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  1. 9 hours ago, Hilltopper39 said:

    Yeah, still no official updates on my sailing but sounds like they'll make an announcement about it tonight by 8pm. I'm optimistic because it says Mariner is now scheduled to leave Friday (We're sailing  Independence, also scheduled to leave Friday), but Disney has already cancelled their 3 day cruise this weekend out of Canaveral that was scheduled to leave Friday. So who knows at this point.

    I think you're going to cancel. =(

    Looks like Port Canaveral is going to close until at least Friday afternoon which won't really give them time to turn the ship around. 

  2. ^Spectrum is a nice ship but cruising in Asia is VERY different from the rest of the world. If you're looking for that stereotypical cruise experience for your first time then I would absolutely jump on one after a Florida trip!  Then if you like it, grab a cheap asian cruise once back home as an easier getaway. And yes, gratuities are added to all purchases onboard as well as a standard tip amount to select positions on the ship like your cabin steward, waiter, etc. 

  3. ^

    Independence of the Seas: Friday, September 30, 2022 sailing from Port Canaveral

    We are closely and continuously monitoring Hurricane Ian to understand if the storm will impact your boarding day. At this time, there are no changes to your sailing. Should we need to make any changes to ensure our guests’ safety and comfort, we will contact booked guests and travel advisors immediately and no later than September 28 at 8:00 PM EDT.

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  4. On 8/26/2022 at 9:49 AM, KarlaKoaster said:

    I found some cheap flights to Orlando (November onwards) so wanted to pick your brains as to when you think would be a good time to visit. The last time I came (I think 2018) I visited immediately after Thanksgiving and for me it was a good time because the weather was great, most parks were quiet and Christmas mode was well and truly activated.

    Although Universal was quiet, Disney was not. To be honest, I found the planning and strategy required at Disney exhausting and not particularly enjoyable and I get the feeling since covid things are actually worse rather than better. 

    So if anyone has any advice on when the parks will be at their quietest that would be great. And now the dust has settled, any thoughts on Genie+ are much appreciated too. I sort of begrudge paying for 7/14 days for Disney, but I guess there's no cheaper way of doing it. 

    Traditionally like you said that's a great time to go for the reasons mentioned.  Genie Plus works best at MK and Studios, ok at Epcot, and seems un-needed at AK.  At Epcot and AK you can get away with just buying the individual lightning lanes there on many days.  Like you also mentioned, Disney has just ALWAYS been busy now but that time of year is manageable. 

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  5. I would bring a backpack, it's easier to dump the candy in there than carry it in the bags provided. Second parade is less busy like you said. Get candy whenever there is no line, don't even try the first hour it's always busy then and by the end of the night you can just walk around and around and get a ton with no wait.  We waited less than 5min for Halloween Mickey at town square, the lines for the other more 'rare' characters were longer than I was willing to wait. Elvis Stitch, Pooh, etc.  You'll see alice and mad hatter a lot but I think they're the same as during the day.  I didn't see any amazing stand out food items, but people seem to be talking about the weird corn thing.  Don't forget to do some of the fun PhotoPass offerings. The lantern near Haunted Mansion is my favorite. 

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  6. Park is already reopen.  They even got permission to reopen the coaster but are having another agency double check just to be super safe.



    Dear guests,

    Starting tomorrow, August 9th, 2022 , we will reopen our KLOTTI Park.

    Authorities are still investigating how the accident happened. Meanwhile, the on-site investigations have been completed and the roller coaster affected by the accident was immediately released for re-operation. Nevertheless, we decided to have the system checked again by the TÜV as a precaution. Therefore, the roller coaster will remain temporarily closed.

    We are still very affected and it will be difficult for us to return to everyday life. Our thoughts are with the relatives, we wish them a lot of strength and confidence in these difficult times.

    Your KLOTTI team


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  7. "Through the night, the police could say little at the time of the accident and further investigations have been unable to confirm the cause of the accident so far. It is unknown whether it was due to a technical fault, ride negligence, or fatal carelessness.

    There is also speculation around whether the woman’s death was due to her injuries or a natural cause like a heart attack, as reported by welt.de"


    Wait...so did she fall out of the ride or have a heart attack? Hopefully we get more info soon.

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