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  1. Poor SFoG...I've heard the "insert year here" is the year for the hyper for at least the last 4 years. Even from so called "park insiders/ACE Reps". If it's a B&M Hyper, I really don't care where they put it. If it's a custom Intamin Hyper, I agree with Brian's suggestion of putting it in that rapids area leading towards Deja Crap. If they did it nicely they could even keep a lot of the trees and foliage and make it nice...although then the GP wouldn't be able to see it and ala BGW they'd have to take it out!


    Elissa "Shouldn't they work on getting all their coasters running before adding more?" Alvey

  2. It's been gone now for probably over 5-6 years. It was actually a really nice park! When it opened it had one coaster, Lightning Bolt, an indoor Intamin Kiddie. Sometime later that was moved outside, and Arrow added to it creating a longer more screwed up but still uninspiring ride! They also had a Dark ride, Boat ride, Log Flume, Rapids, Bumper Cars, Pirate Stunt Show, etc.


    Oh and the 250' Skycoaster...that survived a bit longer but still met it's demise eventually.


    It's really a bummer that it died, but you couldn't see it, it was rather expensive and they didn't really advertise it too much.


    Elissa "has both credits!" Alvey

  3. I love the little message board on the bottom and one of the posts says: "His girlfriend must be really happy!". Am I the only one that after watching that thought "there is no way in hell this guy HAS a girlfriend!!!


    Elissa "he has way too much time on his hands" Alvey

  4. LOL!


    We'll have some people who are not on the trip monitoring the boards, plus we're staying in places that do have internet access so we can upload mini trip reports and photos while we're over there!


    Elissa "keep the havoc to a minimum!" Alvey

  5. PKD really seems to have some sort of issue with their woodies. They really seem to have their maintenance kind of whacked. We always noticed that they actually seem to run better early in the season, then it's as if they do no work on them throughout the summer because by season's end they're running awful!


    Elissa "just my observations" Alvey

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