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  1. I've seen atleast four different people say that they should take out the 'crappy' Green Lantern ride instead.
  2. Is this an accurate picture of Deja Vu's restraints? Since I haven't ridden a GIB, I was just wondering.
  3. Under new management. Al Weber, the former CEO of the Paramount Parks is the new COO and Jim Reid-Anderson, no prior experience in the industry, is the new CEO. Plus a ton of other people Al Weber hired from the Paramount Parks are working at Six Flags now.
  4. You didn't see my post on the other page? It IS a hyper coaster according to SFNE's website. But kidding aside, I think it makes sense a little bit, yet it doesn't. I mean we can say the same thing about Fiesta Texas' Goliath.
  5. http://www.sixflags.com/newEngland/tickets/seasonpass.aspx See! It is a hyper!
  6. They will probably be moved. If I had to guess, to the Boardwalk where all the upcharge attractions are.
  7. According to Great Adventure History SkyScreamer is going in the pad that their old swings were in. The bumper cars will be brand new and added in Evolution's empty pad. The elephants will be in their old Pirate's Flight location and the scrambler (most likely from SFOG) is going where Chaos was.
  8. This is kind of like the opposite, but I'm surprised at how the GP can actually tell the similarity between Flashback and Goliath. They don't seem to like it. Are they getting smarter or am I just underestimating them? Whats stupid though, is I've seen people complaining about Superman: Ultimate Flight on SFDK's Facebook page... I mean damn, that thing looks awesome. How can they complain?
  9. I see them removing Flashback at the end of next season. If Goliath is a success, and it most likely will be, then they could just remove Flashback.
  10. The two tallest things in the park are Bizarro (208 ft tall) and Scream is 200 ft. Bizarro is right on the bank of the CT river, and that is the lowest elevation in the park. Scream looks like it is taller, but its right where things level out. Goliath will be the complete opposite. Goliath is situated on a hill, the highest elevation in the park. So it will look like its about 270ish feet tall. Thats why we all thought the media wasn't getting the right facts. Plus I can see another reason they picked the name. Bizarro is the most popular attraction with merchandise. I can't think of any other ride, except maybe Batman that actually has merch sold for it. SFNE needs another signature coaster to sell more merch (IMO) and Goliath fits that. It's very easy to create Goliath stuff.
  11. I think it would have been cool to have the skull be used as a tunnel or something, but being a used coaster, they couldn't incorporate it in I guess. I think SFA has a winner on their hands. People are just happy to finally have a "new" coaster. They won't know the difference. Like I've said before in this thread, if they get a huge return in this, I bet SFA will start to see bigger and better things.
  12. Yeah, this is definitely in my theoretical top 5, "Must ride coasters in 2012" list. Is it bad that I'm even going to put this above X-Flight in terms of epicness?
  13. Haha. The plans do show it going the same direction as Flashback though. Seems like every coaster is facing in the same direction, except Batman and Thunderbolt.
  14. This looks like it's a commercial or something for Goliath. http://affiliate.kickapps.com/_GOLIATH/video/1630498/151061.html
  15. Same here. But I hear GIB's are still awesome! I didn't see it anywhere, but is there any mention of riders per hour? It looks like it's going to be pretty crappy on capacity.
  16. For where it's going in SFNE, it does make sense. It's going to appear to tower over everything else in the park. What I don't think is fitting is the coloring being the same as Deja Vu has now, since it won't look that great in Crack Axel Canyon. But beggars can't be choosers.
  17. ^Because Flying Elephants is their third plane ride for kids. Lol. Safari Kids already has a plane ride. Air Safari's. And then there is one in the Bugs Bunny area.
  18. They have full day lockers all over the place. The best ones are right through the main gate, to the right. You don't need a key or anything. It's pretty cool. Or you could call guest relations and ask them if you could leave your medicine in the first aid building. I think they would approve that but you never know.
  19. In addition to Flashback and Cyclone, I remember seeing that Pandemonium had cubbies too. They were being VERY strict with loose items on Bizarro. If people were putting hats, sunglasses, etc. on the side, they would not dispatch until people were wearing their stuff announcing the items would not be there when the train returned. The only things people were leaving on the Batman platform seemed to be flip-flops, which they were allowing. I believe you can leave things on the side on Thunderbolt, but can't remember for certain. You're right. Pandemonium and Thunderbolt do have them. I always tend to leave my shoes on the side of Batman and Mind Eraser. And then I usually tuck my phone and whatever else is in my pocket, deep in my shoe. When I went a couple weeks ago, they would run down the train on Bizarro with any loose articles asking who's it was, they then told them that they were going to leave it on the side, but to never do it again.
  20. Yeah. The park president Dale Kaetzel had some affiliation with it. Then I think John Fitzgerald, the new park president of GAdv had something to do with Freestyle. lol. But it seems like both of them are doing a good job.
  21. Flashback, Cyclone, and all the flat rides have cubbies. Your only really forced to put stuff in a locker on Bizarro, Batman, and Mind Eraser. But ever since they added the souvenir cup holders, the ride ops have been more lenient on people leaving stuff on the side.
  22. How come you didn't ride Houdini? Was is that you couldn't find it, or just wanted to skip it? I'm just curious.
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