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  1. How do you turn that reflective water on? I have been trying to figure this out since I saw reflective water in all the other parks that I have seen. I only see an option for 3D trees on the option list, nothing about reflective water. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks. Tim
  2. It is that time again for a new update. There hasn't been too much construction going on, however a couple supports on Devastator were fixed, and a new sign with the correct spelling of the ride was ordered, and be in place before the park opens. A new coaster was built on the land next to Blue Steel, a wooden coaster called The Blizzard, and landscaping was recently completed. A higher set-graphic image of the undeveloped land that will soon become something fun and exciting for park guests Just another angle from the opposite side of the undeveloped land. A Taco Bell has replaced McDonalds, which park officials and the president of ownership, didn't think was a great financial choice for the park. A close-up of the wheel brakes on Devastator, as the trains roll into the final track segment of the ride. Devastator's station with the recently installed handrails and mesh floor pathway. The Blizzard, the park's first wooden roller coaster sits on the land next to the suspended coaster, Blue Steel. Blizzard trains testing, as it makes one of many sharp fast pace turns. A segment of Blizzard's track, and one of the drops. A closer look at Blizzard's track layout. A great view from the park's entrance, and how you can see The Blizzard dominates the landscape, as you walk into the park. How would you want to walk up that steep graded hill, where Devastator is located? You can't even see anything from this low on the ground, but what a view it is though. The Blizzard's trains testing, heading back to the station. The Blizzard's track layout from high above, well most of it. The tail-end segment of Blizzard, which ends your ride, and heads back to the station. High above The Blizzard's station and exit. Blue Steel, and Blizzard. A Skyview shot of the park so far, well most of it. A Skyview shot of the land where Devastator is located. An angled view of the landscaping and track layout of Devastator, which is hidden behind alot of trees. A Skyview shot of Blizzard. The next stage in construction which was ordered, will be more bathrooms, building structures, and a couple flat rides, so until the next update, enjoy, bye.
  3. I will have a new update later tonight, and I snapped the pictures in Balanced Quality with 3D trees. I took some pictures in high performance, but they didn't come out at all. I hope everyone likes what they see in the new update. Thanks for all your great comments. Later
  4. Thanks everybody for your nice comments. I know I have a long way to go, and I am trying with what I have on hand to make this park a little better than my last two. I can tell you it will be smaller than my previous two, but all the other parks I have seen recently, just wow. You guys come up with some genius ideas for rides and attractions, and I am sure it's tedious work. To please my fellow coaster builder friends, I will remove McDonalds, and add another well-known fast food restaurant, and I hope it's approved. I do eat there sometimes for a late night craving, and I onced worked there, my first job almost 21 years ago when I was 18. Anyways, the park is coming along slowly, and once I get my Wild! Expansion pack, I'll perhaps speed things along. I am currently working on a new wooden coaster for the park. Later
  5. That wooden coaster Timber Terror and the station makes the wooden coaster I just built for my park look like a carnival ride. Your wooden coaster might be a short ride, but I like the detail you put into it with the track layout and station, and the extra wood in certain places around the coaster. Very nice. I'll perhaps have to reengineer my wooden coaster in my new park, but I doubt I'll top yours, and your park. The park design and the maps you make are stunning. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to more updates, and please check out my park progress once inawhile. Later
  6. I am currently working on my next theme park, and I am slowly adding things, so here's just a preview of some pictures of the park so far. Only two coasters, some familiar fast food chains, restrooms, and some landscaping. As for the name of the park, I just quickly came up with it, I know it isn't all that great for a theme park name, but oh well. The first set of pictures were actually posted in this thread, for those who haven't seen them. I doubt it's a good idea to repost them in this new thread. As you make a left on top of the hill, you'll find a large bathroom facility next to a structure that will soon occupy two fast food restaurants. As you make a right on top of the hill, you'll be heading toward the entrance to the park's second coaster, and a McDonalds. A second fast food restaurant will soon occupy the second half of the space. A Jack in the Box will occupy one side of the structure. A Starbucks will open next to McDonalds. A Subway will open next to Jack in the Box when the park officially opens. The park's second coaster Devasator, and the large logo hangs above the entrance. Devastor's loop. A shot from the ground of some of Devastor's track. Another shot of Devastor's track and landscaping. Undeveloped land on the park property, which during the next couple of season's may be used for a future attraction. Another shot of the undeveloped land on the park's property. A shot of the pathway hill that will lead guests to the top of the hill, where Devastor is located, and restrooms and refreshments. What does everybody think so far? I know I have a long way to go before I am done, and top other park's I have seen. There will be more info, and pictures of the park's rides in the updates ahead. Until the next update, later
  7. Well Thanks Kraken613, I appreciate that. I know I am not the best here, and all you other builders are younger than me, however you have been building parks longer than me, and most of you have all or most of the custom scenery packs. I can only do what I currently have, it's fun to play and build, but I will say that I am not fanatic, but that could change. The reason I am playing and building at the moment, is that I am out of work, and I am bored while I look for a new job. It's fun to pass the time. As for a new computer, I doubt that will happen. I may just need more RAM and a new graphics card. I enjoy visiting this website, the forums, and looking at all the cool, awesome, creative parks and coasters that all you veteran builders have built. All you guys and gals (if there are any) have built some great parks. I am trying my best to create something fresh, different, and imaginative with a theme park that looks realistic. The park I am currently working on, I am gonna take it slow, and play and build when I have time, and await for my Wild! Expansion pack to arrive, so I can use something from that in my new park, and I'll download as many scenery packs as I can once inawhile. You guys keep up the great work, and that goes for all you RCT2 builders as well. The theme park of the future is within us all, let's make it happen. Tim
  8. I just ordered it, brand new at the low price of $7.67, and will ship in a couple of days. I'll need this for my next park. This is a great deal I think. They are selling new and used, so please check carefully what your description says. Link at Amazon And for those who might want the Wild! patch #1, which I'll need once I get my game. What's New in This Release: This patch fixes the slight drop in framerate at night when constructing extended coasters. Later Tim
  9. Great park dude! If there wasn't any cs done, how did you add the ostriches and parking lot by the entrance to the park, and having scenery on both sides? You must have elements from Wild!, because I don't have any elements from that, only Soaked!. It's cool how you designed it like a small farm, with animals and houses, and having the amusement park incorporated in with the scenery, it's looking good, because most parks like Knotts Berry Farm started out this way, so keep up the expanding progress, and I can't wait to see more. Later Tim
  10. I removed the waterfall, and added the overhead supports in the station, because as you probably noticed, there wasn't any supports. Well, I am gonna take my time with the new park, and not rush anything, so I'll post what I can. I am actually looking for a new job at the moment, since I quit my previous job after 7 years with the company. I probably won't be spending that much time playing RCT3, but I'll do what I can. Tim
  11. Yeah, I tried that with the rocks and it works, but if you were to eliminate all supports using rocks, you'll have a large landscape of them. Anyways, I finally made a full coaster using the custom supports to best of my ability, landscaped it, and I have some pictures to show everybody. I removed that ugly purple one, and created a all-new suspended coaster design for this project, so I hope you enjoy these pictures. It took me hours to build, add supports, add landscaping, and the ride actually runs okay throughout the track without trying to hit the supports. It's a short ride. I turned on the 3D graphics and trees, to get some realism when taking the screenshots. I call it Blue Steel, and it is in a new park project I am working on. Going up the lift. I added the guard rails and steps on the lift, which was in that custom pack I downloaded. It makes the coaster really cool. Reaching the top of the lifthill, and about to down the first drop. Descending down a drop, and a quick view of landscaping by a waterfall. About to fly over the queue line for the ride. Back to the station. The waterfall which I plan on fixing up a little. And an overview of Blue Steel and it's location in the new park I am working on. I understand any future pictures I'll have to start a new thread. I just want to thank everybody for giving me info and links for programs to download to eliminate the supports, besides using the support killer by JCat. Thanks, Tim
  12. Yes Thanks, I had actually downloaded it earlier after I searched for it online, and the support killer is much better, invisible, so it works great. However it is a tedious task removing all the default supports, and adding custom supports, and deciding which ones go where. I know it makes coasters more realistic, but my god it's a pain to do. And some of them from afar can't reach the track when you have inversions and sharp turns in a curved angle, especially the suspended roller coaster I was working on. (screenshots below). I am sure you can direct me to another pack of custom coaster supports that someone designed besides the Jcat's Steelworks I have that has more options for pieces. The trains on my coaster almost hit the supports and supports are coming through the track, and it doesn't give me enough leeway to make them perfect, or is that impossible to do? I am just placing a bunch of my saved coasters in a park for fun, and using different elements and things. It is almost a testing park facility, nothing serious. The coaster I added the supports too, is my suspended flying coaster Flying Mantis, and I may have added too many supports, and in some places, I don't have a support piece to actually place one, like the overbank turns real high, how do you add a support to that for a suspended coaster? I also added those handrails in the station, but I think I have them wrong. I think I was suppose to make them one step deeper. Later Thanks Again, Tim
  13. Yes, they'll go away when I turn off the shadow option, however I don't want a park looking plain without shadows and a realistic feel, so when I turn the shadow option back on, they reappear. I don't know what to do. Tim
  14. I am in Sandbox mode, Shadow Option on. SHould I be in the Scenario Editor while designing my park and using the custom supports? Can someone post some screenshot examples of the correct way to adding supports, so I can get an idea of what I am doing wrong? It's tedious just trying to place them, and use the correct ones for the coaster. Thanks. Tim
  15. First, I downloaded that Steelworks custom support pack, and I am trying my best to add custom supports, which looks like a tedious task, just for one coaster, but my question is.. When using the support killer, it leaves black squares on the ground where the default supports were, and I don't want them there. I would like the new supports to blend in with the ground without a bunch of black square shadows on the ground, looks really stupid. Here is a screenshot I took attempting a test. I have seen other RCT3 parks with custom supports without any black squares on the ground and landscape, so how do you eradicate them? I even turned off the shadow option, saved the park, loaded it back up, turned on the shadow option, and they're still there. I think a simple invisible support killer should be made, so when trying to get rid of the supports, there is never any black squares on the ground, unless I am doing something wrong, please help. Thanks. Tim
  16. I am back with another and final update with more pictures from my park, Oasis Theme Adventures. I hope everybody has been enjoying these pictures, and my park design. Well, let's get started... The park's second water attraction, Waterworks has been completed, but landscaping is next to be done. A third waterfall has just been constructed, which will be used as a scenery backdrop for the park's next thrill ride attraction. A distance shot of Waterworks, the park's second water ride attraction. The trains for Waterworks is now testing. The station for Waterworks. A quick overview of the park in it's current state of progress. The park's new attraction, Miners Mayhem, a wild crazy train coaster, which will zip riders around a waterfall and above, and through small canyons, tunnels and hills. A shot of the track in front and around Miners Mayhem. An overview shot of the track layout for Miners Mayhem. Miners Mayhem fully landscaped. It looks like fun to me. All Aboard! Miners Mayhem train roaming through the hills. One more shot of the train moving along the track, and getting a great view of the park. A new roller coaster was just completed, but wasn't painted as of yet. It's a stand-up coaster named Red Tails. The new roller coaster Red Tails, built next to Miners Mayhem and Vendetta, was recently painted a red and white scheme. The track layout for Red Tails. The lifthill might look a little tall, but it's actually the correct height to propel the train throughout the ride. A distance shot of both red Tails and Miners Mayhem, landscaped and ready for park guests to ride. A map of the park. An overview of the park from the sky. A second overview shot of the park from the sky. Crazy Mouse, located directly across from Garden Snake before you reach Transition Hill's pathway that leads to the top. The pathway that leads park guests to and from Waterfall Mountain area. I think I see the park inspector walking up the pathway. Garden Snake and Junior Slammer track layout. A great shot of most of the track for Junior Slammer. A view of most of the track layout for Garden Snake. Garden Snake. A great shot of Western West Spiral, a very popular ride with guests, they love it. A new family ride was recently added to the park, it's small little monster trucks that kid's can pretend to drive around a very long, twisty track layout. The park calls it Road Rage. Road Rage is located next to Ghostrider and Pirate Rocker. An overhead shot of Road Rage, where the exit to Ghostrider used to be, but was taken out and shortened. Mine Dropout and Gyrator in the background. Parachute Dropout and several other rides dominate this area of the park, which is located across from both Garden Snake and Ghostrider. That's it. I know that is alot of pictures, but I need to get the rest of my park seen, which is now completed for the time being. An expansion of the park might be planned on the Ghostrider lot, and the big hole raised to accommodate more fun and exciting thrill rides for everybody. I am currently working on a new park project, and so far it's looking good, so I hope when I am done, I'll be able to share this park with everybody. If you have any comments, or suggestions, please let me know. I am trying so far to incorporate the suggestions into my new park that you have given me so far. It's a challenge for me with such limited custom packs for the game, and limited time in my life, so I do what I can. Later everybody, Tim
  17. That is a interesting design for a water ride, and it looks fun. I would like to see Six Flags Magic Mountain here in California take Tidal Wave out, and replace it with a ride similar to this one. I live in Canyon Country, so I am not far from SFMM. Now we need that design for RCT3. LOL. Tim
  18. Thanks. Well, the screenshots that I have were taken a couple days ago before I started this post, so next time I'll change my settings, but how do you do that exactly, in the custom scenario section? I tried to load up a sandbox park in the custom scenario, but it wouldn't allow me to do that, so is there another way to change my settings in sandbox mode? Does anybody know how to use the elevator in this game? How do you attach it to the pathways so peeps can get on the thing? I can't even get the green light to come on, only the yellow light for testing purposes, so how can you use this in the game, anybody know how? I was hoping to use the elevator in my park, but I can never get the thing to work right. I even tried using it with the swimming pool tools, but nothing came up, not even the tutorial. Let me know if anybody can shed some light on how to use this thing. Thanks. I am here for my update #2, and showcase some pictures from my park, Oasis Theme Adventures. You'll see some early shots before I could get any of the landscaping done, and I'll be sure to note that in my captions. The Cobra roller coaster and the large and landscaped waterfall dominates this side of the park. A new pathway was constructed that leads to the second half of the park. It isn't that long of a walk. Here you can see more Cobra track and the waterfall. The entrance and exit to Cobra, which is situated on top of the manmade waterfall mountain. Before you walk up the stairs to the station for Cobra, enjoy some food and refreshments, and perhaps you need to use the restroom, or you can always do these things after you get off Cobra. Here is an overview of Waterfall Mountain and the vast empty land that will soon be filled with a couple new attractions. There is more landscaping planned for Cobra and Waterfall Mountain. Landscaping complete, with some cool animatronic show pieces in the water, a pirate ship, and a strange looking fish eel. The beauty and landscaping scenery of Cobra and the waterfall will invite guests to a lush and beautiful area of Oasis Theme Adventures. The Cobra trains are testing, as in this shot flys straight in front of the waterfall. You might get a little wet from mist as you zoom by. Cobra trains testing. Construction has been completed on another new addition to Oasis Theme Adventures, Pandemonium Jr. A suspended roller coaster which will fly you through a lush land of trees and hills. Pandemonium Jr. track layout for most of the ride. There is much to be done with the landscaping, which is planned later in the week. The entrance to Pandemonium Jr. which is directly across from some food and refreshment stalls, and stairs leading you up to the entrance to Cobra. Guests walking up and down the pathway that leads to both Cobra and Pandemonium Jr. The waterfall rest and viewing area /w a couple of water blasters for the kids to enjoy. Down from the waterfall viewing area are a couple new ride attractions, The U.F.O Bumpers, and Odyssey Ride. A distance shot from the guests point of view as they walk into the new area of the park. They'll notice how huge waterfall mountain is that dominates this area of the park. Directly across the bridge you cross to get to Pandemonium Jr. and Cobra is a new Food, Drinks, Gifts and Restroom building. What is this? A new manmade waterfall hill has been constructed to accomodate a new themed attraction, Log Flume. Here is a shot of the new Food, Drinks and Giftshop building before you walk over the small bridge to the other side. An overview of the new attraction ride Log Flume, built around the newly constructed waterfall. Landscaping is next for this area. Log Flume testing with landscaping complete. One of many drops on Log Flume. Log Flume testing as it descends down one of many drops, and in this drop it dives next to the waterfall. Here is an overhead shot of Log Flume trains about to plunge down the waterfall drop. Before you reach Transition Hill, new ride attractions were added, such as Gyrator, Lasso, Riptide and Pirate Rocker. A overview map of the park so far in it's current state, however the park is fully completed. I will have a third and final update perhaps tomorrow. There are alot of things I still haven't shown from the other side of the park yet, and the new attractions to be shown from the Waterfall Mountain side. I would like to hear anybody's comments or criticism (if there will be any). Well, anyways, I'll be back possibly tomorrow for the next update. Bye Tim
  19. Hello, how is everybody? Well, I just completed my new park, Oasis Theme Adventures. I personally think it's better than my last park, only because it's smaller in scale, and the landscaping throughout the park is more green. I added three waterfalls, and some great hills, valleys, and it just looks more like a fun park to be in rather than the dreaded desert-type park I previously showcased. The only things I didn't incorporate in this park is path lights, large restaurants, amphitheaters, ride stations with a building structure, nor did I add any custom coaster supports for any of the rides. I know adding them gives a coaster a great look and a real realistic look, but it takes too long to add them, and remove the default supports. I did add a couple to a few rides here and there, only testing it out. This park has 10 coasters, 2 water rides, and 18 standard rides and attractions, far less than my previous park. To make the park smaller, I added some hills and valleys around the edge of the park, and that actually came in handy when using it to my advantage when I needed some hills for a couple coasters. As of right now, you won't see any monorails, trams, chairlifts, or any other transportation, so guests will just have to walk. In this park, guests have to literally walk up Transition Hill to reach the other side of the park, where more rides and attractions are. I haven't made any shortcuts, perhaps in the future of this park, changes will be made to satisfy guests, but for now, walking or running will have to do. There are several building structures for giftshops, restrooms throughout the park, so nobody will go hungry or have to wait long to use a restroom, however as I closed my park, one guest was walking out holding his hands over his crotch. That is one thing I hadn't seen before in this game, it was funny. Oasis Theme Adventures Roller Coasters... Cobra Garden Snake Ghostrider Junior Slammer Nitro Machine Pandemonium Jr. Vendetta Wooden West Spiral Miners Mayhem Red Tails The reason why I have a coaster called Pandemonium Jr. is because in a previous park, I had designed a suspended coaster that was like 10 minutes long, and a 10 minute walk to the lifthill, walking up stairs after stairs to reach the peak, and peeps actually rode it like crazy. I was surprised. I was thinking I would get a "looks too intense for me" thought, but they actually rode this crazy twisting track coaster. If interested, I can possibly post a couple images of it. Anyways, back to Oasis Theme Adventures... The two water rides are Log Flume, and Water Works, which is the water coaster. The standard rides and attractions are... Crazy Mouse Discus Spinner Floundering Ferry Gyrator Hershey's Kissing Tower Lasso Merry Go Around Mine Dropout Odyssey Ride Parachute Dropzone Pirate Rocker Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Rip Tide Spin Doctor The U.F.O Bumpers Top Gun Twister Western Wheel In the following pictures for post one, do note that some rides and attractions were incomplete when the pictures were taken, such as landscaping and added scenery items. The first picture is of the map in it's early stage of construction, and the empty land you see will soon be fully filled in with alot of new stuff for the park. Well, I hope you enjoy these images, and a second update will soon follow. -Tim The map of the land of Oasis Theme Adventures, and what the park offers at time of photo. The entrance to the park. The main food court and giftshop. On the left is Wooden West Spiral. Western West Spiral on the left while we view the main pathway to the first half of the park. The pathway leads to Transition Hill, which three coasters await you, a second food court and restrooms. Another angle from the pathway leading up to Transition Hill. Western West Spiral coaster. The first ride everybody gets on. You can see here the line is beginning to form. Ghostrider, the Multi-dimensional coaster. It might look a little intimidating and a little plain looking, but this ride is quite popular with guests, and it isn't all that long of a ride. There was some elements added to the scenery though (not shown). Ghostrider. Ghostrider. It's actually a fun and quick ride. I didn't want to design something a little crazy, so this layout and design works for my guests. Vendetta. It might look all compact and twisty, but this ride to the guests have given it a thumbs up as a favorite. Vendetta lifthill, station on the right, and the pathway leading to Transition Hill where the entrance is located for this ride. A distance shot for Vendetta. There was more landscaping done since this picture, and Nitro Machine was built on the left, and Red Tails built on the right. The Transition Hill Foodcourt. You'll find food, gifts of all things in here. The Transition Pathway. It will lead you to various coasters and places up on this hill, and soon an addition will be added that will lead you to the second half of the park. The Transition pathway from above. You can see one pathway leads you to Nitro Machine, while the other end leads you to Vendetta, and some restrooms, and food and drink stalls. Here is another shot, where you can clearly see Nitro Machine on the right, while Vendetta is on the left. In this shot, you can see the pathway leading to the entrance to Vendetta, and a couple restrooms and food and gift stalls. A close-up of the restrooms and food and gift stalls, using the custom element. The entrance and exit for Vendetta. Animatronic Pirate Ship in the lakes around the track layout for Vendetta. A large animatronic crab next to both the tracks for Vendetta and Nitro Machine. Okay, now for a preview to what's to come in update #2 for Phase 2 of Oasis Theme Adventures. I am really happy how this side of the park turned out. Once you see the final result, you'll be amazed. Phase 2 begins on a waterfall hill, which will soon become an awesome scenery and main focus of the park, which will be used to create an awesome roller coaster, called Cobra. It might look all plain in this photo, but the second picture will give you an idea what the result will look like... The completion of the roller coaster Cobra and the scenery and landscaping is almost done. Pandemonium Jr. will be built on the right, with a cool building structure for gifts, food, and restrooms. I'll have those pictures in update #2, but none of these pictures so far, can show you the beauty of the park. There are hundreds of shots that shows you the true beauty of the park and layout. It's probably one of my favorite parks I have built so far. The other parks to me have just been testing grounds, and I am sure my next park will be even better. Please comment if you'd like, and expect update #2 tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed these pictures, and I can't wait to reveal more to you. Bye everybody, have a great weekend. Tim
  20. I am back with a new update on my Frontier park. I have been working on a brand new park, smaller in size, and I have a preview below. Let's get started.. A rider is excited to be on Riversplash Falls, but what she doesn't realize is she'll be soaked and drenched before the ride ends. Another drop and angle from Riversplash Falls. Hey, where did that girl go? The park's new theme area for kid's is under construction, called Kid's Frontier. Kid's Frontier is almost complete for Grand Opening. The new theme area will include 3 roller coasters, Railroad Escape, Catalyst Trap and Flying Mantis. It also will have some standard ride attractions such as Parachute Drop and Phoenix Twister. Main Entrance to Kid's Frontier. It is located next to the main restroom facility. Grand Opening for Kid's Frontier. Guests begin to enter the new theme area with excitement. The arcade near the Chairlift, Riversplash Falls and Red and Blue Thunder has been remodeled. It now includes restrooms and a small food court inside. An overview of the park. On the bottom left, construction has begun on a new attraction. Construction has been completed on the park's new roller coaster, Wild Mine Train. The landscaping and restrooms & giftshop is still being worked on, but most of the theme area is completed. Landscaping and the restrooms/giftshop is now completed. An overview angle of the park's new coaster, Wild Mine Train. A coaster Enthusiast decides to hide on the park property and campout, start a fire the night before the new coaster, Wild Mine Train opens. Note: Never start a fire near a wooden roller coaster. What was this guy thinking? Wild Mine Train's station and first lift. Lifthill for Wild Mine Train. The first drop, a sharp right bank turn, and a second drop before you really begin to enjoy Wild Mine Train. Back to the station after a final plunge down, and up again. An overview of the park's east and west side's backend. An overview of the park's east and west side's frontend where the main entrance is located. A view of the new coaster, Wild Mine Train, landscaping and scenery and the giftshop. A view of Hershey's Kissing Tower, Chairlift and Monorail Tram area. A small preview of a new park I am currently working on. I am trying to do a smaller park with hills and mountains around the park, and slowly make it more realistic. Construction Site for a new roller coaster at Oasis Theme Adventures. In a nearby lake, an animatronic pirate ship and octopus give the area a theme and realism for park guests. Another view of the animatronic pirate ship and octopus attacking the ship. Aboard one of the newest coasters at Oasis Theme Adventures, in the background you can see one of three large construction cranes working on a new attraction before the park opens. What do you think? I downloaded and installed Steelworks, and I have a question. When using the support killer, is there a way to eliminate the black square it leaves behind on the terrain, because I have seen other member's parks who use custom supports, and they have them blend right in with the terrain, and no visible black squares. So, how do you eliminate classic supports with custom supports and have it look normal? I actually find it tedious to remove all the classic supports on these coasters, and replace them with custom supports one at a time, so is there a way while building your coaster, you can automatically include the supports of your choice, and while building the coaster, it adds the correct ones for you, so you don't have to replace one at a time. If there is an easier way, please let me know. Thanks. I also downloaded this scenery pack of custom pathways, and when I place them on the terrain, it doesn't look realistic as the standard pathways the game comes with, and the peeps won't even walk on them. They all bunch in a pile at the front of the park by the main gate, and can't seem to get on the pathway. I doubt I'll use them, because they don't look right. I am sure there is a better scenery pack of custom pathways than the one I downloaded. Let me know if there is? Thanks. Tim
  21. Yes, I may have to upgrade my computer with more RAM, because I agree that 512M of Ram is nothing these days. I think the next park I build is smaller in size and a little more realistic. Tim
  22. Yes Thanks for the positive feedback. I do agree that my park is a little less realistic in the coasters than real coasters or the ones I have seen in other users parks and rides, but I usually want something different than the real thing, and see if anybody would go on them. The only ride that nobody has gone on yet is Speed Quake, and only a handful will get on Wild Mouse and Timber Falls. I thought the peeps would get on just about anything on RCT3, rather than on RCT 1 & 2, you had to make your rides more realistic, otherwise they'll say the phrase ".....looks to intense for me". They still say that on RCT3, but less often I have noticed. The thing is now that my park is almost completed, when I turn on all rides, all restrooms, all food & drink stalls, and open the park, everything is so slow, and my game pauses, freezes up, and it's hard to maneuver around. I am not sure if this is due to the scenery packs I downloaded and installed, including Steelworx, but it's slow. I have a good computer, a Dell Dimension 3000 with Intel Pentium 4 with 512M of Ram, Windows XP. Does this happen to everybody when you build alot in a park, or is it just the processor I have, which needs to be upgraded? Well, I'll probably do one more update tomorow, including the park's newest ride, Wild Mine Train. It's very cool, alot of great landscaping including a very cool Western type Gift Shop, and Food & Drinks stall. Bye Tim
  23. Yes, the snowman coaster might be torn out next year to make way for a new exciting ride. There are some new pictures I snapped during my last visit. Hershey's Kissing Tower. I jumped the barrier gate and fence to get this image. It looks like a couple new attractions will be built here soon. Nemesis coaster and station. What a fun exciting ride. I would go on it again. Splinter's Curse station. It seems to be a very popular ride among the park guests. A track layout of most of Splinter's Curse. The stations for Red and Blue Thunder. Here is a shot from the sky I took while flying overhead of the empty lot, which soon will become something exciting to park guests. A quick shot of Motor Racer 3000. The Steeple Chaser queue line. It seems park guests loved this ride. The Steeple Chaser - This guy is about to fall off. I think he should of been holding onto the handlebars. Chairlift. A great ride to relax and enjoy the beauty of the park while it takes you to Station two. Here is another shot of one of the stations for Chairlift. Chairlift - I thought I would snap another picture of the station for Chairlift. The Monorail Tram pulls into one of four stations throughout the park, and this particular one pulls directly in the center of the pathway. It's quite unique. You can see here as the Tram pulls into the station. Black Panther. A fast & furious thrill ride like no other. Alot of fun. Black Panther - More track layout. Black Panther - The fast sharp bank turn that makes you feel as if the train is about to fly right off the track. Construction has been complete on a new coaster on a big hill / mound that was built. I don't see any landscaping yet. Landscaping has been complete. The coaster is called Speed Quake. It looks a little intense for me. Wow! Look at this shot. Tests were underway. Smoke and Fire. Speed Quake - Here is a side angle of most of the ride, the station up high above on a hill. Speed Quake - Here you can see most of the full layout, and the landscaping. I like this shot, look at that creepy windmill. Great landscaping. Here is a shot of a Giftshop that was built in the corner by Speed Quake. In this shot, you can see the Gift Shop. A couple months later, and looks like a new water ride was finally built. It's called Riversplash Falls, and looks like alot of fun. You better be hot to get on this ride, because you'll get drenched and soaked. You better have a backup of dry clothes, because you'll wanna change after getting off this ride. I was watching this entertainer while she was making the Dad and his two kids laugh, and I think she suceeded in the next shot. I think the Dad got the joke more than the kids did. She was very entertaining. I just got word a new ride was built called Wild Mine Train, built on the far east side of the park by Nemesis. I'll see if I can get some pictures of that on my next visit to this very nice huge theme park. Tim
  24. Yes, very nice. I like the Season 1 and 10 shots from above the skyline. How did you achieve those shots so high up? When I am taking a shot from above the skyline, it won't go very far. Cool park, and I can't wait to see more. Tim
  25. Hey everyone, In the last week I have been steadily working on a new park. It is now open, and the guest volume has reached 2500. The park has three sections, 14 coasters, 19 standard family & kid rides, and 2 water rides. Coasters *Black Panther *Blue Thunder *Defender *Frontier Screamer *Nemesis *Red Thunder *Speed Quake *Splinter's Curse *The Abominable Snowman *Timber Falls *Wild Mouse (coaster for kids) *Railroad Escape (coaster for kids) *Catalyst Trap (coaster for kids) *Flying Mantis (coaster for kids) Standard Rides (Kids and Family) *Chairlift *Chairswing *Floundering Ferry *Flying Carpet *Hershey's Kissing Tower *Launched Freefall *Motor Racer 3000 *Octopus *Pirate Ship *Reese's Peanut Butter Cups *The Steeple Chaser *Top Gun *Monorail (Trams) *Rotovator *Kaos *Tea Cups *Aileron *Parachute Drop *Phoenix Twister Water Rides *Log Flume *Riversplash Falls Guests enter the park. On the far left are several information booths where guests can get maps and info about the park. Restrooms Facility. I started the park with a large pathway, and a restroom facility and a Food, Drinks and Giftshop building. Defender - Suspended Extreme Coaster Defender - Riders come flying around a sharp bank turn. A layout of Defender. The Abominable Snowman - located next to the entrance of the park. Riders head up the first chain lift. Frontier Screamer - The park's only wooden coaster. It is located directly across from entrance of the park. Overview of the park high above on Hershey's Kissing Tower. A overview of the entire park from the sky. Black Panther sign for this thrilling ride. Black Panther coaster in background, with sign in foreground. A maintenance worker is headed to check out the operations of the coaster before the park opens. Red Thunder and Blue Thunder. I actually got this idea from another coaster similar to my design in a posted thread here at Theme Park Review. Red Thunder/Blue Thunder stations and pathways. Red Thunder and Blue Thunder's backend of coaster . This was before it was landscaped. Log Flume ride. I snapped 299 pictures from this park, so if anyone would like to see more, just let me know. Wait until you see my coaster Speed Quake. It's been open, but nobody dares to board it. Later Tim
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