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  1. This picture was posted to Premier's Facebook today. "it's a bird... It's a plane... It's Premier steel on the road for the Man of Steel coaster!"
  2. No, the track, supports, sign?, former video shack, and cars! are those parts still there? The pieces are gone. This article is from last week. The pieces are down at the Coaster Museum being rehabbed, then they are on their way to Mexico. http://www.myplainview.com/news/article_35eb215a-7862-11e1-9840-001871e3ce6c.html
  3. Just saw this news article. http://www.timesheraldonline.com/ci_20119415/new-coaster-shows-highlight-parks-new-year The Wildlife Trail sounds a lot like Safari Discoveries at GAdv. And lol. That Wildlife Theater Show sounds pretty interesting....
  4. I don't know why the picture is sideways, as in my Photobucket account it is the right orientation. You can see that at the bottom the colors are hyper blue and outrageous green, aka the same colors as it was at SFMM with the exception of the towers. Yeah, according to the blue prints, after walking through the entry portal you turn left, completely missing the first set of switchbacks, then you walk along the side of the second set of switchbacks (which are located in Shipwreck Falls' station) and then you merge before entering the station.
  5. I really like your GIB. This park is just great all around! I can't wait to see more.
  6. The annual Nor'Easter ACE event is going on at the park right now. SFNE and TGE already had their presentation. Some notes: -Flash pass is coming to Hurricane Harbor -Big Ben's is now JB's Smokehouse BBQ, now indoors with air conditioning, wait staff, and flat screen tvs -Johnny Rockets in Hurricane Harbor is now Cowabunga Burgers, Johnny Rockets in Rockville is Totally Kickin' Chicken -Goliath will start being painted this week You can read more about the day and see a bit of the construction tour here. Some pics: I totally want one of these! Alpine Freefalls details
  7. ^Why do you think it is going to Darien Lake??? I don't know how we all missed this, but Premier posted this picture to their Twitter account all the way back on January 13. Ah... the smell of fresh paint on precision-machined steel. A sneak peak of what Premier has in store for SFDK 2012! http://pic.twitter.com/OU1blqJn
  8. It seems like they are painting the second spike green? I wonder why. You can see more pictures here: http://www.sixflags.com/newEngland/footerNav/GoliathConstruction.aspx and here: http://sfneonlinenews.blogspot.com/2012/02/green-towers-for-goliath-22512.html
  9. I don't even know how this became a rumor because it just started as an everyday, "what if" on gadv.com. How it ended up on Screamscape, who knows? I honestly can't see this happening.
  10. ^The past few years only some parks have updated their maps while others had the same one. Six Flags America for example hasn't updated theirs since 2009. Last year it took until July for some parks to even update that page.
  11. In year's past Spring Break has been pretty busy. Your best bet will be to go on Thursday. SFNE Online has posted new pictures of Goliath also! http://sfneonlinenews.blogspot.com/2012/02/giant-continues-to-grow-goliath.html
  12. SFFT issued a press release a few days ago talking about how 2012 will be their 20th anniversary. There will be other new stuff along with SkyScreamer. Speaking of SkyScreamer, the press release confirms it's location in Spassburg and it's height. Ovation and Lone Star Nights Spectacular will be returning for next year as well. You can read all about it here!
  13. Looks like iLuminate is the name of one of the new shows this year. There is more information about it on sixflagsjobs.com as SFOG is casting for the show. Any TPR members gonna try and audition? http://www.sixflagsjobs.com/dynamicparkpage.php?park=overGeorgia&page=auditions Also on the jobs site it mentions they will be casting for these shows:
  14. ^I really like your design the best. I hate change on the internet as much as the next guy but IMO that is the just the amount of change TPR needs. Again that is just my opinion... I also feel like social media feeds can become a little obnoxious because you can't really customize them to blend into the site. EDIT: I really really like Chroniq's colorless version of the TPR logo. Robb and Elissa, I don't know how you guys feel about it since in a way the color shows off TPR's personality, if you know what I mean... But I feel like this logo really shows off the sleek, modern design of Angry_Gumball's design.
  15. The company has said that they are decreasing the train wrapping. Sponsorship will now just focus on SFTV and all the little signs they have in the park. ^Plus DC themed coasters can't have any sponsorship on it whatsoever as part of the contract the two companies have.
  16. ^You mean the giant inverted hyper twister dive coaster? For over rated I would have to go with the majority and say Leviathan or even Wild Eagle. I just don't "get" the point of wing coasters.
  17. Does anyone else know anything about this? A quick Google search didn't turn anything up, so they definitely aren't marketing it. But with how many trips I take to SFGAdv (and the chance I'm headed to SFNE next summer) it'd be nice to have instead of paying $20 every time! The only parks that currently acknowledge the Go Park pass is SFNE and SFA. I think this is supposed to be a really limited thing. Here is a response to someone who asked SFNE back in September. This is what a 2012 SFNE season pass looks like with the go park pass. I think your best bet is calling guest relations.
  18. This year the chain is offering a Go Park pass, which is chain wide parking for all parks, but it's pretty confusing to try and get it. I don't have it myself. Obviously it isn't being marketed. I guess you have to buy a parking pass for another park, then you add the Go Park pass. I'm not quite sure.
  19. Even more confirmation that the park isn't painting Goliath. TPR's interview with Jim Seay has got me even more excited to ride it in 2012. It sounds like the train is going to be great. Plus SFNE just uploaded some more pictures today. What's this? There are six more pictures on their website. http://www.sixflags.com/newEngland/footerNav/GoliathConstruction.aspx
  20. ^They blur out peoples faces. I guess they do it because they no one signed a release to be on the internet. If you guys download Google Earth you can see updated views of parks. It even has a slider to go back in time. The latest I can get for my area is 1990. It's cool to see how Riverside Park looked in the '90s compared to how SFNE looks today.
  21. Thats what I figured but I wasn't quite sure. Oh well. I doubt any park will be buying this soon then.
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