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  1. Greetings, I am not sure exactly where to post this brillant idea for a future coaster I dreamed up, but spare with me, and let me explain. It hit me, that this idea has never been done before, I think it hasn't. Okay, this would be the first ever outdoor enclosed train coach 3-D Virtual Reality Coaster. The coaster would be standard (i.e. Viper, Golaith, Tatsu), outdoor open coaster, but the train coaches would be enclosed, giving the rider no view whatsoever of the outside, and inside the coach, would be a 3-D screen to view as the ride goes through the paces on the track. You'll be watching the same coaster in Virtual 3-D, with minor changes, such as the train will jump the track, and scare you to death and land on the track ahead, but the real coaster won't be doing that, only what you s ee on the screen in this dark coach you'll be strapped into. The track on the screen would be modified to move left or right, than what actually happens on the real track, confusing you. You'll go through tunnels on the screen, but the real coaster won't have that, you'll be splashed with water on the screen, but only get a mist of air in the cabin, giving you the illusion you got wet, and the experience would be nothing you ever experienced before. All this happening, while the real coaster is running through the paces on the real track. You'll also get to choose your own music individually in the coach. Each coach would seat two, and each train would be 7 or 8 coaches long. The coaster would have loops, corkscrews, and on the screen, would be elements that can't be done on a real coaster, giving you a sense of fright, and confusion. Just imagine a coaster like this. You wouldn't be sitting in a room like (i.e. Toy Story 3-D Simulator) at Universal Studios, or the "Back to the Future" simulator. You'll actually be moving on a real track, while sitting and strapped into a dark train coach, watching a 3-D Virtual Rendition, but modified version of the same ride, with more landscaping, and elements that would not be present on the real coaster. It would scare you to death, I would think, and would be a hit to coaster enthusiants. Think about any roller coaster you've ridden, and picture it dark, or eyes closed, and watching a 3-D screen of the same coaster, but things are different. Wouldn't that scare you to death. It would be a first-ever coaster with this unique design. And I found this image (credit unknown, sorry), of an NL coaster of the first drop, which should be incorporated onto this coaster. What do you think of this idea? Could this be designed, drafted, built in some amusement park? I think it would be a brillant investment to any park, which takes this idea, and builds it. I know I would ride it. Remember, the attached image is not mine, and I can't remember the name of the author credit goes too. Sorry.
  2. I had posted a new thread on this subject, but directed here by Wes (Thanks!), I'll give all of these pages a read through. ______________________________ Original post: Does anybody know how many movies were filmed at Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia, Ca besides the ones I have below. I am hoping a new movie will be filmed there sometime in the next few years, and take advantage of the new coasters and backdrop for a story, or Hurricane Harbor. (1977) Rollercoaster (SFMM and King's Dominion, Doswell, Virginia) (1978) Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park (SFMM) (1983) Vacation (aka National Lampoon's Vacation; SFMM) (1994) Beverly Hills Cop III (??, SFMM perhaps) What else was filmed at this park, and does SFMM have plans to offer any future hollywood films to be filmed at the park? Any movies or tv shows filmed at any parks in your city, state? _____________________________________________________ I do remember the scene in "True Romance" as well on one of the coasters, I guess Viper...now that I read a few pages. What park was featured in "Final Destination III"?
  3. Does anybody know how many movies were filmed at Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia, Ca besides the ones I have below. I am hoping a new movie will be filmed there sometime in the next few years, and take advantage of the new coasters and backdrop for a story, or Hurricane Harbor. (1977) Rollercoaster (1978) Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park (1983) Vacation (aka National Lampoon's Vacation) (1994) Beverly Hills Cop III What else was filmed at this park, and does SFMM have plans to offer any future hollywood films to be filmed at the park? Any movies or tv shows filmed at any parks in your city, state?
  4. I was at Six Flags the other day, and took some pictures of Terminator: Salvation - The Ride from the Sky Tower with my 12x Zoom on my digital camera. I was there briefy, and didn't ride it. The full story can be found on my YouTube channel and video I filmed this day. -Tim The first drop and descent. I was waiting for a long time in zoom for the train to come, but never did, so I just snapped this photo, and left the Sky Tower with my sister and nephew. That's all the pictures I took of TS:TR on this day. THe train crosses over the pre-show building and heads back to the station. The crowd in the queue. Since I didn't ride it, my sister said it was about a 45 minute wait, and she rode it in the afternoon, this was a Thursday. A full-view of Terminator: Salvation - The Ride. They added like a jeep out front on the left at the entrance.
  5. Today I edited together a rider's perspective version 1.5, using the same music, but new footage, new audio from the ride and area of the peeps, the waterfall, and I think it came out great. I did notice the sky goes from blue to purple in some scenes, and yes the peeps on the trains are different, but it was a quick edit. During the outside view of the transport shuttle, as it passes next to Manta, and the loop, keep an eye on the coaster as it goes up and into the loop, I edited it back to a POV, music kicks in, and from that point, more perspectives until the ride ends. I like how I did that, however I think it's off by a second or two, not sure. I hope everyone enjoys it. Here is the link. The links for Part 1 and 2 are in the post before this one above, so be sure to watch those as well. Thanks. Tim
  6. The videos are here to view. It took me six hours on dial-up to upload Part 1, and 5 hours for Part 2. Enjoy. PART 1 PART 2 Tim I removed a standard suspended train coaster Stratosphere, that was in this area. The only thing standing is the station. A new attraction will be built here soon, using the exisiting station. A shot a distance away in the corner of the food court/giftshop as we see Manta zoom by in the background. A new overview shot of Manta. I believe this was taken before the park opened.
  7. I am done with the videos, part 1 and 2. I have been recording and editing all day. My Windows Movie Maker was giving me some problems, and I had to redo each video, but I wrote down the timeline numbers. The videos are just awesome to watch, especially full screen. I have music, audio, and several perspectives, and deleted riders POV looking down at the ground in flying position. That was the footage giving me problems, so it had to go. The first video was so big, WMV couldn't take it to save it. I am happy with the results, and I can't wait to share these videos with everybody, so you can all see what an amazing coaster design and area of my RCT3 park is. I am even amazed I even built this thing. I edited together parts of the coaster close-ups and distance shots as it rounds the track. I have POV front, side-view, front facing peeps version, and in part 2, backend POV, and several shots of the area with peeps all over the place. I recorded the actual audio from my RCT3 Manta with my digital camera, and used that audio in with the overlay music, but most of the time you hear the music, but the videos came out great. I think you'll love the song I used in Part 1, but not sure how many will like the song I used in part 2, and I hope youtube keeps the music, and they don't disable it, because the videos will suck without the music. I don't have DSL/High Speed Internet Service, so uploading part 1, which is 78.9MB at 5:33 min., and Part 2 is 56.3, 4 minutes, might be an issue for me, so we'll see how it goes. If I am unable to upload with my DSL, well I may have to upload at my sister's house, and burn to CD-R. KPWoCkAxX Posted: Sat Jul 04, 2009 10:33 am Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks, but I don't have a name for my park. I just have a coupel rides, Boulder Dash, Star Wars: The Ride, Terminator: Salvation - The Ride, Jurassic Park - The Ride, and now Manta. I removed Stratosphere, leveled the ground, but kept the station. I plan on building something better with the exisiting station. Tim
  8. I just completed a test video last night, but just slapped in all the video, made some edits, and added music, however I won't be posting this version on youtube. I need to take more video, and edit it together in a very likable way. The peeps loved Manta, and rode it again and again. As soon as they exited, they went right back in the queue, but after awhile, everybody stopped going on it, and started to just wander around, and get back on the transport shuttle. That's okay, I got plenty of great video, and will get more later. I did get video of the front row perspective, backend perspective, a quick faceview perspective, but may try to do another. I just figured out a great way to get audio, and I tested it already, and I am going to try it, using a digital camera, since I lack a microphone. Hopefully I can get a decent video up tonight of this coaster, and all the scenery, because my test video came out great. However, during the first recording, my computer (RCT3) froze up, and a small, but quick portion of the video turns white, so I may remove that, or record the entire coaster in that perspective again. Stay Tuned for the video. Tim
  9. Thanks everyone for the positive feedback, I am glad you all like it. I am now complete with construction, and landscaping. The next step is to open the coaster to park guests, and see if they ride it, POV some video. The following pictures is more construction, and the completed ride. I changed a couple things, and added more scenery elements. The video will be in a couple days, while I record a couple versions, and do some editing, and upload to youtube. I may make two versions, and one may be less POV, and more of a perspective version, but I hope I can get it recorded, because my computer and game is beginning to lag a little, and once I open the park to guests and open the transport shuttle and Manta, things may become even slower. I have noticed that the more you build in detail, and fill up a good portion of the park, the lag time begins, and things start to slow down. I mean, I have a good graphics card and CPU, but I am not sure if I'll build anything else after this is completed. I do want to build something on that empty piece of land next to Manta, so we'll see. A ground picture from a distance away in an empty field, shows Manta looming in the background. All landscaping and construction is now complete. Just look at that beautiful amazing looking coaster. Doesn't it make you want to ride it right now? View of the track over the small lake, with the food court/giftshop, rest/smoking area in the frame. A great shot from above of Manta. Landscaping was still in progress when this image was taken. An overview of Manta in all it's beautiful glory, with Terminator: Salvation - The Ride (centered), and bottom right is where Jurassic Park: The Ride is located. Remember, this is not the Universal Studios recreation, it's my own designed version. The backside of the food court/gift shop, which does have another entry/exit. The completed food court/giftshop, where you can buy all Manta merchandise. Construction of the food court/gift shop. An overview of the rest/smoking area. Plenty of benches and trash bins throughout, not only this area, but the entire Manta area. The completed rest/smoking area to relax, eat and watch Manta at a safe distance. You can see here, the real Manta coaster, in the structure around the track, there's these yellow/pink/green structures. I just added my own interpreted version with my Manta design. The red/pink buildings next to the station, similar to what the real Manta has built within or near the main station. See Photo below. It's also light green too, which I believe is the queue entry and aquarium, not sure though. The main queue entrance to Manta, and exit area. The waterfall and scenery make this area worth that long and tedious ride on the transport shuttle, well and the fact getting the chance to ride Manta. Restrooms completed. Construction of the Restrooms almost complete. The roof is being added. A shot of the completed transport shuttle station 2, and in the far distance is the Manta sign, and entry/exit area. The new Manta sign has been added and placed, which is the main entry/exit tunnel. The Manta exit sign has been added and placed.
  10. RCT3 Manta update, or could be Manta Jr., not an exact replica of Manta at Sea World, Orlando Florida, though I have seen plenty of pictures of the coaster. You can say this is my exaggerated version with subtle changes in design, and landscaing, and you can say another park built their version, so that is what this is. I wasn't expecting to build an exact replica, but I think this version may be as close as I'll get with RCT3, and so far it's looking nice. I have to thank all the designers and suppliers of the custom scenery and elements that I am using, because without it, this coaster and design wouldn't work. So, thanks everybody, and in the video's credits, I will try to thank everybody by name, if I can dig up that information, because I have plenty of CS installed on my computer, so won't know for sure what I am using, but I'll figure it out. The station is complete, and other minor things added, I am building the transport shuttle station #2 right now, and after that I am going to build a Manta giftshop, restrooms and a food court. I built a Starbucks, and I don't even drink coffee. I just thought it fitted nice with the scenery. I have to add trash cans, benches, more trees, more landscaping all over. The lag time on my computer is beginning to slow down while playing RCT3, so when I am building, I have everything closed, and all there is is the security, maintenance, and cleaning crew guys walking around. However, once I start bringing in peeps, things will start to slow down. For this coaster, the only attractions that will be open will be Manta and the Transport Shuttle, because I want all the peeps to head to Manta. On with the update. By the way, does anybody know how to record the actual sound on RCT3 when recording a video? I would love to add the actual sound on top of music overlay, so how exactly can you do that? Everytime I record a RCT3 video, no sound when played back. Is it turned off or something? ANy help would be appreciated. Thanks. A wider shot of Manta's layout and park land. There will be a Manta giftshop and a food court located in that large patch of land (corner right). The final update will be next week sometime at the earliest with more pictures and a video of the ride, POV, and other views on-board and on the ground, in various perspectives. Peeps on board and peeps all over the area enjoying this new addition to my park. An overview shot of Manta. An overview shot of where Starbucks was built and located. That small patch of green land next to Starbucks, will become Restrooms for guests. A small Starbucks built across from Manta. A shot of track leading up into the brake run area after the onslaught of the loop and twists pounded you. The sun was bright making the station look yellow. A shot of the transport supports in the rock/soil, and water, with Manta's station looms in the background. A small Manta entry tunnel that leads you straight to the queue, and exit of Manta. I might change that Manta logo to a different one. A great shot of the track over the lake. The colors, and scenery really make this a beautiful shot. A great shot of the transfer track/storage building and station. An angled overview of the park, and Manta still under construction, but ready for park guests to experience it. Main entrance to Manta with a beautiful waterfall, rocks, landscaping completing a great introduction to this ride. The water looks so real in this shot. An overview of Manta, and the progress so far. A closer look at the walls going up on the station. Another shot of track over the lake, with the station in the background. A shot of track over the small lake. The front of the station under construction. The Manta station under construction.
  11. Well, it's too late for me to scrap the coaster, I am almost done. I am done with the station, I am building the second transport station now, I built a Starbucks, and plan on building some other cool buildings like restrooms, and alot of landscaping needs to be done. I have new pictures, and will post shortly. This is the most elaborate coaster I have ever built with RCT3, even if it isn't an replica of Manta, this coaster looks and rides really good, and alot of fun. I can't wait to make a video of this thing. Stay Tuned for an update. Tim
  12. Hello everyone, I am currently working on Manta, the new flying coaster at Sea World- Orlando, Florida, however my version is similar in design, some tweaks and short-cuts had to be made to get it right, so it isn't an exact replica, but it sure looks good from what I have created. It's still under construction, and I still have a long ways to go before I am 100% done, but I am posting a preview of what I have so far now, so I can get some feedback, negative or positive, but I am hoping positive. I may call it Manta Jr., but haven't decided yet. I just added the custom supports, I had to design a transport to get peeps over to the site, and even that has custom supports. I currently still have the main station to build, the transport station #2, and a small food court, add more trees, scenery, benches, trash cans, lights, and landscape it alot more before this area opens to the park guests. Once I am done, I will make a video, from three angles on-board, angles from above, the side, even on the transport looking out the windows. The testing of the trains was succesful, and all custom supports are linked onto the overhead track, and the trains don't come anywhere near them, so it may look like a bunch of supports all over, but I designed it, so it looks as real as I can get it. I should be done by next week, and a video should be up at the same time, and I will post new pictures, and the video right here in this thread. I may even multi-cam the video, so you see different perspectives while riding, which will be something new for me when I edit it. Okay, well please comment, and a new update will happen shortly. Enjoy. Tim Just another overview shot of my latest coaster being built, Manta or Manta Jr., not sure, but the layout is similiar or almost like the real Manta at Sea World, Orlando Florida. Next Update in a couple days. A wider overview shot of Manta and the surrounding land where when completed, this area is going to be active with peeps galore, and this train is going to rock. An overview of Manta and the transport tram with custom supports added. There will be so much more built in this section when completed, and landscaping. The transport Tram station, built next to Jurassic Park: The Ride, and Boulder Dash. It was a tight squeeze, but I managed to build it in this spot. From inside the completed transport tram, which takes you around Manta and to station #2 next to the entrance, we see here a shot of the loop section. An overview shot of the transfer track/storage facility station. Inside I have two extra tracks side by side, and I will get an image of that next update. On the transfer track/storage facility station, I added some Manta artwork images, and logo. I have others to add when ride is completed. A closer look as the train flys by over the lake. It really moves, very fast. A closer look at the Manta train testing over the small lake. I wish I had some water effects for this area, but I don't. That would be so cool. A new overview of Manta being constructed behind Terminator: Salvation, but more in the corner to the right. A closer look at the Manta train making it's way up and in the loop. The background coasters really make this shot a good one. An overview shot of the crisscross water/lake track section, with a track twist like the real Manta, and the drops near the water. Another shot of the train making it into the circle/pretzel type loop. It really picks up speed, and about right for this design, and realistic to the real Manta. Construction of the transfer track station, and end of ride brake block area. It's alot different than the real one, and I wanted to try something more aquatic with this design. The pretzel loop, first drop, however this loop is more of a circle, and the track twists when in the loop twice to get this circle effect, so this is why my Manta is differemt, but it's really cool when riding. The track area where the water/small lake will go. I believe I changed this layout recently, so the track may be slighty different than what you see here. The beginnings, under construction, Manta sits in this location.
  13. You're Welcome. I don't have any RCT3 from 2007, I wasn't even playing RCT3 in that year. I would love to see a SFMM theme park built with RCT3, but the only SFMM I have seen is with RCT2. Tim
  14. Alright, here is the trackfile again with all new scenery and custom signs, but due to the fact nothing in this scenery you personally have on your computer, as in the custom pieces, it may crash? Do you have Soaked! and Wild! expansion packs? I may have used something from those sets, and CS sets from various other people, so you can download it, and see if it works. If it crashes, you may just have to use that blank slate version to begin with, and slowly rebuild your version like mine, with your own ideas. if it doesn't work, ask around and find info online tos ee if you insert the file in a different place. All I know is you place it in your Coasters fodler under RCT3, but not under Style/Themed, or any of thsoe folders on the C:/drive/Program Files/Atari/Roller Coaster Tycoon 3/ This RCT3 folder is in C:/My Documents or C:/Documents & Settings, so hopefully it works. I apologize if it crashes, but I can't really do much than what I have already done. Tim [WoodenRC]Terminator Salvation The Ride (2) (11).trk Filetrack with updated scenery and custom pieces, such as the sector signs, and mist canopy queue.
  15. I doubt it will work, since those items are'nt originally on your computer, and this is one thing I should of thought about when I added my first download filetrack up. If you don't have those files, elements, CS on your computer, RCT3 will pick it up as an error, and your RCT3 will crash. However, I will try again, but I doubt it will work. It will have to wait until tomorrow though. Were you able to download and place the filetrack I uploaded today in this thread for download on your RCT3? In that space behind Terminator, I removed all the trees, and started work on Manta, that new flying coaster at Orlando, Florida, however my version so far is completely different, because I can't get an exact match or design. I will start a thread on that when I am satisfied with the results. Later Tim
  16. I just made some more modifications, changes, and corrections to my previous posted images. I had added the old sector sign in two places, and now I added the new ones, and I added like a mist canopy cover to the queue area. The backend of Terminator, where the first drop is located, the first tunnel. There is sure alot of mist in that tunnel. Peeps on-board Terminator: Salvation The Ride, entering the first tunnel. Peeps exit the pre-show from below, and walk up the final stairs to the station, to board Terminator. I also added a canopy cover to this part of the queue, no mist folks, just shade. Peeps exit the mist canopy queue area, all refreshed and excited to get further ahead to ride Terminator: Salvation - The Ride. Peeps inside the mist canopy queue, keeping cool while moving through it. Keep moving people, no sudden stops to get some water. Peeps enter the mist canopy queue. It is very hot today, 103'0 I believe. You got to keep cool. I added a mist canopy cover in the queue, to keep you cool on those hot summer days. The real Terminator: Salvation - The Ride has something similar, but I know mine isn't accurate. It's the best I can come up with in a quick revision. An overview of Terminator: Salvation - The Ride. I removed the crater hole, and leveled it. I may be building a new coaster in this spot soon, but not sure how I am going to get peeps over there. I may build a transport. I added the new sector 9 sign here, in the previous photo, the old sign was added. The first tunnel /w the sector 3 transport tunnel sign /w graffiti. In the previous photo I posted, I had added the old design.
  17. I apologize nothing is working with the file that I included to download. Well, here is just the filetrack, no scenery, so download this in the same folder as you did with the other, and delete the other. Here are some pictures that I am including, to give you an idea to rebuild in your way from my design. I will be very interested in seeing your version when completed, but remember if it's a video you plan on making and uploading to YouTube, you must credit me for the design, and 'sector'signs if used. Thanks. I hope you will be able to install this filetrack successfully, and use it. Enjoy. -Tim Overview of Terminator: Salvation - The Ride, and a little taste of the park that I am building. A low-view backside of the coaster. THe coaster in the background is a suspended coaster called Stratosphere, and originally I had it dive and dip into that large crater that you see in the over-view of Terminator, however it didn't work, so I changed it to a smaller ground-level hillside coaster. The exit pathway continues alongside of track of Terminator: Salvation. Exit pathway that leads under the track. The track leading to the second tunnel, after leaving the station fly-thur, and a sign telling riders to "Take the Tunnel". Station coaster ride finish entry, and the station fly-thur. First drop turn. I added several single 'S' sector emblem signs in various areas on the coaster to give it more realism. First tunnel from the opposite side, and that mist is still smoking out. A side-view of the first tunnel, and alot of mist. First tunnel /w mist, and the Sector 3 sign with grafitti on it, just like real sign. Vehicle /w flames/fire, after the train heads around the bend from Dead Man's Turn, and leads to first tunnel. Dead Man's Turn The exit from the station /w elevator, and the track leading to Dead Man's turn. The Transfer Track/Train Housing building, and Station fly-thur. The pre-show building, that leads to the station to board Terminator; Salvation - The Ride. The second tunnel. The queue to Terminator: Salvation - The Ride begins. I might build a shade canopy over this queue line, and add mist, just like the real thing. The backside of the Terminator: Salvation - The Ride sign. I added a single 'S' sector sign to it. Terminator: Salvation - The Ride entrance sign. You also enter this way to walk to Startosphere, a suspended coaster next to Terminator. [WoodenRC]Terminator Salvation The Ride (2) (10).trk Terminator: Salvation - The Ride (ver5.1) filetrack only. No Scenery Added.
  18. I wonder why it crashes, are you using sandbox mode? I think any other copy of the file would crash. I suggest renaming the file to a shorter name, and try that. If that doesn't work, I will try to get another version, and rename it when I upload it. RCT3 may not recognize that long filename since you don't have the other versions in that coaster folder like I do, but not sure if that even matters. Try renaming it to something simple, and see if that works. Actually, you know what. I think I know why it crashes. THe filetrack has all the elements and CS attachments, it just isn't the track, so you may not have some of the elements I used in making the coaster, and your RCT3 doesn't recognize it, so what I may have to do is save only the 'track' and upload it here. Tim
  19. Did you install it correctly as I mentioned? Remove, Delete the READ ME FILE from that folder that you downloaded it too, and perhaps it will work after you delete that. Tim
  20. TERMINATOR: SALVATION - THE RIDE Version 5.1 DAYTIME VERSION *Added 10 train coaches, running 2 trains *Redesigned the track after first tunnel, which is a little more accurate. *Redesigned the structure in the queue in center of track's last turn *Added more mist in the tunnel (however only more visible it seems in the Night version) *Added my all-new "sector" signs, which I designed using Paint Shop Pro X (more accurate like the real signs, but only bigger. RCT3 doesn't provide small add-on displays) *POV Backseat 10th Coach Train *Peeps on Board (like always in my videos) NIGHT VERSION *Added lights throughout the queue *Added lights in the interior of the station house POV Middle 5th Train Coach A special thanks to Theme Park Review for allowing me to post my 'sector' signs, and links to my coaster, in the credits of both videos, and thanks to otehr software brands and programs. Tim
  21. Thanks, but I have plenty as well of pictures and video. I have this video up on YouTube, which you can view here. I am glad you like the signs, and anybody is welcomed to use them, as long as I get credit for them when using them and seen in a video of your coaster. Tim
  22. I only made two of these so far, so hopefully someone can use them, and make them smaller in the station. ENjoy! The sign "6" for the station. The sign "5" for the station. The brown texture can be representing the wood, once placed inside the station. It's the best I can do with these signs, and the shape. The signs "5" and "6" in the station representing train numbers or something, and I know there's "1", "2", "3", and other numbers to "10" I believe. The sector 1 sign. I know mine may have to be redone. It's not accurate as this one. I had to redesign this single Sector sign 1, so hopefully it looks more accurate.
  23. I just completed some new Sector Signs to go with your Terminator: Salvation - The Ride coaster. "Save As Picture", by right mouse clicking them. If you do use these and make a video with my Terminator: Salvatiuon in your park, you must provide me with credit. Thanks. Enjoy these. I redesigned the "S", and design, and Text. Once you have inserted tehse onto your coaster, you can't even tell if they're off a little. They should look realistic once you add them onto your RCT3 Terminator: Salvation - The Ride coaster. Enjoy. Sector 7 Loading Zone from a POV video of Terminator: Salvation - The Ride. Sector 7 - Loading Zone Sector 9 - Take the Tunnel Warning: Track Closed Ahead Sector 3 Transport Tunnel with Graffiti Sector 3 Transport Tunnel with Graffiti Sector 12 Transport Tunnel from POV of Terminator: Salvation - The Ride Sector 12 - Transport Tunnel Warning: Track Clsoed Ahead sign from photo from Terminator: Salvation - The Ride
  24. You can download my RCT3 Terminator: Salvation File Track Design below, and follow the Read Me File Instructions and Information for Installation, and I hope it works. Do Not unzip under C:/Program Files/Atari/Roller Coaster Tycoon 3/Style/Themed You will unzip this in the RCT3 green arrow folder. You can find this usually in My Documents/RCT3/Coasters If you have this folder in Program Files, than you will unzip there. Email me if you have any problems, or if it works great. Later RCT3_Terminator_READ FIRST_WordPad Document.zip Terminator: Salvation - The Ride Filetrack [RCT3] and a Read Me File (Wordpad Document) Attached! Steps to do to Install, but please read the READ ME File [Wordpad] document for additional info.
  25. For the 'sector' signs, right mouse click and "save picture as". I have never uploaded a coaster before with all the elements, so how exactly would I do that, and where would I upload it too? If anybody uses this coaster, I would want proper credit for the design, however I am sure many people would redesign it a bit. I am glad everybody is liking this recreation of Terminator: Salvation - The Ride that I made with RCT3.
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