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  1. I think I saw you, White Mississippi State shirt? I was wearing a White Mississippi State shirt! We all had a great time at the park. Not crowded at all as we got in all the rides we wanted several times without getting off!! Here are the pictures I took of the park on 6/21/2013. More photos on Twitter and Instagram <<<<.
  2. Cant wait to visit the park tomorrow (6/21) with friends that never been to Texas!!
  3. Does the park get crowded on Fridays in June? Even though I go to the park all the time I have never been on a Friday in the summer months. And if so, I have friends coming from Mississippi to visit Texas for the first time and is it worth it for them to get a Flash Pass to enjoy the whole park including the shows due to the park being crowded on a Friday?
  4. No. Its where people (media) can get their footage including b-roll of the attraction that you see. They have one like that for every new ride from 2011.
  5. Great Pictures of the ninth coaster of SFStL! I for one love the location that Boomerang is at with the setting and the color scheme. While watching the video, when the train was going up the second lift hill and seeing the the fresh new grass under the cobra roll, the coaster got + in my book. I like grass especially when they're cut/new (No pun intended) and Boomerang looks great above the grass! Even though I loved Flashback at SFOT, I'm glad that the coaster is still living it's live!
  6. I guess I can say I was one of those lucky ones also to experience Poltergeist rollback on Opening Day 2012 (As I assume it rarely happens)!
  7. One of the trains tail had fallen off before on the day of the commercial shoot and they got it back together. So there is nothing to worry.
  8. After watching the commercial several times to look for me and I'm very excited that I spotted myself in the commercial starting at the 16sec mark where the riders are going upside down!
  9. I already had 14 rides on Iron Rattler at the start of the day and I think I stop counting after my 18, as I feel the coaster is way too epic rather than counting how many rides you got! Stayed at the park from 5am-5:15pm. Thanks Fiesta Texas for an awesome day of riding this epic coaster! But that drop is different every time IMO and the back seat is the best seat on the train!
  10. ^ Only going to be there tomorrow! (Hoping it doesn't get canceled) Cant wait to add more to my already 14 count on the coaster!
  11. You Haul through the double up. You get a good amount of airtime leveling out and you go through the overbank like butter. And the over bank after the double up, you get this weird sensation of sliding of the cliff. Just as he mentioned! All I know is the commercial should come during the 2?th of May. So lets keep a look out! =p
  12. Even though I wish Iron Rattler was longer, the aritime, the first drop, the overbank turns, and the Cave, made the coaster ultimately the best I have ever ridden! Ride count: 2x Iron Rattler 4x Scream (back to back as the park needed riders to ride either SKC, SkyScreamer, and or Scream for helicopter shoot with Iron Rattler) 12x Iron Rattler (back to back) Here is a picture Jeff had posted on Fiesta Texas Facebook page, which I was included in! (I'm in the gray in the middle of the train)
  13. I so excited for tomorrow!! Anybody going Ill be there the whole day.
  14. I got an email also and will try to be there on the 8th as I want to be the one of the first to ride it! And that I have nothing better to do at home. And then probably go the media event on the 15th.
  15. You remember correctly. Even though SFFT has a big kids area in the middle of the park, there are several other kid attractions all around the park including the two in front of Iron Rattler.
  16. National Roller Coaster Museum and Archives will be giving away tickets to the VIP party to ride the all new IRON RATTLER!! If only I didn't have plans for that weekend.... Im upset.
  17. Nope it's my second time, with my first on Labor Day 2012. I go as it's the closest Six Flags park to me while in College, other than that SFFT is my home park as I live in Austin. But I don't compare SF parks as they are different (except for their rides), and I just have a different experience each time I go to a SF park that is different than my experience at SFFT. I like it that way as it makes SFFT unique.
  18. Testing hasn't begun yet, I was at the park today and they had workers on top of the gondola to work on the tower...
  19. Sounds great... I'm defiantly going to try them out when I head home from college in May. But usually for dinner after a great day at Fiesta Texas is going to go eat at Chuy's (on 14855 Interstate 35, Selma, TX 78154) which is on my way home in Austin. But just right now I found out there is a closer Chuy's near SFFT (on 18008 US Hwy 281 N., San Antonio, TX), which is going to be beneficial.
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