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  1. I'm surprised this hasn't been posted yet. But you can find pictures of the plans for Goliath on SFNE Online! Check out here! It looks like it's going the same way as Flashback...
  2. Premier is rumored to be making a new train for it. Does anyone know if Premier has made trains for Vekoma before or is this something new?
  3. ^As far as I'm concerned, thats pretty much confirmation. When the meeting happens on Thursday, won't that be even more confirmation?
  4. The rides were loosely themed to the movies. They're more so themed to the comics. They'll definitely use the name again.
  5. I had a chance to finally hear the new Bizarro audio yesterday. I really enjoyed it. It's still luck of the draw in terms of getting a seat with audio though. In other news, I asked the ride ops on Shipwreck Falls, and they did confirm that it was going to close. There are markings around that area. My confidence in the Deja Vu rumor is going up...
  6. Because it's essentially confirmed that Shipwreck Falls (SFNE's shoot the chutes) is coming out.
  7. I'm 75% sure it's happening, sadly. I was hearing this rumor in late May, early June. Deja Vu just seems like it would fit better at SFMM. Plus, as everyone has said, the mechanics know the ride in and out. I do hope there is a last minute change of plans. If not, I would be excited to ride my first GIB at SFNE though. But I definitely agree with everyone, this possible move could be added to the book of "Six Flags - WTF moments."
  8. This might be a little different, but when SFNE announced they were getting Road Runner Express from SFKK, the original reaction from everyone was like, "WTF?" Now that it's opened, it's found its niche in the park and it's a hit. I'm betting the same thing will happen with Iron Wolf. Sure coaster enthusiasts will be upset. Sure some of the GP "might" be upset. But the fact of the matter is, SFA is getting a coaster that is new to the park. SFA can pay back the cost of Iron Wolf's transport, painting, ect in a matter of months with good marketing. Then this will show SF that SFA can generate a good profit needed to pay for a bigger coaster. An apocalyptic theme, as rumored will be cool to see with a stand up coaster, and personally I am looking forward to see what SF does with it. Lately they've been getting better and better with theming, I doubt this will be the exception.
  9. It's going to replace Shipwreck Falls, likely with a western theme to it.
  10. This is the point SFNE Online has been trying to get across on Facebook for the past month and a half. I can independently confirm the rumor from one of my sources also.
  11. Apparently GL has two preshows... http://multivu.prnewswire.com/mnr/sixflags/50700/ There is also some b-roll in that link above.
  12. These are the songs played on Bizarro now. Lose Yourself - Eminem Kashmir - Led Zeppelin Thunderstruck - AC/DC Right Now - Van Halen Last Resort - Papa Roach
  13. It got changed to mostly classic rock. On the lift hill it plays the intro to Loose Yourself by Eminem, but thats it. And when you exit the second tunnel the Bizarro #1 song starts playing, instead of starting at the brake run.
  14. No more Lois Lane falling into a worm hole? Lol. I imagine the random growling was Bizarro.
  15. I think in one of the pictures that someone, forget who, it showed that the queue was in fact going against the facades.
  16. I found this picture from here. http://www.the-signal.com/section/48/article/46567/ Nice looking entrance
  17. I've never been to Canobie, so yesterday, 6-15-11, was my first trip there. I was up in New Hampshire and Canobie is pretty much off the highway so coming home, so I took a two hour pit stop there. The first thing I headed to was Untamed. Wow, this ride was amazing. I loved it. The line moved very quickly, except those damn line cutters. I hate field trips. For a ride with 850 rph, the line moved really really fast. The queue was full and I got on in about 20 minutes. There are three trains. Either there are two in the station, one on the track. Or one in the station loading/unloading, one waiting to go up the lift, and one on the track. For such a small coaster, this coaster really has some great capacity. Yankee Cannonball had the longest line of the day. I wish I could've rode it. Here's my ride count: Untamed - 2x Skater - 1x Corkscrew - 1x Short video I took with my phone Here are my ride reviews. Untamed - Being my first euro fighter, I didn't know what to expect. All I can say is, this ride is wild. I loved it. Sure, it looks small, but for such a small coaster, it packs a punch. I would say it packs an even bigger punch than Batman at SFNE. The 90 degree lift hill really gets your adrenaline going, then you slowly crest the hill and you don't see the track in front of you. The drop is extremely intense. It just throws you right out of the seat. I was not expecting that at all. I can't even imagine doing that with just lap bars. The loop has some great hangtime also. The immelmen turn is next. Next to the 97* drop, this turn is the next most intense part of the ride. It was insane. You get some great forces in it. The turn into the heartline is pretty forceful. You get even better hangtime then you did in the loop in the heartline. The helix was also pretty forceful then you slide right into the break run. Great ride. It's pretty smooth. I've heard reports where euro fighters were rough. Definitely not the case here. Skater - Great flat. Got some good airtime when it spins over the top Corkscrew - Rough arrow. I heard my neck crack a few times. Is there anything else to say? Haha. Now onto the pictures: Yankee Canonball from my parking spot. I really wish I got on it. Untamed - first coaster of the season (or does that kiddie coaster at the carnival count? ) Going up! These bears in the queue are cool. They're made out of the tree's they cut down to fit the ride in. Bruin's won the Stanely Cup! (not sure if you can see the jersey on the bear) Only shade in the queue. The line moves fast though so it wasn't a big deal. Coming out. The drop. Man, do you REALLY come out of the seat. Intense Almost a failed pictures. I love the supports Decent landscaping, always nice. Back of the great themed trains. Took this from the exit Failed attempt to get the train in the picture. There are a lot of failed picture attempts, that I'm not uploading. Hah. Awesome flat. All in all, Canobie is a very nice, CLEAN, family friendly park. There is tons of shade and it's flat rides galore (looking at you Six Flags). I also really enjoyed the RCT look of the park. Free parking was great also. I had a good two hour pit stop at this really nice park. I hope to get back up there soon. Everyone on the Northeast trip will love the park.
  18. I wouldn't say late June. More like middle of June. The schools around me were supposed to get out the 15th, but snow days pushed that back. In my post he was talking about the week of the 13th, thats when I said school usually gets out. I didn't mean they were getting out when I posted that.
  19. Did they ever say it was set to open Memorial Day weekend? I thought all they were saying was late Spring.
  20. It should be fairly empty except for school trips. School usually gets out around this time, but MA had a lot of snow days this year so it's getting out later.
  21. I have a few pics of GCG at SFNE. Plus a few pictures in the index are outdated due to the recent changes. You have pictures of Captain Feathersword's Rock n' Pirate Ship. Now that it's Ship's Ahoy! its drastically different. Plus there were some changes to Kontiki and Buzzsaw so I'll add those too.
  22. In GL mythology, yellow also represents fear. So I guess thats why the tagline for the coaster is "Stand up to your fear" and its plastered all over the place. I think I read somewhere that with the corkscrew you were supposed to ride through/over a Parallax. Maybe plans changed and they made the loop yellow since its the biggest inversion, and what most people are scared of?
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