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  1. Ohana's is definitely worth it!!! I barely even eat anything there but it's still so much fun and great food and atmosphere!!! Make a priority seating as the restaurant is very busy!


    Elissa "I always end up eating plain pasta!" Alvey

  2. Wow...so many ya'll's!!!!


    Yes, we most likely will do a video when we're there! Unless of course it's like pouring or there are locusts, or some other natural disaster!


    Elissa "doo-dah, doo-dah" Alvey

  3. We use Premier to Edit, a different program to compress the files, and another program to author the DVD's! I really can't wait till it gets to the point where you can just drag and drop like with CD's!


    Doing more advanced menus, easter eggs, etc...will cost you space on your DVD. We usually don't have that luxury as we cram our DVD's with all kinds of stuff!


    Elissa "simplicity is sometimes good" Alvey

  4. So Q-Bot is that great? I've never used it before but this summer I'll give it a shot. Does it have a limit on how many rides you can use on it? At SfStl I think they had a 9 ride limit or something.(Maybe I'm wrong?)


    DejaVu "I'm going to have to get better acquainted with Q-bot " The Ride


    I've used Qbot at: SFoG, SFGAd, SFNE, SFStL, and SFoT...I've never had any limit or constraints. I've upgraded to Gold wherever allowed.


    Elissa "Q-bot enthusiast" Alvey

  5. The parks I think are overrated are:


    1. Efteling. Its big, its gardeny, its so amazing. Um, no. Its big, yes, too big. By the time you end up where you wanted to go, you forget what exactly you were looking for. The food was average, they had no maps on the paths, and even the animals were angry. The coasters are average at best, there's a lot of opened spaces with mud and crap. Oh yeah, and Spookslut, which is not a haunted house!


    OMG! I had almost forgotten about the Spookslut!!!! This is a lesson for everyone out there...never give Derek a map and tell him to choose a ride!


    Elissa "the best ride there was the bench we all slept on...oh and those things they sold outside the park to eat!!!" Alvey

  6. Holiday World...


    I mean they have 1 really good woody, 1 good woody...um, yeah, that's it! They have less than Silverwood and Knoebels both of which have a better "1-2 Punch" in their woodies and those parks also have more rides! I'm pretty sure Holiday World got its rating because of SRM, now that it's gone, the two woodies have already gone down in the polls and I heard from very few people who went the last two years!


    Also, the reason those woodies were really good was because you could ride them at night, when normally throughout the whole summer they're never open at night. I bet now, those woodies haven't give "SRM caliber" rides in 2 years!


    Elissa "oh, and Hershey!!!!" Alvey

  7. Yes, that's our schedule...we haven't booked a hotel/motel yet. That will probably start in the next two weeks. We'd love to hang out with you guys, if you don't mind!


    It's looking like we'll be at Heide Park Friday 24 June and at Movie Park on Saturday 25 June (we know it will be crowded, but we'd rather hit that park on a Saturday since we don't care about it that much! )


    Elissa "Still has a lot of work to do on this trip!" Alvey

  8. The wedding trip was one of my favorite! It was one of those trips that we didn't have a real budget on and just ate all the time, stayed in nice rooms at nice hotels...it really spoiled me!!! Staying at the Super 8 on 192 nowadays just doesn't feel quite right!


    I also really liked the SDC/WoF/SFStL trip in 2002...it was just Robb and I, and we had a ball...I don't know why since there were no real coasters that stood out, it was just a lot of fun!


    Of course Japan is up there as well, it was a lot more stressful, but also so rewarding and cool at the same time.


    Elissa "now I want to go traveling!" Alvey

  9. We don't sell as many as I think people think we do...I mean think about it...look at all these people on our own boards and most of them are saying that they haven't even bought it! It's a very small market. Now our videos that we have for download...that's another story!!!


    Elissa "they've been downloaded tens of thousands of times!" Alvey

  10. I pretty much agree with Robb on this one...it's more brutal and not quite as good as Georgia's or even Viper at SFGAm...


    I think it suffers from "The Beast" syndrome where because of its history and classic status it gets elevated to another level.


    Don't get me wrong, it's still a fun ride...just not a top 10 or 20!


    Elissa "and I'm a New Yorker!" Alvey

  11. ^ We all go through it Jim...you'll get over it and appreciate the SoCal parks for what they are...and the fact that they're open year round...well except for Knotts which likes to close if it's cloudy outside!


    I like WDW better. I thought of a reason that hasn't been brought up yet either...WDW has MANY less locals! I really think it's a much different atmosphere when you're at a park where people have saved up a year to travel to...people who are still impressed with stuff...nasty people who don't look like they're there just because of a 2fer offer!


    Elissa "plus I got married there!" Alvey

  12. Yeah...I could really see them taking out Monte to put in an impulse or something like all the other Cedar Fair parks have...You just have to hope they won't!!


    As for a hyper, they have plenty of room! Look at places like Blackpool or Morey's Pier! Look at the way they put Silver Bullet it...plenty of room for a hyper...I really hope it's not a Morgan though!


    Elissa "would almost forgive the park if they put in an Intamin Hyper...nah, still wouldn't!" Alvey

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