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  1. I think the stacking is a recurring theme this year on nearly everything I’ve been on.
  2. ^ I agree. I think the new locker setup makes things less efficient. the crowds today isn’t too terrible. I thought it would be worse today.
  3. Hey everyone. I'll be visiting Great America on 5/14 and getting a Flash pass. Anyone going to be there that day that might want to meet up? Hit me up.
  4. ^ I'll be there too! I'm more than ready to get my coaster season started!
  5. I regret not going to visit Astroworld while I still had the chance after my last visit in 2001. As a Louisiana native, I never went to Jazzland/Six Flags New Orleans when it was around. I kind of wish I would have.
  6. I got a season pass for the first time last year. I never had a bad experience but my expectations were not very high with the covid situation but KK was less frustrating than my visit to Six Flags St. Louis during the summer.
  7. I don't dislike Herschend either. There is just a je ne sais quoi about Ed and his team that I like. I guess I like that its a local team running the park after what happened when Six Flags left. The past few years I've been in KY I've frequented the park and I've only witnessed a few busy days where I'd actually have to wait in line so what we see unfolding shouldn't be so surprising I guess.
  8. The latest Screamscape update from today is pretty interesting. If true, I hope Herschend takes care of the park and doesn't treat it like a bastard park but I don't have high hopes. I guess as long as Six Flags doesn't get control of the park I suppose a potential Herschend deal is better than the park folding. http://www.screamscape.com/html/kentucky_kingdom.htm
  9. CP has a few “cabins” that are similar at Lighthouse Point. https://www.cedarpoint.com/stay/lighthouse-point
  10. I'm so excited about Camp Cedar. :) Can't wait to stay there next season!
  11. On Saturday Mystic Timbers ended up with a little bit of a wait during the day for FL and Diamondback had a line when it started getting dark. Little to no wait for everything else.
  12. My visit to the park on Saturday with PKI Jizzman was a great one. Typically I get to the park early, get in a few rides, have lunch then leave. It was nice to spend most of the day at the park for a change. Fast Lane was the best option since it turned out to be a busy day. I've noticed that FL+ sells out quick and has been sold out before the start of the morning on Saturday for the past month or so. I'd highly recommend purchasing fast lane in advance if you don't want to have to deal with the lines. This was also the first time I've ridden Orion at night. To be honest I had mixed feelings about Orion after my first ride during the summer but it has really grown on me especially after getting in multiple rides on Saturday. Overall it was a good day and a great way to start winding down my coaster season.
  13. Anyone visiting the park this weekend? Can anyone tell me what the crowds are like at SFFT this time of year? Thanks guys!
  14. After watching the pov, I'm really excited to ride GR again when I visit in October. It looks like GCI did a great job on the refurb.
  15. Intamin - Batman: The Escape (Astroworld) Togo: Ultra Twister (Astroworld) B&M - Wild Fire (SDC) Vekoma - Myan Mindbender (Astroworld) Arrow - Serpent (Astroworld) Schwarzkopf - Viper (Astroworld) Giovanola - Titan Premier Rides - Runaway Mountain (SFOT) Dinn - Texas Giant (SFOT) CCI - Ghostrider (KBF) Gravity Group - Boardwalk Bullet (Kemah Boardwalk) GCI - Thunderhead (Dollywood) Gerstlauer - Tony Hawk's Big Spin / Pandemonium (SFOT) RMC - Iron Rattler (SFFT) Zierer - Jaguar (KBF) Mack - Avalanche (KD)
  16. My first B&M was Wildfire at Silver Dollar City. Very fun coaster from what I remember.
  17. Magic Mountain and possibly Knott's next weekend. Looking forward to riding TC.
  18. Hey guys! I'll be visiting SFMM next month and I'm curious about how busy the parks are during September weekends? I visited in August last year and it was a lot busier than what I'm used to seeing when I normally visit in October. Thanks!
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