you turn down off Crittenden Dr. that leads you to a secret FREE parking lot where one could completely bypass paying for anything that you had to pay for at the Fairgrounds gate!
  6. ^ If one is a KK regular like me, you could go through the secret entrance that they opened under Chang/picnic pavilions every now and then if one has a season pass! Also before Chang was built, that area was a gravel parking lot for the water park!
  7. ^ The Bridge is a WORKOUT!!! Also people that travel view KK as ghetto with that bridge connecting the park like that!
  8. How much would it cost to build an Iron Horse type coaster from the ground up?!
  9. I think the new coaster is a GG, GCI, or EuroFighter! Does a Mega-Lite really run 15 million?!
  10. This is good news., They must be counting Twisted Twins as two coasters! This also means that Greezed Lightnin' and Twisted Twins might be staying, if only not open for the first season!
  11. Prolly cause it's all merged in with Greezed Lightnin' now! I'll take a woodie if TT goes! If it doesn't, i still wouldn't mind a woodie too much as long as it's on the scale of Voyage/Prowler/Boulder Dash which may be a little hard cause KK is flat! I do love woodies though... I do believe a woodie at this point would work out better than a steelie! I think a steelie should be added 2-4 years down the line but woodies are more "family friendly" IMO
  12. YES!!! But after spawning the Camera back together, here are 2 pics! The Pics are fuzzy because i couldn't completely fix the broken camera!
  13. These are Flywheel models! Greezed Lightnin' is a weight drop model! All of the parts were coming from the former Tidal Wave/Greased Lightning at California's Great America, which is now in SFDK's parking lot!
  15. ^ That's a brain eating zombie!!! I know a 3 train stand up can run pretty well if the ride ops DON'T CARE if people stand up!
  16. Maybe Chang will run three trains at SFGadv! I know that Chang for sure had two trains! It had three a long time ago! Usually only ran one train though!
  17. These are 2008 figures, can anyone find 2009 figures?!
  18. I didn't make it to the fair this year, but I wanted one of those doughnut burgers SO BAD!!!
  19. Face Off 1999 Legend 2000 Voyage 2006 FireHawk 2007 Diamondback 2009 WildeBeest 2010 Counting Home Park, T2 1995 Chang 1997 Twisted Twins 1998 RoadRunner Express 1999 Greezed Lightnin 2003 DeLuge 2007 Italian Job was down when i went to Kings Island in 2005!
  20. DOCTOR DOOM!!!


    But he apologized!
  21. Perfect example, I was at Kings Island on the 13th of AUG and I took my glasses off to ride Congo/Amazon or whatever it's called now and SOMEONE PICKED THEM UP!!! This is why I NEVER take my glasses off! Luckily they turned them back in to a ride OP!
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