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  1. Most of the time we just go to a park, take the footage, bring it home and think of a song that makes sense. I try and match up either lyrics or the feel of a song to the footage. Robb takes more of a plop everything down randomly and have fun...I'm much more orderly and like to arrange stuff.


    Elissa "does that make sense?" Alvey

  2. Good Question!


    We talk about this a lot...There are a few Asian countries that we will hit in the next 5-10years...Australia is a definite. Other than that though there are not too many other places that we see ourselves going to in the next 10 years with the current global conditions: Middle East, Russia, Africa, Mexico, other Central American countries, etc.


    Hopefully things will get better and we can hit more countries!


    Elissa "oh, and I refuse to get shots so I don't think we can ever go to Africa!" Alvey

  3. Oh yeah, I agree! We would spend a couple of weeks at least, not just doing coasters. The last few times I've gone to Austrailia I've spent at least 4 weeks!


    I really liked heading over to the west coast as it seems a little less touristy.


    Elissa "it's all about climbing that 200 foot tree!" Alvey

  4. Thanks everyone! This is all really helpful!


    As for Gardaland, we will be hitting it at night...Mirabilandia closes at 6 so we plan to go to Gardaland from 9pm till close one night, then go the next morning as well!


    I'm definitely going to look into that Ferry from Liseberg area to the Bakken Area.


    Also, closer to the date when we have everything finalized we will post our itinerary because we really want to meet and hang out with all of you European Coaster Enthusiasts! You'll be in our video next year!


    Thanks again...keep the information (and we'll keep the questions!) coming!


    Elissa "hey, I'm the responsible navigator!" Alvey

  5. Nearly all powered coasters have some sort of "extra rail" in the middle...



    The Mack Powered Mine Trains are actually really cool! I don't think we have any in the US...they are ALL OVER Europe, and there's one at Canada's Wonderland.


    Elissa "too bad they're not a credit :crying: " Alvey

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