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  1. I'd go with deep fried maggot Would you rather have a broken toe or a broken finger?
  2. I think it was one of the guide wheels that broke and flew off while we were on it. It shook just a little when we were coming back down, and I heard a kid say "it broke!" and he ran and picked up the broken wheel. Then the ride operator took the wheel from the kid and went into the office. About an hour later we saw it running again. I didn't go back to ride it again...
  3. Yeah, but they're already dead so it doesn't matter. Do you like Starbucks?
  4. A friend at work noticed some pictures on my facebook from my TPR trip to Europe last year. So she said "I didn't know they had roller coasters there??"
  5. ^ Yes that pepper kangaroo pizza was really good. I would get it again...
  6. I liked that dessert, I didn't know what it was called. Mine was sugary but I liked it that way.
  7. ^ I liked it too. It didn't get many commercials or reviews but I thought it was pretty good.
  8. Knotts was great. The backstage tours were awesome, the food was good, the Q & A was so funny and got lots if info on the next Haunt maze. The rain wasn't really too annoying, but after 5 times in a row on Sidewinder I was pretty wet and started to get cold. But then we went over and rode the log ride and then got really wet! But it was such a fun day. Anyone that missed out should go next year!
  9. This day at SFMM was so fun. Not much rain all day, like the weather forcasted. We didn't get to ride everything but the backstage tours made up for it. Walking in the log flume was awesome and Batman was so great with the fog... Can't wait till next year!
  10. Awesome report, and absolutely hilarious Acer pictures!!! I am so excited to ride it in just a few days (fingers crossed for the weather).
  11. That was such a fun night. Leslie was so fun and crazy to hang out with, I still tell people about meeting her and taking all kinds of crazy pictures. Didn't we buy out all her merchandise from the back of her car?
  12. Today I threw away a chapstick because it was actually all used up. I don't know if I've ever finished a whole chapstick before.
  13. ^ Yeah, or when they take the electric carts at grocery stores, instead of giving it to some one who needs it, like with a broken leg
  14. So today I saw a mom smash her kid into a door with her shopping cart. Little boy, probably 3, started running towards the exit door. She wanted to stop him from running outside so she chased him pushing her shopping cart. When he got to the automatic door it didn't open because he was pretty small, and she didn't stop in time, smashing him into door so hard the doors popped open. I had to turn away so wouldn't laugh in front of her!
  15. That's ok, I can be included with the title. I probably gained 10 pounds between Europe and Mid-America trips, and I still haven't tried to get rid of it!
  16. I keep getting an email about underwear, I wonder why they think I need some?... We made it simple for you. Find Underwear sites below. Looking for underwear? Find your favorite style. To contact us: P.O Box: 7/1504 Shhim, El Chouf - Lebanon
  17. Yes, or that I'll repeat a question again. What's the last movie you saw?
  18. I would like to go back and visit Paris again sometime, and give it another chance. And since we didn't even get to see all of the Louvre, and all the other monuments we didn't have time to really visit and enjoy, I would want to see them again.
  19. Yes, I agree. I was so surprised to see that much water coming out I wasn't sure if it was the 3d or not. And it was gross dirty water.
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