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  1. In this final version, I have added both tunnels, created my own 'Sector 1, 3, 12' signs posted in various areas on the ride, such as 'Transport Tunnel', and my own "Take the Tunnel". I redesigned the track a little, the first drop, and various other places which needed an upgrade. I also changed the station structure elements and roof, the transfer track structure as well as the train comes back to the station. I added a Terminator: Salvation movie poster, and additional scenery not on the actual ride, just something I threw in for good measure. I attached the Terminator theme to this video as well, so I hope you enjoy this version more than the last. If you wish for the 'sector' signs, I may be posting them in this thread over at Theme Park Review. Comments and Suggestions are welcome, so please write me a comment and subscribe if you like my videos. Thanks. For anybody who would like to use my designed 'Sector Signs', here they are. I made these with Paint Shop Pro X, studying the real signs, and once added to a ride on RCT3, they look like the real thing, however though mine look big on my 5.0 version, you could always resize them to fit your ride. All I ask is due credit mentioned in your video if you use these. Thanks. Take the Tunnel Sector 3 Transport Tunnel with Graffiti Transport Tunnel Sector 1
  2. That second wood structure is the transfer track section. I have only been on this ride once. The wood structure in the center is the station and station fly-thur.
  3. I will have a final version of my RCT3 Terminator: Salvation up in a couple days. I have added the second tunnel, added more banked turns, and changed the track at the top of the first drop slightly, though I liked the older look I had before, and redesigned parts of the structures.
  4. Thanks for posting the new POV, much better watching it run through the course. It does look like you do have the track correct after the second tunnel slightly. I was just looking at some pictures, perhaps it's me who has it wrong in my version. Add more detail to yours, and you shall have an awesome recreation.
  5. Not Bad. It's quite good, a great recreation with No Limits. I like the tunnels, but some added fog would of been nice. After the second tunnel, the track actually goes up and down before the big bank turn, so you might want to fix that. Besides that, I think this is really good. I would like to see however a full POV version of this ride, instead of the scene clips that you have on this posted version in this thread. I created a RCT3 version, and you can see that on my YouTube Channel. Good Job.
  6. Yes, Thanks, I am glad you like it! Which version did you watch? I have the 2.0 up as well. I registered with the Atari forums, but haven't posted yet, however you have permission to start a thread on this coaster if you want, and just link it here, so I can start posting in it, or wait until I post it. Tim
  7. Version 2.0 Now Online at YouTube. ...Video was still being processed, and video quality may improve once processing is complete..it states as of this posting. The song "Duel of the Fates" is attached, so hopefully it isn't disabled by YouTube. Enjoy, and please leave me comments what you all think of this new, revised edition. I may do a third version sometime down the line, perhaps once I get Spaceworx and Screamworx, and I will add some lights, during the night versions. May the Force Be With You! Tim
  8. Well Thanks. I just finished creating version 2.0, however I tried to add lights that was in a set, but some reason I couldn't get them placed. I am about to upload the new version. It starts off with the night version, and it is dark, just like how I wanted it, than we ride the daytime version. The ride is 1:41 seconds in this new version with the added track, compared to the first version, which clocked in at 1:33 seconds. The estimate includes the beginning of the lift hill, til the end when the lap bars go up on the riders. It seems like a long ride, but it's a short ride, but one hell of a fun, fast and crazy one. I added additional long-range views of the train in action in 3 different angles, daytime version. This new video clocks in at over 6 minutes in length, and it's a big file. 82.9MB I added "Duel of the Fates" from Star Wars - Episode 1 The Phantom menace as the background music, however YouTube may disable it, or I may have to fight to keep it attached, because I don't want some sappy rock song, just doesn't fit the mood of the coaster, and I hate it being silent with no music. The song is looped twice, because of the length of the video. It should be up hopefully in a couple hours, since I'll be uploading it via dial-up. It takes a long time, and I know if I had DSL, I could have it up in a flash, but soon I'll get DSL. Thanks again for all your nice comments about this coaster. If I had the Spaceworx, Screamworx, and other custom scenery packs, it would turn out much better, but I just can't seem to find a link that actually works to download these files. I am hoping somebody can zip them up for me, and email me the files. Thanks Again, Stay Tuned to my YouTube Channel for the new revised edition of this awesome Star Wars coaster. Bye
  9. I just got done with an updated version for this coaster. I will have it up on YouTube in a couple days, with both versions again, day and night! Though I still haven't added anything like explosions or stars, planets, because I don't have the scenery packs, I did add, and make changes too... Added additional track under the first drop. Queue is now Black, Brown and a tint of White. Added more X_Wings and Tie-Fighters Added more Character Figure Billboards More Banked Turns on some of the Straight Turn Track Added two sections of tunnel elements from Jcat's Steelworx Added a little more smoke That's about it, I will film them tomorrow, and piece it together for a video, and have it uploaded. I'll try to have the new updated version by Monday evening, and I will update here as soon as I have it all ready to go. Later
  10. Thanks for commenting it's an okay coaster. I do agree work needs to be done, however, I don't have the scenery packs to do it. 1. I do agree the station and queue would be nice to be seperate from the ride, but I ended up making it the way it is now. Perhaps the second ride I make, will be in a dark hallway with lights, so you are unaware of what the coaster actually looks like, and what you will be expecting while on the coaster. 2. The reason why there are no lights, is the whole point of the ride is to be in the dark, not knowing where you're going, and even in the night version, it is still light, so you can see a little. I want it dark, smoky and eerie, so you have no idea which way the track is going to go, such as Space Mountain at Disneyland, which I rode when I was a kid, and that is what I wanted to do with this, however I couldn't find a working link to Jcat's Spaceworx Space Mountain Scenery Pack, or Screamworx. If you have it, I would appreciate anybody to .zip it up for me, and email me the file. 3. I think there's only about two sections of track that should be banked, but the rest I think works best straight. 4. If I had the Spaceworx or Screamworx scenery packs, I would try to add explosions, and add effects, but I only found 1 Star Wars scenery pack with very limited elements, At-AT, AT-ST, Speeder Bike, R2-D2, Jawa, X-Wing Fighter, Tie Fighter, Millennium Falcon. If anybody has anymore working RCT3 Star Wars Custom Scenery Packs, I would appreciate it, because I would love to make a really badass Star Wars coaster, indoor or outdoor, such as a Battle of Hoth scene. I watched several RCT3 Star Wars coasters on YouTube, and some were much better than mine, and that is what I would like to do, but I just need those custom scenery packs, and just could never find a working link to download. I know my coaster isn't the best out there as far as Star Wars goes, but for a first attempt, I think I have done better than others I have seen on YouTube. Bye Tim
  11. Well, since I am a Star Wars fan, and toy collector, I thought it was fitting for me to try my hand on making a Star Wars Roller Coaster, however not any coaster, an indoor/enclosed coaster. I had to download this one Star Wars Custom Scenery pack to use, which was good, because my coaster wouldn't be great without it, and I would like many more too, if anybody knows where I can get some, for my next Star Wars coaster. I did use my own pictures of characters using the billboard option, and I made the Star Wars - The Ride sign myself using the logo, and billboard option. I know this isn't the best, I watched numerous Star Wars coasters on YouTube, and since I couldn't find and download a working version of Jcat's Spaceworx, the Space Mountain Scenery pack, I had to go with something a little different in design. I hope you like both versions presented in this 4 minute video. Day and Night versions. Now, I was hoping since I built the coaster in a dark building, that it would get dark, while still having it daylight outside, but though it darkened up a bit, it doesn't work that well, so I tried a night version, and filmed it. This is the best, and the darkness I was looking for, but since I don't have the Space Mountain Spaceworx Scenery Pack by Jcat, I had to build a structure around it. It has a unique design, so I hope you like it! As for the music, well I would have liked to use Star Wars Music, like a Theme from one of the films by John Williams and his wonderful Orchestra, such as the song I have playing on my original computer version, which is "Duel of the Fates" from Episode 1: The Phantom Menace (1999), which fits the mood of the coaster very well, and gives it a eerie scare factor to it. The Music playing on my YouTube version is a song by 12 Stones, and I know it doesn't fit at all, but I had to have something playing, but you can always mute that, and play any music to it from a CD of yours, or from your Itunes Library. Enjoy! And if anybody has Jcat's Spaceworx, I would really appreciate it if you could contact me by PM, so I can get a copy of it, to be uploaded. Thanks. You can see me standing in the queue line, inside the building with my group. Just one of many character profile images billboarded throughout the ride, so here we have a Clonetrooper. Outside the entrance with a model of R2-D2 with a Photo Spot area. A portion of inside the structure before the walls went up. Many changes were made after this photo was taken. The main front facade of the building housing Star Wars - The Ride. A couple changes were made after this photo was shot. IN the front of the building unfinished with an AT-AT displaying the coaster sign.
  12. Yes, it is fast. I have only been on it once, and it's a very awesome coaster, and I recommend riding it. There are still a couple changes and modifications that I would need to do and improve, before it's 100% accurate, but this is the best I can do with RCT3, and I am sure somebody may make one better than mine, and that's okay. I am not trying to win a prize, just having fun recreating one of my newest favorite wooden coasters. Thanks for the kind comments about my recreation, it's alot of hard work getting this thing right. The first time I tried building it, the train never even got to the last turn up to the station, it slowed down, and stopped. I gave up for awhile, and improved my skills, and ended up with what you see now in my new version. Tim
  13. You can now watch my version 4.1 video of Terminator: Salvation - The Ride, RCT3 style. An Audioswap was in progress when this was posted. The elements added, are. Truck with fire, however in this case I had to use a mini-van/SUV. Fog in the first tunnel, though it isn't the completed tunnel, at least it's a partial tunnel. Redesigned the track in some areas, including more banked turns. Added more theming and landscaping. Changed the color and design of the train coaches to black, however they may show up gray in some areas. Changed the color of the wood to a more lighter brown. Remember, the song used isn't the original that I have on my computer version, that goes for all my versions. Anyways, this will be my final design for now, and I am next going to start building a park around Terminator, not neccessarily Magic Mountain, but I will try to build Deja Vu. Enjoy. Tim
  14. Upload failed. I'll have to try uploading this tomorrow. What a disappointment. I may scrap version 4, and redo it, because I just added more changes to it. I added more banked turns, like when the coaster comes up and ends the ride. I added a new more realistic sign. I will have to record it again with the new added elements, and upload to YouTube sometime tomorrow, and I am giving it a rest. Tim The queue in the final banked turn area, with some scenery landscaping, and did what I could with what I had to work with. I think it looks okay for RCT3 standards, until a custom scenery pack comes along. Overview of most of the coaster. The added vehicle on fire, or fire shooting from the pretend engine, the elevator, even not on the exact side, it works for me. It may not be a truck, but it's all I have to work with, until I get a custom scenery pack with a truck with fire. The queue sign. The original I had in ver.4 just said Terminator: The Coaster - Join the Resistance. I knew it had to be changed. The changed banked turn track on the top, as the train returns back to the station.
  15. Which of mine did you watch? ver.1,ver.2,ver.3? I am uploading ver.4 right now to YouTube, and this one I added the truck and fire, fog, changed the color of the trains, and the design, added a Terminator: Salvation queue sign, redesigned and changed the color of the track, added additional elements, removed some elements, so this version is much better than the other three. I do plan on some more changes. I think mine is better than the two weird ones I saw on YouTube last night. The two I saw looked nothing like the layout, even though the designer said he made the coaster before the coaster was finished at Magic Mountain. I appreciate your honestly, but watch ver.4, and you may even like this one. I would be interested in anybody else who can make one more realistic than my ver.4, so I should have the link up within the hour. Tim
  16. I just completed version 3 of my Terminator: Salvation - The Ride. I added the pre-show building, elevator, redesigned the track a little bit, and added landscaping. The video will have additional footage after the main ride, so stay tuned for that. It's true it's hard to do an accurate depiction of the ride, but I think you'll like this new version I will have ready later tonight. I first have to upload it to YouTube, and add whatever music I can find, since YouTube disables any music that is copyright to their terms, and I have to choose something from their library. Check back later tonight for version 3. Update: Version 3 Thanks, Mr. Starr for that link on the Atari Forums, and the Terminator: Salvation scenery pack that is being made. That is an awesome sign that was made. I just registered, so I will be posting a message soon. Later Tim
  17. I just uploaded my second version of Terminator: Salvation - The Ride using my RCT3, and I must say this version is much better than the first attempt. In the new version, I redesigned the track a bit more accurate than my first attempt, added the correct queue entrance and exit, peeps in the queue, peeps on the train, added selected footage at the end of the video, with additional screenshots. There are still a few more tweaks I am planning to do. I may even add the pre-shows, landscape it a bit more. The peeps do ride it, so that's a good sign. What do you all think? Post comments here or in my YouTube channel pages. Thanks. Version 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIXBkWfk92s 5/30/09 Version 3 5/31/09 - 6/1/09 Version 4.1 6/2/09 Version 5.0 6/16/09 Please note the original song added was disabled by YouTube, so I had to choose a pre-selected song from their music library to add to the video. The original .wmv video is more sharper, and clearer when watching full screen, and it has the original music I chose, and a newer version I just completed, I added text lyrics effects to the video, along with the song being played. I am going to attempt to record the actual sound from the coaster, and add it as an overlay track. RCT3 doesn't allow saving sound, so I am going to try something, if it works. Any suggestions are welcomed. If you wish for the original .wmv video of any of the videos I have on my YouTube channel, just email me, and I will upload them to you. Enjoy.
  18. First Version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wccgoURt7k I uploaded my second version of Terminator: Salvation - The Ride using RCT3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIXBkWfk92s Third Version I'll post more info in a RCT3 thread, which I started here. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=757214
  19. I just uploaded my Terminator: Salvation RCT3 video to YouTube, check it out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wccgoURt7k I also posted it in the NL Terminator: Salvation The Ride thread. I couldn't find a thread on RCT3 Terminator: Salvation, and didn't want to make one. Do note the original song used was disabled by YouTube, so I had to use a pre-selected song in their library. Well, I mention this in my notes. Enjoy
  20. I am uploading my version of Terminator: Salvation The Ride using my RCT3, however it isn't 100% accurate, so there are some minor changes that I had to make to get the train back to the station. I'll have the YouTube link posted soon. In the video, there will be photos as well I snapped at the end of the ride, so stay tuned for those. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wccgoURt7k Version 4.1 I'll watch the YouTube version above in this thread. I haven't watched it yet. Hyyyper, The layout is about right in the diagram you have. I rode Terminator on Monday, Memorial Day. You can watch that video on my YouTube Channel as well. Great video. RCT3 doesn't save actual sound from the coaster, so it was great to hear the actual sound from this coaster using No Limits. I don't have that software. Tim
  21. As promised, you can now watch my Terminator: Salvation video on YouTube, that is from Memorial Day Monday, 5/25. The video is a bit shorter than the original, and since it was converted, a less clearer and sharper, but still enjoyable to watch. I hope you enjoy it. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Tim
  22. Terminator from the Sky Tower: Memorial Day Tim Terminator from afar, up in the Sky Tower. Awesome! Just another angle of Terminator. What a great coaster. I need to go on it again, very soon. The crowd wonders through the queue maze.
  23. Terminator Update: Memorial Day Here is just a couple of pictures I took today. The video may be awhile, because the converter I downloaded and paid for isn't giving me sound, so I had to call and email support. I am trying to convert Quicktime MOV to WMV or AVI to use in my WIndows Movie Maker, to make a movie of most of my Terminator footage. I got some great shots. I could always make the video and just add music to it, but that takes away the excitement of the thundering sounds of the trains flying over that first overhead turn. Enjoy the pictures. Tim The line was now longer than it was when I got in line, and that was like 11:30 a.m. or so, and this was now around after 1 p.m., and it was getting long. I was standing on the exit platform, taking numerous pictures, and videos, and here's just one of alot of track! Another train returns safely, escaping the terminators. I was next! Hell yeah! The train begins to depart. Inside the Terminator station, yes! I was excited! Just moments away from getting on board! Terminators! Terminators! Beware. Inside the pre-show! The resistance security guy, he was collecting the boarding passes, and allowing a certain amount of people in, onto the first preshow, or the full preshow. Just anotehr shot of the queue, after coming from the other side. The queue crowd, it actually went by quick, not too bad to complain about. I got there before it really got crowded. You can see that in the last image. The train heading back to the station. The main entrance. You were given a boarding pass paper to use to enter before the first preshow.
  24. I just got back from Six Flags about 35 minutes ago, been there all day, and rode Terminator! I must say, this coaster rocks! I Loved it! I would of gone on it a second time, but the line was longer when I exited. I will have a more thorough review, pictures, and video tonight or tomorrow. I have to splice together a Terminator video, because I video taped other coasters I rode, and even visited the Sky Tower. I must of took over 200+ pictures, and numerous videos, so I have to work on this all night from my digital camera. I will have that Terminator video soon, and today being Memorial Day, the line for me was about 1 hr. 45 min. It moved along at a quick pace, not too bad. Just an awesome ride experience, so much fun. Later Tim
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