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  1. Yeah, we normally don't eat inside parks unless we like one of their restaurants!


    My advice would be to get there for opening, bring a water bottle...grab a snack (bag of chips, churro, pretzel) to hold you over, then leave and get food outside the park.


    Elissa "rarely spends a full day at a park...if I do, I still just grab a snack to keep me going!" Alvey

  2. The first thing I'll say is never plan to go to a college just because of its proximity to parks...that being said, I did the drive at least twice a month to Orlando and you can do it in about 1H45Min!


    I really loved UF...it was one of those schools that you could totally cater to your needs. There were classes where I was a number in a sea of 500 other people, and there were classes where I was one of 12 and my professor really knew me. I didn't see any of the horror stories of being taught by TA's and never knowing your professor. I really think that big schools get a bad rep, when in reality they have pleny of individualized attention and you have so many options and choices.


    No matter what you go to school for, you can always dabble in something totally different because there are all of those options available in a large school!


    Elissa "not into the sports, but still a Gator!" Alvey

  3. There are some really great Powered Coasters out there! You're right tha the majority are those Dragon Coasters from Zamperla but Mack makes some really fun ones, and lots of parks theme around them and make them great rides! Here are some pictures from the one at Europa Park:





    In Europe there were ones that went through mountains, had fire effects, interacted with other rides and more! Probably the best one in North America is at Paramount's Canadas Wonderland.


    Elissa "wish I counted them as credits" Alvey

  4. ^ LOL Nice!


    Seriously though, if we do this, we'll ask for everyone's input...I want our shirts to be cool, not just generic coaster crap!


    Elissa "Stupid Tommy for taking the 'We put the F U in Fun!'" Alvey

  5. A) Any advice on an arrival day itinerary for a couple staying on site?


    B) Funwise, which is better: TL Surfing or Segway tour at Epcot?


    C) Mummy, is the east coast or west coast version better?


    D) Favorite on/off site eateries


    A) Where are you coming from? Flying, driving? How long do you plan to stay? What do you want to see? Usually when we do Long weekends we fly in on the red eye wednesday night so that we are in Orlando by 7am Thursday morning and fly home early Monday morning. This gives us 4 full days of which we usually do 1.5 at Universal/IOA, 2 at Disney, .5 at BGT or Sea World.


    B) I liked the Segway Tour better because I sucked at Surfing. I don't think that the Surfing class is the best way to learn. They use BIG, FAST waves, not like if you learned at a beach. I am a really good swimmer and I still ended up swallowing A LOT of water! The Segway tour was a lot of fun! We even went back and did it again with my family!


    C) Honestly, you can't even compare them. The Orlando one blows away the Californian one. As a matter of fact I just rode the Hollywood one this weekend for the first time since riding the Orlando one and it was even worse than I remembered! I really think that the Orlando one is in my top 20 coasters!


    D) Must Eats: Mythos at IOA, Ohana's at Disney's Polynesian Resort. Other good places include: Spoodles at Disney's Boardwalk, Tepanyaki at the Japan Pavilion, the Italian place in the Italy Pavilion, and pretty much most of the sitdown table service restaurants at MGM. Offsite, I love Carrabbas and this little hole in the wall indian place on I-Drive!


    Elissa "hope this helps" Alvey

  6. I would guess at least $40 each way in no traffic. When Robb and I were there we made it in about 25 minutes one way, and hit traffic and weather on the way back and it took an hour...that could ruin you! Have you contacted any car services in the area? Sometimes they can be a better deal than a taxi and charge just a flat fee.


    Elissa "Hopefully it will be around for awhile!" Alvey

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