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  1. Is one able to buy passes from other individuals if not processed?! If anyone has a pass, i'm willing to buy it if possible
  2. I would rule out T2 because its a prototype! 1st SLC in the US and second in the world! IIRC T2 had a LOT of down time in 1998 due to the front car coming loose from the rest of the train and stress fractures in the track during which time the aformentioned train became a parts donor and the remaining 2 were reduced from 10 cars to 7 cars which makes T2 the lowest capacity SLC in the world! IMO Portotype rides helped put this park on the map in the early-mid 90s but helped kill the park in the end! Kentucky Kingdom used to be home to 2 other prototypes in Hellevator (1st Intamin drop tower) and Quake (1st Vekoma Wakiki Wave). Hellevator was the shortest Intamin Drop tower (177ft with 157ft drop) and ended up tearing off feet and Quake was a lawn ornament! Quake was my favorite flat but it was rarely open. Only ran a couple weeks out of the year. I remember the engine blowing one March during testing and training and that was not the only time. cost $15,000 every time Quake blew an engine. Also alot of the GP in the Louisville area won't ride Intamin drop rides at other parks (Drop Zone at KI for example) due to the Hellevator accident.
  3. Thunder Run was the only decent Dinn/Summers woodie still around. My question is since there still letting people still keep their season/play pass if they choose to do so instead of getting a refund, can I go tomorrow and get a play pass? I was planning on trying to buy one tomorrow or sometime this month anyway. If i can't, that would make this closing 100% upsetting instead of 70% upsetting!
  4. CF could remarket SOB as, "the new and improved" or even "smoother". I believe the premier trains were smoother than the G-Trains and without the rosebowl, the ride would be way smoother IMO. The heavy premier trains were tearing apart the rosebowl, so get rid of it and i believe you have a smoother ride, granted not B&M smooth but it is a wooden coaster. It would cost money, yes but not the amount of money that tearing down SOB and putting in a B&M invert or another comparable ride would cost! Also the park would still be able to claim "World tallest, Fastest," wooden coaster. With Premier trains and loop, they can also claim "only Looping" wooden coaster! SOB may or may not be "second longest" with the new layout but it might be. Finally market SOB as if it was brand new saying "improved and smoother" and it will go over like a new ride with the GP. IIRC, Ed Hart's "Kentucky Kingdom, The Thrill Park" did this around 1994 with Thunder Run and it worked wonderfully!
  5. OMG, one time on T2 at SFKK, a girl was 51 inches when she needed to be 52 inches! The ops checked her height and wouldn't let her ride. The father didn't complain, but some redneck shouted out "aw come on its only an inch" and others followed in degrading the the ride ops! It was a near riot situation! People in Kentucky wonder why the rest of the US thinks we're all retards. Jerry Springer: "You know they're from Kentucky!"
  6. IMO, CF should just "TAER" out the rose bowl helix and add a camelback or two, and a simple turnaround! This may enable use of the older trains and the return of the loop! The "rosebowl" has been the major problem due to the structure IIRC, not to mention it feels like being pushed up and down a flight of stairs in a trashcan!
  7. BLAZIN!!! Thanks!!! Hopefully my work schedule works out so I can take a few DAYcations this year!!!
  8. Forgive me for asking a stupid question, But The CEO of SIX Flags just said that I can buy a "play pass" from Kentucky Kingdom for $29.99 and go to any Six Flags park and get in free correct?! Im asking this potentially stupid question cause I don't want to look like a complete retard when i use all that gas and drive all the way to Gurnee IL, Austell GA, St. Louis, etc... and try to get in with a Kentucky Kingdom pass! This was going to be the first year that I was not going to get a pass because the "Kingdom" is not worth the time anymore with no Chang OR my babies Lola and Stella. I guess I could marathon on Greezed Lightnin' if its not breaking down every 5 minutes, but i will pick up a play pass ASAP if I can get into the other Six Flags for free!!!
  9. Keep your hands, arms and legs inside the ride at all times and they won't get hit rider!
  10. TBH, i wish it was still at Kentucky Kingdom, especially now with no more Chang!
  11. I would tear down the side of Racer at Kings Island that used to be the forward only side. The side that used to be the backwards side even after the trains were turned forward is smooth for a woodie and fun. However the forward side for as long as i can remember (since age 4 or so) has been, i dare say, rougher than Son of Beast!!!
  12. I say Intamin because thats where B&M came from. I think of Intamin as B&M's daddy.
  13. Raven at Holiday World! I rode it during the time when it got all that hype about it being the number 1 wooden coaster in the world year after year! The coaster didn't suck but i thought Legend was much better!
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