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  1. The wedding trip was one of my favorite! It was one of those trips that we didn't have a real budget on and just ate all the time, stayed in nice rooms at nice hotels...it really spoiled me!!! Staying at the Super 8 on 192 nowadays just doesn't feel quite right!


    I also really liked the SDC/WoF/SFStL trip in 2002...it was just Robb and I, and we had a ball...I don't know why since there were no real coasters that stood out, it was just a lot of fun!


    Of course Japan is up there as well, it was a lot more stressful, but also so rewarding and cool at the same time.


    Elissa "now I want to go traveling!" Alvey

  2. We don't sell as many as I think people think we do...I mean think about it...look at all these people on our own boards and most of them are saying that they haven't even bought it! It's a very small market. Now our videos that we have for download...that's another story!!!


    Elissa "they've been downloaded tens of thousands of times!" Alvey

  3. I pretty much agree with Robb on this one...it's more brutal and not quite as good as Georgia's or even Viper at SFGAm...


    I think it suffers from "The Beast" syndrome where because of its history and classic status it gets elevated to another level.


    Don't get me wrong, it's still a fun ride...just not a top 10 or 20!


    Elissa "and I'm a New Yorker!" Alvey

  4. ^ We all go through it Jim...you'll get over it and appreciate the SoCal parks for what they are...and the fact that they're open year round...well except for Knotts which likes to close if it's cloudy outside!


    I like WDW better. I thought of a reason that hasn't been brought up yet either...WDW has MANY less locals! I really think it's a much different atmosphere when you're at a park where people have saved up a year to travel to...people who are still impressed with stuff...nasty people who don't look like they're there just because of a 2fer offer!


    Elissa "plus I got married there!" Alvey

  5. Yeah...I could really see them taking out Monte to put in an impulse or something like all the other Cedar Fair parks have...You just have to hope they won't!!


    As for a hyper, they have plenty of room! Look at places like Blackpool or Morey's Pier! Look at the way they put Silver Bullet it...plenty of room for a hyper...I really hope it's not a Morgan though!


    Elissa "would almost forgive the park if they put in an Intamin Hyper...nah, still wouldn't!" Alvey

  6. I thought of another question...


    At most of the places we will have reservations, but on some of our drives (mainly the one from Walibi World - Farup) we were thinking of just trying to "wing it" meaning not have a reservation and just go as far as we can then stop for the night. Are there enough motels along the motorway to do this? Or is that risky? Should we just book all the motels ahead of time?


    As for going to Walibi World, we're going with 4 other people on this trip who have not EVER been to European Parks before and we'd like to take them there. Plus I really liked Goliath and Robin Hood so it won't be the worst place to revisit, we wil try and get out of their early though!


    Elissa "thanks! I can't wait to meet all of you...and try out my French in some places too!" Alvey

  7. ^Yes of course. There will be no restrictions as to when the footage was taken.


    If you remember we actually started up the contest in March of last year, and most people used footage from the previous year, it will be the same again this year, so dust off all those DV tapes and get to it!


    Elissa "Can't wait to watch more entries!" Alvey

  8. Just out of interest, would you recommend booking hotels in advance, or is it easy enough to get away with just booking into somewhere at the time.


    I'm in the US (fingers crossed) next year, and while I have the parks I want to hit planned out, I was trying to avoid any strict schedule, just to give us some freedom out there.


    It depends what time of the year you'll be traveling...if it's around a US holiday you'll need reservations (also with some areas near parks you'll need reservations). Other than that a lot ot times you can wing it! At most fast food places on the Interstates (motorways) you can pick up a discount motel guide and just call them up that day and book a place.


    Elissa "do you think we can wing it in Europe or do we need reservations?" Alvey

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