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  1. ^ Yeah that's funny, I was talking to a guy at work about Disneyland and then he asked if I'd been to Harry Potter World...
  2. This really makes me miss Japan, I want to go back again!
  3. I cleaned our dyson vacuum, and now it sucks again!
  4. Diet Coke, second choice would be Diet Dr Pepper. After that I switch around whatever I feel like at the time.
  5. I was at work, and didn't even catch anyone stealing!
  6. That cave was fun, and extra nice because it was naturally cool in there as outside was like 100 degrees! But the pictures can't show how really big the cave was.
  7. I'll watch Jonas Brothers... Go without TV for a year or go without Soda for a year?
  8. Looks like everyone had a great time, wish I could have made it. Hope I can get out Texas and ride it soon.
  9. Yay, Diet Coke is great! Diet Dr Pepper is my second choice
  10. There was so much good food there, I think we tried everything!
  11. I forgot my leftover dinner in the hotel fridge. It was so good, I wanted to eat it today.
  12. "This random mannequin head scared the crap out of me as I walked by the car." I totally forgot about that. I didn't realize at first it was a mannequin, and then really looking at it, was pretty creepy.
  13. I really liked Dreamworld. The little baby koala is so cute! I'm sad I missed seeing the tiger drive by in the back of the truck.
  14. ^ I googled it. It's Spreepark Berlin, closed in 2001. I looked at it on google maps and you can see the park and even the dinosaurs!...I just watched Hanna today too, I really liked it.
  15. Yes Have you ever had your fortune told?
  16. I was alone laughing at myself taking Photo Booth pictures. I felt pretty stupid later...
  17. Deep Fried Crickets! Turkey or chicken for dinner?
  18. Lunch Going to a movie or a movie at home?
  19. Yeah, those seats gross me out when they look like that. I'm a night time showerer to get rid of all the gross people's germs...
  20. That party looked like lots of fun. I'll have to check out Spongebob on both systems!
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