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  1. I'm surprised no one has talked about this yet. In the investors document from November, there's a picture of what looks like the fire from SFNE's Bizarro on NTG. Plus, from the looks of it, it is going to be themed into something. If you still have the document, it's on page 30. It gives you a better look other than the screen shot. Looks like fire to me? Is that an oil derrick with it also?
  2. SFNE posted some more pictures of the mouse on their Facebook page. Its done being painted now. Be sure to check out the rest of them,from beginning to up until now here. The queue's getting started Painting has been finished The Gotham/city themed station is getting framed Another general view.
  3. I just realized something. Penguins don't fly. What are they doing in the air? Hahaha.
  4. SFDK is getting the best retheme IMO. Seaside Junction -Harold the Helicopter will be Air Penguins -Bertie the Bus will be Merlin's Seaside Tour's -Thomas the Train is Seaside Railway. Plus there is a Splish Splash Zone. http://www.sixflags.com/discoverykingdom/rides/KidsRides.aspx Also the ride names for GAdv's "Safari Kids" are: Big Red Planes = Air Safari Bouncin' With Wags = Jumpin' Joey Big Red Cars = Safari Tours Dorthy Rose's Ballons = Sky Zooma SFOG added Whistlestop Bus Company to the last. Its one of the rides from SFNE, since SFNE got rid of theirs all together. SFOG also added Whistlestop Wagon Wheel. Did that come from American Adventures? http://www.sixflags.com/overGeorgia/rides/KidsRides.aspx Lastly, Great America is the third park to get KIDZOPOLIS. The names are the same as they are at SFNE. http://www.sixflags.com/greatamerica/rides/KidsRides.aspx Oh and one last thing, I checked SFMM's site and it seems like they've removed Thomas Town from the site all together instead of making it Whistlestop Park? Whats up with that?
  5. The name of the mouse is Gotham City Gauntlet: Escape from Arkham Asylum - what a mouthful! It hasn't been announced fully, but I'm pretty positive that thats the name. SFNE Online has pictures of concept art that was at the town meeting to get it approved. http://sfneonline.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=91
  6. ^Yeah... thats been a problem all season. I bet thats next to be removed. Except this time atleast there is a reason. Its mostly the yellow train the has the problems, it only works on the back half of the train half of the time. The front half is completely silent with no crackling. The blue train has been working a little at least. However it cuts out everywhere and restarts from the beginning sometimes. What a shame. They can't even hold the ride together for two seasons.
  7. The park did say it was enroute when they were getting it approved on Thursday. Glad its here. Also the slingshot has to be moved to the South End. There's pictures of the blue prints on SFNE Online. Edit: Heres a few videos I found on YouTube. It doesn't look that bad as previously thought. It's mostly on the building next to it, which is just a facade and isn't part of the ride at all.
  8. This article says it was just the facade and thats what it looks like, so that should be easily repaired. http://www.masslive.com/news/index.ssf/2010/10/agawam_fire_departmetn_called.html This is the best thing we have at SFNE for Fright Fest, and arguably one of the best flats. No way is the town going to let this ever open again. That was part of the problem with TDK, the fire codes. That stinks. According to someone on SFNE Online who was there tonight the structure caught fire from someone lighting one of the spider webs and it quickly spread. Not sure the truth to this. And according to Guest Relations it will most likely be up by next weekend, maybe Monday. We'll find out more soon though.
  9. Universal actually hired these people to promote the event and showcase it for people who couldn't make it out to the event. But I think they were told not to show everything so people interested would come, basically like a commercial, which is how the people on YouTube make they're living, by product placements. Larry, if you don't mind could I post the videos? The had definitely had permission. They even had a tour guide that made sure that they wouldn't get in trouble for filming. Great pictures everyone. I've got to make it down there one of these days and go to HHN. It looks like an awesome event.
  10. Green Lantern: Confirmed by SFNE's Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/sixflagsne?v=wall&story_fbid=436424143739&ref=mf EDIT: Does it move up when you edit it? I added the link and now its up higher on the forums. Thats weird.
  11. Well I know SFNE hasn't gone and asked for approval to build the mouse yet, sure its just a mouse but still they need the approval. Canobie has opened things on July 4th weekend in the past, so it is possible, thats why I put 2011. The park has been hinting at a new family looping coaster for a while now. Plus being compact its easy to put up. I do see it happening in 2011, but not debuting right on Memorial Day weekend like most coasters. I've been hearing its likely going to be a Rage clone.
  12. http://www.eagletribune.com/newhampshire/x1535825474/Coaster-fans-Canobie-Lake-Park-eyes-a-new-one This is great news for the park and its exactly what they need. I'm glad to see more parks in the US getting euro fighters!
  13. It is just the yellow numbered trains that have the crackly audio that pops in you're ear that hurts the whole ride. Maybe you just get lucky (or unlucky) and get the yellow train all the time. Next time you are there try waiting for the blue one and you will be guaranteed audio except for after the first tunnel and until the last building. It cuts out between then. I'm pretty disappointed about the fire though. SFNE got jipped for 2011. No fire for Bizarro and just a mouse? Oh well... Maybe they will keep the propane tank since it counts as theming? It looks like an oil rig and has a big "LexCorp" logo on it for anyone who doesn't know.
  14. I've heard from a couple people that Bizarro's flame cannons are now gone.
  15. There is also an empty spot near Pandemonium where the zero-g trampolines used to be. Not nearly as bad at GAdv or MM but its noticeable. I think they should put the mouse in Thomas Town since TT is always dead since everything is a repeat ride of another ride in either Looney Tunes Movietown or Wiggles World, so a wild mouse, a good family attraction would draw a ton of people in there. Thats just my opinion though. Maybe it could open up a path from Thomas Town to Kontiki so the park isn't so full of dead ends.
  16. ^Didn't SFOG just add Goliath in 2006 though? SFGAm is 45 outside of Chicago with no competition, to a certain degree, and Six Flags is marketing their water park as the best in the nation. SFA is dead on weekends and weekdays. Everything is a walk on and never has a line, ever. I don't know why you mentioned it. SFSTL and SFNE get about the same attendance. As for SFSTL not getting an huge coasters recently, they just got Tony Hawk and Evel Knievel, which could be bringing people to the park. There water park also got Wahoo Racer, a thrill in my eyes. SFNE's direct competitor is Lake Compounce, who is adding a thrill ride this year actually. Like I said above a coaster is a coaster. I'm happy with it. We would have had a mirrored, indoor version of it anyways in '08. I just hope it is themed well and they don't market it as a thrill ride.
  17. ^Which would why adding a higher capacity coaster would be good rather than a low capacity coaster like the mouse from KK. The lines are going to be outrageous because of its capacity, and the fact that its next to Bizarro. A high capacity coaster would eat up lines but the only rides in the park that eat up lines are Bizarro and Batman. That piece of land this mouse is going in could be a good piece of land where a euro fighter could go. However it just seems like to me that its being wasted. Sure I like how Six Flags is still going family friendly and all but SFNE has been going over the top with it. Pandemonium and Typhoon in 2005 which are family friendly. Pandemonium is also a varient of a mouse Catapult and Splash Water Falls in 2006. Catapult being the only thrill Wiggles World and Thomas Town in 2007-Both for families Glow in the Park Parade-2008 is or families to stay late in the park to spend money Bizarro in 2009 but its just a retheme and not new. But I'll count it as another thrill Mr. Six's Splash Island in 2010 - kiddie water park I'm not trying to sound like a complainer but the family end of the park is all set. On Twitter it was said that a guest survey called for a family coaster. What about Pandemonium, Thunderbolt, and Catwomen's Whip? I'll be happy with the mouse because a coaster is a coaster but I'm curious to see where they are coming from on this one.
  18. The logo's are just on their for whatever reason. But its just the same coasters as last year.
  19. The people at the event are currently riding it ride now. They all said its awesome!
  20. He's coming to SFNE this weekend for Bizarro and Catapult. Back in May he was at Canobie Lake Park, I'm not sure if that episode aired yet though. I think it did.
  21. Evan you're right. I misheard something when I was at the park when it rained. I was told that if their was no lightening reported for thirty minutes, I just remembered it as thirty miles. My mistake.
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