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  1. How bout brown? I would think it would blend in with the wood and the general public would never notice!
  2. Is that Yosemite Sam ride next to the Bamboo Shoot that everyone talks about in the park? Cause I never rode either of them! But yes I think any Sally dark ride is perfect for any park... They don't even have to theme it to Scooby, but they can theme it to animals and your trying to shoot them. But they can't have hippos because the Anaheim Animatronic Hippo Conservation Society will petition against it!
  3. Six Flags St. Louis is now the 5th Six Flags park to announce that they will be announcing something o August 30!
  4. Sorry for the double post! but, I think there is a clue in quote... ITS ONLY FITTING THAT WE SHARE THIS WITH YOU ON NATIONAL ROLLER COASTER DAY... hmm... I don't know how a XL SkyScreamer or the removal of Flashback/Chute Out is fitting for National Roller Coaster Day???
  5. SFOT is now the 4 Six Flags park to announce that they will be announcing something on August 30!
  6. Well with the picture above it looks like the back half of the helix is gone, cause in this picture from CoasterGallery shows that you can see the back half!
  7. Is there something going on with Rattler until 10pm, cause I thought the park closed at 9pm?
  8. ^ The thing is Six Flags didn't build Rattler... Fiesta Texas did!
  9. SFDK did the same thing with there SkyScreamer... Could this be one?? Click Here
  10. ^ I am not saying your not right or anything, but on July 10 I did see something in the middle but I thought it was a large water sprinkler to water the grass or the coaster. I was discussing on another website that I also saw sprinkler heads all along the track and so I said I assumed that they water the coaster to cool it down when it gets to hot outside, even whatever was in the middle of the helix. So on Sunday I wasn't to busy to see a sprinkler in the middle of the helix but was busy to see how many piles of wood where there. And I counted 3 piles, if I remember! This is the only picture of the sprinkler I could find that assembles what I thought it was. But the one at the park has white supports...
  11. I went Sunday, I didn't see any surveying equipment (maybe I wasn't paying attention to what was inside the helix), but I did see piles of wood along the outside the helix!! Picture was taken on Sunday!
  12. Here is what the ride should be like! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UATJDA35wXk
  13. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, a sequel to the first Percy Jackson film is currently being filmed at the park until August! Click Here
  14. Yes they did have them in 2010, cause I remember seeing them next to Boss and Tidal in 2010 also!
  15. I would be upset with Flashback going to SFStL, this park needs something MUCH Better than that! But if it is Flashback could we be seeing new trains on the coaster when it moves like what Carolina Cobra has! I know Six Flags and Vekoma has their issues but with these trains this coaster could be better!?!
  16. One big reason I don't think it is a SkyScreamer because there is no fins on the supports (unless the park adds them on?) Here is a picture of Texas Star Flyer supports. If you look at the picture clearly there is no fins on the supports! Also look at the bottom of the Texas Star Flyer supports, they look alot different then the ones at SFMM. So I started looking at pictures of Skyrusch and boom... The bottom of SFMM supports look the same as the bottoms of Skyruch's supports.
  17. ^ Here is what the ladder looks like in the middle of SkyScreamer! And after looking at my SkyScreamer pictures at Fiesta Texas of the supports/construction. These supports here at SFMM are not for a SkyScreamer!
  18. Well in this picture there is also Ladders also stacked up! I think a coaster would not have ladders to get to the top! So it must be a Flat or Water slide!
  19. One thing they need to do is fix the queue line when your going up to the station. It is not made for fat folks. I hate when I see people walking up sideways to the top!
  20. Visited Fiesta Texas yesterday July 10, and rode Rattler 3 times and I am going to miss it alot!!! They have tons of signs stating that the ride will be slithering away after Aug 5!! For more pictures of the park go to Amusement Park Authority.com!
  21. According to the LA Times it is suppose to happen around July 4 (next week)!!
  22. It annoys me alot how there is people calling Six Flags Fiesta Texas, Six Flags Astroworld! And they even know that the park is in San Antonio!
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