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  1. I believe the concrete slabs used for this coaster will be covered over by dirt, some grass, and foilage and shrubbery, but probably that quick grow grass seed product may be used, or just plain fake artificial grass, but perhaps that may not look so good, no green whatsoever like shown in that video, because this is a dark, apocalyptic theme, and perhaps that video was indeed made before the theme was decided, or it was made to throw all us coaster enthusiasts off. However, they added no landscaping to 'Scream', so if they leave the concrete slabs bare, it may not look great, so they'll add I am sure some kind of landscaping on top of it, or yes around it. If they're landscaping, they may be doing that this week, like today. And yes I am eagered for more Sky Tower pictures, and pictures from the other side of Terminator. I still think that bridge is too small. Tim
  2. From this still from the animated video from the ride, you can see alot of green grass, trees, shrubbery all around, so as for giving it a dark tone to Terminator for the landscaping, it may not have too much of a dark apocalyptic look on the outside, perhaps a little, but most of it may actually be in the loading station. Tim
  3. Thanks for the pictures rawrtotheargh. I haven't posted here in awhile, but so far it's coming along, but alot of work is yet to be done, and not sure if they're going to make their May opening, because they still have the station to complete, all the mechanics, wiring, testing, and even the landscaping. It may not open until June, because weren't they suppose to open this sometime in May? I mean, it still has potential to open in May, but I am not sure. As for the entrance, not sure what the deal is with that black bar thing in the center, is it to separate Flashpass riders and normal riders? And that bridge looks smaller than I think it should be, because the expansion of the main entrance opening is wide, and than that bridge is small. They should of made the bridge the same width as the entrance opening. Well, until it is finished, we'll have to see. Later Tim
  4. The Terminator coaster is coming along fast. I am glad to see that they decided to have a large new entrance to the ride, like I had suggested months ago, and even sent the president of six flags my interpretation image and letter. However, I am sure they had all of it planned close to a year ago. I haven't been to Six Flags myself yet to take my own pictures of Terminator, but I'll go once the ride opens. As for the flashpass, I personally think it's a dumb idea. You spend enough money already for parking (if you so desire too), and pay for food, and souvenirs (if you so desire too), so why would you spend even more money to stand in a less crowded line for a ride at those prices, my god, that's crazy. How many people in this collapsed economy and recession has extra money to chow down on, for a pass, for one ride, for one day. Forget it. I would rather stand in a long line and deal with it, or not ride that ride that day. Sorry for my ranting, I know this is for the Terminator coaster discussion only. Once Terminator opens, I will just stand in the long line like everybody else and enjoy a tradition for new rides, and talk amongst friends, and meet new people in line. That's the fun right there. Tim
  5. Hey Robb, Thanks for the great pictures, and great to hear that small empty land where the shooting gallery was, will be the grand entrance, almost as I interpreted in the image below, except they kept the restrooms, and removed the shooting gallery. It's better than nothing, and should look awesome, when complete. You see, I wrote a letter and included the image below to the president of Six Flags (forget his name), and mailed it off. I am not saying it was my letter and picture that made them to decide to do this, because they may have already had this planned months before I even came up with the interpreted entrance image below. It looks like they're building this thing fast, since most of the pieces are already assembled, and all they have to do is put it together like a puzzle, lego set, erector set, ect... Keep those pictures coming, looks great so far! Tim (btw, this is another Tim from Canyon Country, and not the one who petted the terminator image in those pictures.)
  6. I've seen the pictures in this entire thread, thanks. I first thought when I got that cartoon map on the official SeaWorld website, that they were building it where the lake is, and removed all that water or something, but now that I have seen the guide map, I can see clearly the large land as seen in the photos posted. -Tim
  7. Yeah Thanks, this really shows the size of that piece of land, compared to my cartoon map. Anybody have old park maps to show the flamingo habitat. I am sure perhaps when Manta is complete, they may add some small ponds, and trails around the coaster to complete the landscaping, and bring it's beauty back. Should be interesting. Tim
  8. Thanks delirium_guy. It is sure a very odd location for the coaster, well I guess it is a large area, and you can't really tell much from a cartoonish map. I would be interested to see a picture from years ago of that exact location, of what it looked like before now. It would be interesting, because what exactly occupied that land, a bunch of pathways and shops? -Tim Is this the area where Manta is being built?
  9. This looks like a really cool coaster, and hopefully sometime I'll visit Sea World, Florida, since I have never been there. It looks like it's shaping up to be a really fun place to spend a weekend. I was looking over at the Sea World, Orlando park map, and I am trying to figure out where exactly they're building this coaster, Manta. I did see the small portion map posted on the previous page, but here is the actual map. Is it near that stadium in the map I am looking at, in the center where all those paths are? Click Here for the map I am looking at. First, I thought they were building it on that lake, and drained all that water, because in one construction photo, I saw that waterride in the background. I am not familiar with Sea World, Florida. I do hope that the park I live by, which is Six Flags Magic Mountain, can someday build a coaster like Manta, with actual themed coaster trains. They can always use the name 'Mantis', which is a name I gave one of my coasters using Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, or something else. Just by looking at all the concept art, this is truly a first of a kind coaster, well-themed, and an amazing layout. It's gonna look awesome when it's complete in the summer of next year. I am gonna keep my eye in this thread until next summer to see and read all the updates and posts. Later Tim
  10. The park should buy that property for future expansion. It shouldn't cost that much, it's a small batch of land, and it isn't being used by anybody but Six Flags to store their equipment on a lease. If they want the park to thrive and continue profit from guests, and be the best park in Southern California, they need to start using their yearly profit on buying land for a future investment, around the park. I do know Magic Mountain Parkway will be expanded in the future into those hillsides, (according to that sign that's posted), so perhaps the road will lead directly behind Terminator, and lead over to the 126 freeway, or for a new future neighborhood. Tim
  11. Actually, that dome building did get a brief paint job after Deja Vu was built and Pysclone. Take a look at this picture, you can see a difference. Tim You can see the roof has been painted, and that top part of the dome building, but this was years ago though.
  12. I believe Shockwave's station became the Psyclone transfer track. It might have been Sarajevo Bobsleds station too. Here is an old picture of when Shockwave was being built in that area. The station was directly aligned with the small bridge crossing the canal. Before they built this coaster, it looks as if they didn't even clean up the ground as like they've done for construction of the upcoming Termintor ride. The landscaping looks horrible, and if they were smart, they would of cleaned up all that land as far back as the hillside, and used that entire lot for more than one ride. They could of used it to expand the park with the new coaster Shockwave, new restrooms, giftshops, flat rides, and made it look really nice, but they went ahead and built Shockwave, front and center. Tim
  13. I updated my interpretation entrance to Terminator again. I know it won't look like this, but could this be forwarded to a representaive of Six Flags Magic Mountain, or do they visit TPR and it's forums often, and this may actually inspire them to go for it. Tim Those brown things you see in the pathway are benches. I added some trees and shurbs to it.
  14. Thanks RObb, I think it would make the park look better in that area, and that game structure in the center can be redesigned for Terminator merchandise, and a photo op area. They can always relocate the bathrooms elsewhere across the midway, and those facilities need a big upgrade, so I would just tear it out, and create a large pathway opening for Terminator as you see in the picture. In this updated picture, I copied and added some of the people, and texted where the queue line begins, but in the POV video, the queue line will actually be larger for the pathway next to the main circle, which will be used for the gated queue line for long lines, and guests will be waiting in this area before they reach the station. You can easily see it in the video. -Tim
  15. And here is my interpretation of just that, a design where the old restrooms are removed, and a bridge crossing the canal, so guests can easily get to the pathway that leads to the queue line, which will be on the far right side, leading to the center of the coaster where the station is, otherwise you'll be starting over by Deja Vu. A large opening such as this, will draw guests to the ride, and it won't be tucked in a corner by Deja Vu. They need a different look other than what they had for Pysclone. Come On Six Flags, this design is what you should use. What does everybody think of this? Tim This is my Interpretation of the design they should use for the main entrance to Terminator.
  16. Here is a quick picture of two combined together from the POV to give you a glimpse of what the backend of the coaster and land will look like. This is gonna be that far end on the right of the photo where the pathway is, so you can see it will strength out from where the original Pysclone coaster was. This isn't anywhere near the lift or station, however you do see it briefly in this screenshot. I was trying to piece together the whole coaster from the POV, but it was moving upwards, and couldn't get a perfect fit. This is the best I can do from that video. -Tim
  17. I watched the POV video, and when it begins, there is a large pathway to the back of the ride, and more land will be needed for that and the track design, from what we've seen so far in those pictures. This coaster will take up more land than Pysclone, and looks great landscaped with grass. That pathway may lead you to the queue line, or for future expansion for the rest of that land we see. They have room to put in place some flat rides perhaps next to Terminator, and fill up that entire piece of land, or add some restrooms, small food snack shops. It looks great in the POV video, but I wonder exactly what it may look like in person. The one thing I don't like with this wooden coaster is the color scheme, the average brown wood. They need to paint that wood to fit in with the theme of Terminator. They should paint the wood a metallic silver, throw in some gray, black, and a touch of red. Add some smoke, besides fire, since that could burn the wood. I hope they have some cool animated characters as you walk into the queue line, a metallic melting lavafall, and all kinds of themed elements from the new movie. The queue line would be boring if they don't incorporate those types of theming elements into the ride, otherwise it may not be all that exciting. I haven't been to Six Flags since Tatsu was built, and I haven't been on X2 yet. I would like to go and get some pictures of construction, but the real construction may not happen until end of November or early December. They need to build it, so 10 years from now, they don't tear it out, and build another coaster. It seems to me, everytime they build something in that corner, they always tear it out, and never expand the park. Saravejo Bobsleds, Shockwave, Pysclone, and now Terminator. I hope it's a keeper for good, and build around it for future expansion. The park has the land, hopefully they are smart and use it to their advantage. Later -Tim Photo Credit Unknown. Somebody here on TPR fourms. The land where Pysclone used to be would be too small for Terminator, so I am sure it will expand over that dirt road you see in the photo. Top Left, that is where they should build some flat rides or snack shops or bathrooms. Expand that whole area, fill it up!
  18. I uploaded my POV music video of "Devastator" to YouTube, and it took awhile, however the quality is horrible compared to what I have playing it through Windows media Player and Windows Movie Maker on my computer. You can't really appreciate the quality of the graphics that I used. The video starts off with some video graphics like old 30's stock footage on film, so don't think the entire video looks like this, but still the quality being played on my computer through YouTube isn't what it should actually look like, unless it plays differently on different computers. The upload to YouTube basically crunched it so much, it lost the clear crystal quality. Just to view it. If you click on "watch in high quality" and full screen, the quality is much better. I had been watching it in normal quality, and that is why it looked horrible. For those who have watched it, what do you think? Tim
  19. I know I haven't had an update lately with my park, but I just haven't had that much time to really focus on building anything since my last update. I have made a POV video of my ride "Davastator", and using Windows Movie Maker, I added alot of cool elements to it, music, animated text, video graphics, and it seems like it will only play using Windows Movie Maker. I tried to figure a way to convert the file to a .mov file, but all I can do is zip it up into a .rar file. Anybody know how I can convert the .rar file to a .mov file, so I can upload it to the site, or upload to a website for download, and what website would you suggest I upload it too? I'll try to get a new update up soon. I just have so many other things on my mind to do. Alright, later. Tim
  20. Your park is looking great, and your Leyenda coaster looks sweet. I noticed on your Leyenda coaster (1st photo), there's cs supports literally going right through the track, where the trains would be riding on. You might wanna fix that. I do see a piece of track like a loop in the far background of this photo, is this the clue to a mystery coaster you are building? Keep up the great work. Later Mountainview Hills
  21. Your park is starting to take shape, and I like the Timber Terror sign and station, great construction. What is it that you have inside the ground on that pathway near Timber Terror, looks like supports inside the ground, what is all that about? Keep up the great work, it makes me want to visit. Tim
  22. It's the start of phase 3 construction, and the park has a new coaster, and some animal habitats. I hope everyone enjoys the pictures. As you enter the park, and make a left, you'll immediately see a new area has been complete. Another shot of a glimpse of the new area of the park, including the park's fourth coaster, The Safari Spin. The entrance to a new flat ride, Top Star. Sky Swat. A small glimpse of most of the new area of the park, that has been completed. Dinosaur - Go Around, was added to please the younger guests. An overhead shot of Dinosaur -Go Around. The station for the park's fourth coaster, The Safari Spin. Inside The Safari Spin station. The Safari Spin station and next to it on the opposite side is the food court, giftshop, and restrooms. Another view of the station for The Safari Spin and foodcourt. Down this tight corridor alley is the entrance to The Safari Spin, and two viewing gallery stations for Tigers and Panthers, who both have their own enclosure habitats. The viewing gallery station for Panther. A Panther walks toward some food to eat. that his animal keeper left. The habitat for the Panthers. The habitat was recently expanded to allow the Panthers to have more freedom to run around and play. (not shown here). The viewing gallery station for Tigers. A tiger roams the grounds of it's habitat, looking for a place to rest. The same Tiger at a closer range. An overhead shot of the enclosed habitat for the Tigers. The viewing gallery station and enclosed habitat for a couple horses. An animal keeper grabs another tool from the shed, while two of her horses wait for her. The same two horses continue to wait to be fed, a refill of their trough. An overhead shot of the horse habitat. The habitat was recently expanded to allow the horses to have more freedom to run around and play. (not shown here.) The track layout of The Safari Spin. An overhead shot of The Safari Spin. Another quick view of The Safari Spin station and food court, giftshop and restroom facility. A view from high above of the newly completed themed area of the park. A wider shot of the amazing view of the newly constructed and themed area of the park. 800x600 of this shot. The next portion of phase 3 begins next week, and park opens in two weeks. See-ya soon.
  23. Here's some quick shots of the main pathway all landscaped on both sides, and some test purpose shots of the working streets lamps at night with guests. A great shot of the main pathway hill leading to the top all landscaped on both sides, with trash bins, benches, street lamps, trees and bushes. A shot of the guests walking up the steep pathway hill. Testing purposes. It may be a little dark, but this shot shows what the pathway looks like at night. Testing purposes. A night shot up above on the hilltop. Testing purposes. Guests walking on the night lit pathway. Testing purposes. The new sign with the correct spelling for Devastator was put in place. The next update will be sometime next week perhaps with the new additions that the park is currently building. Later
  24. Reflective water isn't listed with the lod options, and I didn't know about all these options before until I clicked it, which I set all to maximum to check out the park, however the park lags a little, it's slow, and when I open the park, it's really slow. I do need a higher end graphics card, more RAM, but I am out of a job, and no money, so I can only use what I have. I have it on custom, 800 x 600 16bit, but I can probably put it to 32 bit, but it might lag. When I placed it on performance, the park crashed, and computer froze up. I can put it on Balanced Quality, but anything higher, and the whole computer and game will crash. I received my Wild! Expansion pack today, and it's alot of fun. For fun, I opened the park with alot of people, and released some animals to roam the pathway, and everybody started running like crazy, it was funny. I am adding some Wild! elements to the park, and just completed a coaster, but now I have to add the custom supports, landscape it. Later Tim
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