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  1. Use the link above to answer the trivia question and it will say "Thank you for your entry, ADREW"..... LOL! Because he pasted the link from his email, so when you enter it in the answer you are entering the contest for him.
  2. They make money. They are a cheap investment for Six Flags and it brings them money in return. They don't look that bad. I feel like a lot of you guys are comparing it to the look of SFMMs, which is undeniably ugly. However this is a different model. If SFFT hides the trailer well enough it will be fine. And like I said above, they bring in a lot of money for the parks. It looks like SFFT is buying it used, so they will get their ROI quicker than if they bought it new. At SFNE it looks fine. Screen grabbed this from Google Maps
  3. ^^There are several models of Slingshots. SFMM got the one that takes up the least amount of space. SFFT is getting the trailer model. http://www.funtime.com.au/data/config1a.htm
  4. Baynum posted some pictures of some of the slides at HH getting painted. Thought I would post them here: Not much of a Blue Raider anymore. Same can be said for Blue Niagara. Here's a link to more pictures
  5. To be fair, SFFT didn't release a full POV of Iron Rattler. Sure they showed it at No Coaster Con but they haven't posted it every where yet.
  6. It's been something I've been meaning to ask. Other forums have debated it heavily and your post reminded me to end it once and for all by asking RMC.
  7. ^That's pretty much it. Plus, Superman is one of the few superheroes without a mask, so that makes finding the right person even harder. That's also why you rarely see Wonder Woman walking around.
  8. ^That's not true. I can't think of any Shapiro attraction that opened for opening day. They all opened Memorial Day weekend. Even the Bizarro transformations, which was essentially just a paint job and some added theming. Same can be said for X2, which IIRC, didn't open until June. Most of the new Thomas Towns opened in June. With new management, GCG at SFNE opened with the park, X-Flight opened the weekend after opening, New Texas Giant opened in April, etc etc. I'm not going to get into the argument, but Six Flags finds that opening new attractions later in the Spring is better for attendance. They get people out to the park in the Spring and tease them with the new attraction. In fact, this corporate policy was actually put into place by Shapiro. Obviously it is working because it makes the guest who came with a general admission ticket upgrade to a season pass so they can return at a later date. Six Flags could open everything up for each parks opening day. They just don't want to. The only people who complain are enthusiasts... If new management found that this strategy didn't work, they would've changed it. Look how many policies were changed under Al Weber and Jim Reid-Anderson. Anyways, this will SURELY piss you off. Boomerang clearly isn't a priority, which I get.While it may sound like I was defending Six Flags above, a June opening for Boomerang is upsetting. I mentioned how GCG opened with SFNE in 2011, SFStL could've been able to open the small coaster for opening day. Or at least a few weeks after opening like SFGAm and SFOT. Taken from the Math and Science Day registration form. http://www.sixflags.com/stLouis/assets/pdf/2013%20Math%20&%20Science%20Day%20Order%20Form.pdf
  9. It looks like they just opened up a small path to get through the construction. Good on them. Gold Rusher is also open.
  10. I'm betting 100% that it will open Memorial Day weekend. According to Funtime's website, the 400 ft. towers only take three weeks to build.
  11. I've gotten several surveys from Universal asking over the past four years asking how I would feel about a Lord of The Rings themed area. I wouldn't take the rumor that they are in talks with the Tolkien family as a grain of salt, seeing as they have been looking into it for a while now.
  12. SFNE added them for the beginning of the 2012 season and they've worked great. The A/C is really welcomed in the summer. Busses at SFNE.
  13. Only platinum Flash Pass holders can use it for Goliath. Which kind of sucks, maybe it will be different next year though. Bizarro's single rider line can be there one day and be gone the next, it varies on attendance. I disagree about Cyclone sucking in every seat. It's smoothest in the front. If you want an insane (but rough) ride then ride in the back.
  14. ^Depends on if you are going on a weekend or weekday. If you are going on a weekend I would suggest getting a gold Flash Pass as this past season the weekend crowds were crazier than in years past. I only see the crowds getting larger, now that SFNE is marketing heavily in the Boston area, they never used to market there. On a weekday, you would be fine with just a regular Flash Pass. Unless you are a huge credit whore, you could spend a few hours in the water park. Although it will probably be even more crowded with the new expansion. To answer your question though, I think you would get the most out of the park by being there from opening to 6pm.
  15. Wow! Whenever I look at this park, there's always so much improvement. I really want to see where this park goes come the late 80's when the coaster craze occurs. It's too bad not enough people watch this park, or at least comment because it's REALLY awesome! Keep up the excellent work!
  16. Wow, the park looks great! With each new update you are making the park look even better than it was before. Keep going!
  17. I think the sign is just there on slow days. What day was your recent visit? I've gone on a weekend and the sign wasn't there, but I was still allowed to go through the Flash Pass line as a single rider. Sometimes you do have the misfortune of not being allowed to do it though. I remember that I went earlier in the day and the person working obviously wasn't familiar with the new policy and he tried to tell me that I couldn't go through it. I didn't really have a choice but to listen to him. I tried it again later in the day, when I knew there would be a new employee there, and that one let me go through.
  18. Apparently in iOS 6 Apple is adding in the feature to upload photos from Safari. That is a feature that is definitely a long time coming and will be definitely welcomed. In the mean time, I haven't really been able to find anything.
  19. When you do a Twitter search from La Ronde there is some eye witness reports of a man suffering head trauma from Vampire. Could this be a repeat of SFOG's Batman incident?
  20. I saw this on Twitter just a few minutes ago. Apparently an employee somehow died in an accident at the park today. No one is quite sure what happened yet. http://noticiasmontreal.com/51537/un-fallecido-en-un-accidente-laboral-registrado-en-el-parque-la-ronde-de-montreal/ Rough Google translation:
  21. Anyone who has gone the in the past week, have you noticed the water fall that is in front of Goliath
  22. I was there the other day and got some pics. Goliath truly is a massive coaster. Pictures do not do it justice. The coaster can be seen all through out the park. The old Vekoma train is indeed being put back on the track as well... I wonder why Silverwood didn't need the escape tower with Aftershock?? Green towers don't look bad in person. Hello Vekoma trains. New Goliath gift shop that opened up on Monday! The line for season pass processing has been crazy long all week! Gotham City Gauntlet breaks down a lot, I've noticed. The Batmobile is all scratched up. They did have mist running in it's queue however. Look at how big it is! One last shot of Goliath! More pictures from the Travel Channel shoot at SFNE can be found on SFNE Online. Edit: I also took a video from the New England Skyway showing off the construction site of Goliath. It was windy so the video turned out pretty shaky.
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