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  1. A great new video of the new Slingshot by RESRides. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  2. Also today I took video of Gunslinger (Sling Shot) also new in 2013. Sorry about the Iphone again. Watch Gunslinger not Iron Rattler in the background! [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  3. ^ Great Pictures from RMC! Here are my pictures I took today on March 12, 2013. Sorry photos are from Iphone. Note to any future planners to the park... Don't go during Spring Break.
  4. For anybody living under a rock in the past several months, this is what is coming! [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  5. For anybody living under a rock in the past several months, this is what is coming! [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  6. Gully Washer's water looks so refreshing haha I need to go ride it before it goes back. =p
  7. @JpSanders2 instagram.com/JpSanders2
  8. This is perfect as my spring break starts the 8th of March and I be heading towards SFOT on my way home to Austin. So I will apply tomorrow probably for the 9th.
  9. Is Good Friday the same you think? Im really considering going on 3/29.
  10. Yes because Texas Giant won the 2011 Golden Ticket for Best New Ride!
  11. I really think that SFMM should consider try an get the main signer Stephanie Sanson from "You Only Live Once" to preform at YOLOcoaster grand opening! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QNdOhGvFHQ
  12. Great Pictures!!.. Cant wait to see Rattler when I come home for Spring Break...
  13. Im very EXCITED! I have always wanted to go on a Sling Shot and when I come back home in Texas from school for Springbreak I hope they have it open!!
  14. Todays the day! Cant wait to find out what the attraction is!
  15. What they need to do is bring back S.S. Overboard back to life because it was boring this whole past season with it being SBNO in the Boardwalk. I much rather ride S.S. Overboard than SkyScreamer any day imo.
  16. There was a small family coaster that was supposed to go in where Frisbee currently sits(Joker's Revenge was still in the park at that time). and it was supposed to be called Boardwalk Canyon Blaster or something like that. It never got built and then got shipped off to another park to be used as a new attraction. As far as the "log flume" you're referring to is actually a Shoot the Chutes ride called Power Surge and from what I understand its removal has been tossed around by park management but nothing has come of it. Well like ArizonaGuy said theres no "Log Flume" near the boardwalk, but there is on in the middle of the park called Bugs' White Water Rapids... But I dont see them removing Power Surge due the Texas heat we get and since the ride never has a line it is the perfect opportunity for anybody just to hop on and get wet or if people are to lazy to wait the 1 minuet queue then they get out of the heat by on the standing bridge. So Im all for the keeping of Power Surge!
  17. Tide getting rolled tonight! Lets go Irish for the 2013 BCS Title!
  18. I rode last Sunday when it wasn't too cold out and although I noticed it was lots quieter, it hauled A$$ through the entire ride with no slowing down at all. I used to remember a bit of a slow down right at the middle of the ride and then it would gradually pick up speed through the last twists and turns before the corkscrew. This year seemed quiet different I was totally surprised. I agree with you ArizonaGuy... When I rode Polty on 12/22/12 it was the best ride I ever had on the coaster with the speeds it gave. My family also agrees! Also I did shoot a video of the launch of the day I went.
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