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  1. ^Is that for real? There are so many random days that suddenly pop on calendars...
  2. I'm not good at doing photo shop stuff, but I'll say all these shirts are great... I think Prince Desmond will be proud
  3. This is sad news, that was such a fun place...I'm glad that I made it there at least once. Hopefully I can try the other one someday
  4. Today I saw a guy that looked like a 50 year old Elvis...I was at work so I couldn't take out my phone to try and get a sneaky picture
  5. For anyone that's at Haunt, Robb is going to be a vampire in the Club Blood maze in just a few minutes
  6. I'm at Disneyland again...Now it's all Halloweeny
  7. This trip looks so fun, wish I could've gone...And makes me miss hanging out with Piers!
  8. I didn't know what channel it was on, I can't even remember the last time I watched MTV. I might check it out if I ever have nothing to do
  9. I really like Les Mis and Phantom of course, but I think my favorite is Wicked, saw it twice in San Francisco. And Patty Duke was in it! I haven't seen any other good ones lately, so my favorite could change
  10. I play, but I'm not that good. My name is amyzoo
  11. ^Ah, that does look good. I love scary movies
  12. ^At work today I walked in the breakroom and the news was replying the crash and everything from 9-11... It doesn't seem that long ago...
  13. That's so cool, I would have liked to have been there, or taken my cats to play around. Hope they vacuumed good for those really allergic people...
  14. Joey and I did the Disneyland half marathon this morning. Saw Renee about mile 3 at the castle and then finished the race together. Now off to walk around the park all day. -not in too much pain yet!
  15. I was addicted to the pretzel ones when they first came out, but now I'm back to my favorite - peanut butter. Second choice would be peanut
  16. I just saw a girl wearing a tank top that looked like she hadn't shaved her armpits for weeks! That's not right, I don't want to see that- wear a shirt with sleeves at least
  17. I recently just started watching Glee, I'm only on Ep 7, and I like it so far
  18. I haven't watched the Emmys for a couple years. I find out the winners online and watch any of the good clips on youtube
  19. Just went to see Dinner for Schmucks, it was really funny. Better than I expected
  20. I work at Target as a security guard, I have to wear the fake cop-looking outfit! But it's fun, I have some good stories...
  21. Here's another great one by Leslie! Not as good as Body Rolls... but the idea is good...
  22. I just heard a lady say "I can't live without a housekeeper for another week!" Wouldn't that be nice...
  23. I like it when I can see the moon during the daytime.
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