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  1. Where are you staying and eating!??! These are my two most important decisions when going to Vegas...the coasters are all pretty much a bust so it's all about the atmosphere!


    Elissa "highly reccomends staying at Monte Carlo" Alvey

  2. Thank you everyone for your kind words! I think I'm feeling a bit better but that could also be the double dose of Advil and Dayquil Sinus talking!!!


    Eh, all in all, I'd rather be sick today and this past weekend with not much going on than on some cool trip somewhere, so hopefully this will get it out of my system for a bit!


    Elissa "I also blame Knotts!" Alvey

  3. I still think that Mission Space is a nearly 'perfect ride'. That being said, I don't really like it, but I see it for what it is.


    It has all of these great forces, but as soon as you almost start to feel sick, they ease up. And it keeps up like that for the whole ride. It is very interesting, and somewhat rerideable. I agree that I don't quite see where the 100mil went, and I would have rather had like 5 California Screamins, but whatever!


    Elissa "I miss Horizons too!" Alvey

  4. I want people to know that we're not like spelling and grammer nazis!! I spell things wrong and use bad grammer sometimes...just don't make a habit of it!


    Elissa "soooo sick now" Alvey

  5. Hey Victor!


    How are you? How have you been? Still at MIT? We should hang out at some point, if you still visit Florida...we're there all the time!


    Elissa "I thought you had dropped off the Coaster Planet!" Alvey

  6. Ugh, I had an "old" moment yesterday...


    I was trying to explain to my co-workers kids how to play Super Monkey Ball for the Gamecube...I say, "Have you ever played Marble Madness?" I get, <>


    I then realized that that was an 80's game and these kids weren't even a thought then!




    Elissa "almost another year older!" Alvey

  7. For me the problem with the show is that I always want the people who play the best to win, and I have yet to really see that happen! People always seem to 'get lucky' and that's what pisses me off! If you're smart enough to get like an 8 hour lead and because one of the challenges takes place only from 8am - 4pm...ugh, that really just gets to me!


    Elissa "I predict that the old people will lose soon too!" Alvey

  8. Parts of it were under water for a few days...but other than that I heard it made a pretty good recovery. Perhaps some of our Texas posters can elaborate.


    Elissa "Shockwave is awesome!" Alvey

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