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  1. That is just outstanding, amazing, impressive recreation of an actual park on RCT3 that I have seen. I live not far from Six Flags Magic Mountain, and been there dozens of times over the last two decades, and you have just about everything down to accurancy. Good Job. I don't have all those custom scenery packs to even dream of finding time to make my own Six Flags, but yours is quite amazing. Keep up the great work. Tim
  2. I made X2 as well in one of the parks I have, but yours is more accurate than mine. You have the correct supports, and the layout looks better. I am still trying to figure out how to use different supports for my coasters. I guess it must be a custom pack of tracks I probably need to download from somewhere, any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Tim
  3. That is one awesome recreation of Six Flags Magic Mountain before X2 and Tatsu. Very impressive. As I was viewing all these other screenshots of various other parks he made, I was amazed at that overview shot of RCT3 written in pool elements. That must of taken this person a very long time, and he wrote it took him seven months to finish the SFMM park. I was gonna ask this question in another thread, but why I am here, I'll ask it here. How do you get that reflective water, and how do you get the waterfalls to work? Amazing stuff. Tim
  4. Yes thanks. It seems to work fine now. I now have some new elements on my RCT3. I built this arcade, and nobody wants to go inside of it. All the peeps ignore it. WHy do you think that is? Is there a chance someone can update the list of scenery packs like on the first page, but have direct links for download, so we don't have to scroll through pages and pages of posts looking for the download link. I have clicked several of those links, and I can't find a download link for the pack that I want quickly and fast. Thanks. Tim
  5. I downloaded a couple of the Scenery packs (.zipped), and nothing new is showing up during a game. Where exactly do you download and unzip these files? Do you go to the Atari + Roller Coaster Tycoon folders, and unzip it in with all the other folders, I have done that, and I don't see anything new added. I am playing in Sandbox. Do I have to play in Custom Scenario? Any help would be appreciated, because I have all these files all over the place, and I know they aren't placed right. Thanks, Tim
  6. Click F10 on your keyboard, and the shots will be saved directly into your RCT3 folder, however I am sure most of you knew that. Tim
  7. I am trying to download a couple scenery packs from those links, however they don't work, out of date, broken url, or a forbidden page pops on. I also clicked a few, and a page loads to a scenery pack thread, but I don't see anywhere in the posts to download any packs. Will there be a more updated list of scenery packs to download, where the links aren't broken, forbidden or out of date? When you do download these files, do you download them directly into the RCT3 folder or any of the categories listed (i.e. scenarios, structures)? I would like new elements added onto my Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 game, but nothing seems to work for download or active links. Thanks, Tim
  8. Yes, very impressive. It must of taken you awhile to make this park, well that goes for all the parks I have seen from everybody. I have seen alot of that black crystal water used alot for lakes, how is that done? Is that a custom like so many other things I have seen that the Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 I have doesn't have? Great Park, keep the updates coming. Tim
  9. I did read all the guidelines, however I didn't think the size I have is seriously that big. I will be sure to have them smaller in the future when I post an image. Isn't there an editing option? Tim
  10. I like your park and designs. That Renegade coaster looks very cool, alot of trees to hide your view from the track when you are riding on it. If I added that many trees to one of my parks, the park would be like all slow, and hard to manuever with everything else. I must have a slow processor. I don't have any of those fancy custom packs yet, but I would sure like to download a few. Later. Tim
  11. Behemoth Is this too big? I am not sure if these pics are too big or not, but I see other posters posting larger size pictures than mine, so I hope this size is okay. If not, please post a reply. I hope you enjoy the pictures. This is X3, a almost exact replica of X2 at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California. I wish the seats would turn as the people ride in it like the real thing. Logger Dodger. The peeps sure love this ride. Blue Streak is done, but Station is yet to be constructed as of this picture. The Station is complete for Blue Streak. It has become a favorite among the guests at this park. The park is coming along, more rides and thrills coming soon. In the next set of pictures is the wild and crazy coaster Condor, and the smoke and fire coaster Magnum Force. Condor Imagine standing in line for this ride, and the trains just flying through. There is actually three tracks in the station, the station track, a drop and corkscrew, and a sharp turn piece of track. The train flying high above the station. The train flying through the side of the station. Magnum Force Exterior of the Station. This is one crazy and wild ride, when you've got smoke and fire all around you as you twist the track as the trains go through all the turns. I hope everybody is enjoying these pictures of this park. I have gotten over 2,000 guests in this park when I opened it. It was crazy. The trains on Magnum Force ready to descend down the first drop, which drops into the station, and into the ground, and up over the station. I like this shot, flying straight into a cloud of smoke. Here is where the park's next ride and attractions will be built. The Macabre. The Macabre complete. It is a Multi-Dimensional coaster like X3 in this park, but crazier. Landscaping is done. I like the exit stairway I had built for this ride, up and over the station track. The guests exiting the ride. I added a new attraction, a parachute drop. I added a large water-rafting ride as well. The park guests seem to like this. I added this Smoking Area for the park guests who want to sit down and smoke. I personally don't smoke, but I thought this was a cool idea to fill up this small patch of land. The wide large pathway allows park guests to walk just about anywhere without getting in anybody's way. I have been adapting this idea in the new parks I have been building, and personally it was my idea for myself to do. The layout of the park. It isn't completed just yet, but I am sure I'll finish it soon. I hope everyone enjoyed the pictures, and please feel free to comment. Thanks. Tim
  12. Hi everyone, I am new here, and I would like to share with everyone some pictures from a park I have been working on with Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. I don't have any of those fancy custom packs I see in that Sticky thread, very cool stuff. I know only 15 per post, however I have 47 to share, so I won't post all of them unless everyone wants to see them all. This park has several coasters and water rides. *Behemoth *X3 *Blue Streak *Venom *Logger Dodger *Condor *Magnum Force *The Macabre Since this park, I have just been building alot of unique designs for parks, such as the current park I am working on. It's not as fancy as the parks I have seen you guys and gals have made, because I don't have a powerful processor to keep the park from freezing up, and making things slow as I am building, and while peeps are enjoying the park. It seems the more I build, the slower things get. Well, I'll be sure to post around on the forums. I actually live near a theme park, Six Flags Magic Mountain in California. Well, I hope you enjoy the pictures I have posted. Tim I am having a problem posting a picture using the src tag. I have them on photobucket. Why aren't they working?
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