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  1. It looks like whoever bought Chiller before backed out of the deal. I guess that it was pretty obvious sense its been sitting in storage down the street from the park since it was taken down. http://www.italintl.com/detail_page.php?record_id=1546 Could they spilt the sides apart? Like could Robin be sold somewhere and Batman sold to another park? Because I think that would be the best bet for any park looking into it.
  2. Like I said in my previous post, I do agree with you but I think Schotcher summed it up perfectly earlier.
  3. Its not that people are unhappy, it's just that I think people are getting bored of the same old Deja Vu colors. I don't see any posts where people are genuinely pissed off about no new paint. You only have two other GIBs in the world that are different colors. So it would have been nice to get a refresh. I think VinTheAttendant brought it up because of the fact that SFNE posted the rendering on their construction blog. If they park didn't say so we would all be confused. But hey, it is what it is. The paint in the rendering would definitely, 500%, look better in its area. Like what coasterfreak101 said, the rust orange and silver colors "go" with Crack Axel Canyon. Who knows, maybe SFNE says they aren't painting it but they are? It's unlikely but anything is possible.
  4. I can recall a few instances at SFNE with disabled guests. Those times it was a big group and the disabled person would wait at the exit and wait until the rest of the group came - therefore the disabled person was waiting the same amount of time in line. It's sort of like child swap.
  5. I agree about Roa's Rapids! We got in early as well and had the place to ourselves for a while. We got everything done and then when we were on the racers the parking lot was filling up before our eyes. Thats when we decided to just spend the whole rest of the day in the rapids. They are so much fun. Great pictures, like everyone else has said. Aquatica is definitely a different type of water park. I loved it though.
  6. Yeah their guest relations office is definitely not the best. Midnight Mansion is $8. Wicked Woods is $7. Slayers Lair (the new one in Hurricane Harbor) is $7. You can get a combo pass for all them for $15 which IMO is a steal. VIP is $30. Plus there is a free one directly in front of Twister in the two big tents. From what I've seen (haven't had a chance to visit FF myself this year, yet) Wicked Woods is rated the best. Then its a toss up between MM and SL. As always, I think its just a matter of luck. Sometimes you can go through and get a great experience because you got lucky when it was fully staffed. Other times you go through during a shift change. It really depends. Wicked Woods tends to be about 10 minutes, it is very long. I've heard that Slayers Lair is extremely short, but has some pretty great animatronics. Midnight Mansion is also short (it takes up Houdini's building, plus its old, outside queue)
  7. SF did say that the chances of any SLC or boomerang getting the new trains are slim to none. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't SF and Vekoma still mad at each other because of the whole Deja Vu situation. I think thats why SFNE went to Premier for a new train instead. Oh and I found a cell phone video of the ACE Q&A last weekend, some interesting things are said. They talk about the plans for the new finger print scanning system. Plus they answer what we all have been wondering, "Why put two boomerangs next to each other?" Lol, they even know that everyone is wondering it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7jfMPf0xVc
  8. Starflyers seat belts remind me of airplane seat belts - in a way. You have a thick belt buckling the bar to the chair itself. Then there is one that goes across your chest area. Its a very comfortable experience.
  9. The LIM/LSM rumor was shot down by the park. So it will just be the cables.
  10. The lim rumor was just shot down. Still the cables. Silverwood has theirs working pretty good don't they?
  11. The Premier rumor had two parts, the new train (now confirmed) and them replacing with cables with, I believe the rumor said LIMs or something? I can't remember. But that would be interesting. SFNE said they aren't quite sure what type of OTSRs they are going to put on it yet, whatever that means.
  12. ^Have you ever ridden a GIB though? From all the things I read about them, they are supposedly really intense and I'm looking forward to it. And how many times have you been to SFNE? Flashback is rarely a walk on and the train is always full. It is surprisingly a very popular ride.
  13. Whoa whoa whoa whoa wait a second....I thought Goliath was a hyper coaster? So now you're telling me that its a dive coaster! AMAZING! False advertising #FTW!
  14. Don't people realize that this is a family coaster. Just like Cheetah Hunt is. I see a lot of confused GP on the Facebook page and I can see people complaining about it here in the future...
  15. All of the other parks Fright Fest sites have the same silly mistakes. They just made one description for each ride and copied and pasted it for the other parks.
  16. I had gotten access to it yesterday, all I remember is there is something with a Chupacabra and that Goliath is become Goliath Witch. I should've taken some screen shots. EDIT: Tried again. Success. http://frightfest.sixflags.com/magicmountain/attractions/
  17. Off topic from the Apocalypse discussion, but I guess John Winkler is being moved up to become SFNE's new park president. Jason Freeman, SFNE's current one is being moved back up to corporate.
  18. I looked in the thread, the article was from today ... I didn't see it. Sorry if it was a duplicate. Yeah, I had posted it back on page 97. Do you get the Google Alerts also? I had just gotten that link today, but I saw in the Herald the other day, so thats how I knew about it. No big deal though.
  19. How could anyone forget, "Gotham City Gauntlet Escape from Arkham Asylum?"
  20. I think chain wide the Fright Fest budget has been increased substantially.
  21. He's baaaaaaaackkk... http://news.bostonherald.com/news/regional/view/20110903pol_calls_for_stiffer_regs_as_six_flags_eyes_goliath_coaster/srvc=home&position=5 If you don't know who Markey is, then let me briefly fill you in. He is a jerk off who loves trying to ruin fun.
  22. From the SFMM Facebook page of course. It's not April Fool's yet. Sorry. I didn't know there was a SF park in England? Uh what? Done posting, these are just some of my favorites. But there is just way to much.
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