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  1. Yo newbies! Hope you like it here, make sure to PM us or post any suggestions or problems you're having. We're pretty hassle free here, and we seem to have a lot of knowledgeable members from all over the world here that can help you out!


    Elissa "and don't leave the toilet seat up!" Alvey

  2. You'll need to call Six Flags over Georgia then and order the season pass over the phone. At Six Flags Magic Mountain they will ship internationally for an extra $14, not sure how they do it at Georgia. Worst case scenario, find out what price the season pass will be when you are there in April and just buy it at that park and you can use it everywhere. They never run out, or stop selling them. Also, you will have to get your picture taken at Georgia no matter if you order it in advance or when you visit.


    Elissa "have fun!" Alvey

  3. I really don't think there's a good way to explain just how it feels. You hear people say "Giant Truck, blasting, jello, etc.", but it just feels wrong! It's one of those things that you take for granted that the earth under your feet is solid...feeling it move all of a sudden is a really creepy thing.


    They also all feel different, depending on where they are, how deep they were centered, etc.


    Elissa "don't like them!" Alvey

  4. They do look nice, though I agree with Kevin on most of his points...mainly:


    - Capacity

    - Capacity

    - Capacity


    The blasters had really bad lines at Schlitterbahn and while I realize there are 3 of them here, it's still not going to be pretty come summertime. They also do seem pretty short in length, but if they're fun that will make up for it. Typhoon Lagoon already has the shortest family raft ride, so why not some short master blasters!


    Elissa "looking forward to riding them memorial day weekend...note I said ride, and not 'waiting in line'" Alvey

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