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  1. Most normal days you could finish up Wild Adventures in a half day, however if you are there on a date when there is an event going on it will not be enough time. When are you planning on visiting? A day should be enough at SFoG as well as long as you get Qbot (maybe even Gold depending on the crowds). It is about a 3 - 4 hour drive between the two parks depending on traffic.


    Elissa "hope this helps!" Alvey

  2. Great Thread!


    SFA & SFAW - Both of these parks have some great rides and SFAW has really nice theming!


    I know on the Europe trip a lot of the ACErs hated Heide and Asterix, but I loved them and didn't even have enough time to do everything I wanted!


    Elissa "when do we start the most OVERRATED park thread!?" Alvey

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