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  1. This coaster looks like alot of fun, great detail, loving the fire, the superman logo tunnel. I actually have never been on a Intamin coaster before, not even Xcelerator at Knotts Berry Farm in Ca. When I did go, the line was too long, and haven't been back. I think Six Flags Magic Mountain in Ca, should build a Intamin coaster as this, looks awesome. Is Superman: The Escape at Magic Mountain by Intamin? I have been on that many times, but doesn't go as high as it once did, when it first opened. I take it Bizzaro is the evil version of Superman, and he's taking over the world? I don't read superhero comics, so I wouldn't know the character, but this ride looks really good.
  2. Yes, that makes 16, however those are kid coasters, but if they want to bill those with the others, that makes 16, but I count it as 14, because in my book, those don't count. Anyways, back to the topic of Terminator...I will probably go Monday and take pictures of the queue line, and even ride it. The park shouldn't be too crowded Monday, but could be wrong. Tim
  3. Is Terminator: Salvation the 16th or 14th coaster that the park now has, because I count 14 coasters, 5 water rides, 9 flat rides, 2 thrill rides (i.e. Dive Devil, Thrill Shot), and 2 Kid themed areas. They bill Terminator, as the park's 16th coaster, when I only count 14, according to the new map. Tim
  4. Any pictures you may have of the long line you can post? I am sure the line exceeds outside the bridge, doesn't it, or is it about half past the bridge? Thanks for the updates about the 2 hour wait time, and I am sure it goes by quickly. I might go Monday. Tim
  5. Are you required to stand and watch the pre-shows, or can you move on anytime, even if the queue line is empty, or hardly any people? And is that strange elevator looking structure part of the pre-show, I mean it's on the opposite side of the station? And is that structure next to the bridge lockers or photo viewing? Tim
  6. For those of you who haven't seen the Good Day L.A. Today report with Tony McEwing, interviewing Michael Papajohn, here is my YouTube recording of it. The quality and sound isn't the best since I recorded it using my digital camera, but it's an okay recording. And Robb, great Media Day report, great photos, and I love that Media Day badge that you guys at TPR have, that is awesome. This looks like a great coaster, and I hope they keep the props, that big truck out front for awhile, so everybody can enjoy them for photo ops, and detail attention to the ride. Any idea how long the Soldiers will be out front promoting the Terminator coaster, and joining the resistance to the park guests? The pre-shows look awesome, and will they always allow photography to be taken inside these pre-shows, or was today a one-time deal? Tim
  7. ABC 7 just did a Live Report with Garth Kemp talking inside the station, and showed footage of him riding it, and alot of aerial views. This aired at 4:53 p.m. or so. Garth Kemp may do a second report in the 5 p.m. news cast, so watch the news on ABC 7. I am actually uploading video of the Fox News Good day LA Today report to YouTube, that aired at 12:30 p.m., using my digital camera. I am sure somebody has already posted a better video of it, and I haven't checked previous posts yet to see if anybody has. Once it's done, I'll post a link to it. I don't have DSL, so this upload is taking a long time. This ride looks really good, promising, and just awesome. I can't wait to ride this thing myself.
  8. Awesome pictures. I wish I was there taking pictures. There will be Fox News at 12 p.m., and Good Day L.A. (repeat) I believe at 12:30 p.m. on Fox TV 11, that's in the Los Angeles Area. I am sure footage and reports will be on many news stations today, and Fox News at 10 p.m. tonight as well, may have highlights from today's media day.
  9. I rode the Orient Express on Monday when I went, so it's working now. How about a group of 10-12 people make a chain by holding hands walking to the Terminator up on the pathway, so nobody will pass you up. End to End. Would that work, you'll have to walk fast, and be careful not to bump into anything. Just a suggestion.
  10. If you get lucky enough to get as far as the second shaded queue line, as below, you'll have a sure bet you will ride, and be very excited, well even if you are as far as the first queue line shaded area, you'll be waiting a lot less than the people standing pass the bridge. Tim The second shaded queue line area. I am sure they may have like misters, and even tv monitors playing music and video, such as they have during the queue line in X2.
  11. Before they let the crowd in the park, will they make an announcment that there will be no running allowed? I would think the fastest way to Terminator would be to take the Orient Express up to the top of the hill, walk down that steep grade around the corner, and you'll be there...I would think walking around where Viper is, passing Roaring Rapids may be a longer walk. I haven't decided if I'll be there Saturday, if I do end up going, I'll come in the afternoon, not to ride Terminator, just to take pictures of the crowd and the coaster from the exit and flash pass pathway. It's going to be a crazy day, and crowded day, considering it is the weekend.
  12. In this picture that I had taken, which I found after going through all my pictures, that the tunnel in question, as you can see is fully enclosed by wood, and the inside probably has the sheet-metal. Edit: Actually, it's the angle of the picture giving the illusion that the tunnel is fully enclosed, when it isn't in this picture. Those two guys on that crane lift, must be doing something with the tunnel on that end, or like I said in my previous post, they may be removing that excess wood that is sticking out.
  13. Yes, that is fine. I do have others, but nothing interesting that hasn't already been posted. Yes, this new coaster looks awesome in person, and it sure brightens up this area of the park, I can't wait to ride it. I don't think I'll be there Saturday, it will be far too crowded. I may go on a weekday sometime in June. I can't wait to see how long the line extends out on Saturday, and hopefully the Sky Tower is open, to get that birds-eye view. Tim
  14. I was referring to that tunnel that is directly under the first drop, you'll know what I mean, as you view my images. And these two guys are taking a break, or are they covering up the Tyvek paper. You decide. "What are we doing up here?" the guy on the left asks, "I don't think we're going to be done with this thing!" the other guy on the right replies. I left before six, so I didn't stay for testing. I may have the rest of my images up on my website sometime during this next week. Tim Enclosing the tunnel. I believe these guys are removing excess wood that you have seen sticking out all over, because it looks dangerous to have it like that, but I could be wrong. Workers making sure this thing is in top shape for Media Day, and Saturday. Workers up on the wood, inspecting, and I believe removing the excess wood that has been sticking out. Nothing new here, just the entrance, still blocked off by the blue wall. More tunnel enclosure.
  15. Terminator Update: May 18th I just got back from Magic Mountain, and took many pictures, but here's the latest on what they were doing on Terminator. They're enclosing the tunnel after that first drop and inside the first drop structure, and also what looks to be removing excess wood from the coaster. The Sky Tower was closed, no pictures from above. I am unable to upload my pictures here. The originals are in HQ, and I scaled them down under 800x600, but it gets jammed up. I'll find another way to get them up here. Tim
  16. I'm told they cannot start testing until 6pm. --Robb That's okay, I'll probably be there until after 6, unless it is really crowded. I do plan on riding other attractions to pass the time.
  17. I'll be at Six Flags tomorrow, just printed my Season pass voucher. I'll be taking pictures of Terminator, and hopefully it will be testing, before the evening, I want to see this coaster in person, and I am sure it's a beautiful sight.
  18. Thanks Robb for that video. I actually downloaded the file, it took awhile, but was able to watch it, and it looks like alot of fun. I can't wait to ride this thing like so many others. It is sure fast after that first drop, and flys through the course faster than expected, and that's good. That box on the back, it does look weird to have, but must be something to do with the audio system if there is on-board audio, but you said Robb, that Tim Burkhart couldn't deny or confirm an audio system, or maybe he was keeping it a secret from the public. I am sure Media Day will reveal many things about this ride, I can't wait. That was funny that the coaster got jammed up on the lift hill, and all of the orange hardhat terminator workers started rushing out of the station, a couple terminators must of taken over and scared them out. I am not sure when I will be able to visit Six Flags, but I do appreciate all the pictures and videos posted here. I was thinking of getting my season pass this week, and visiting to check it out, and possibly take pictures. I can't wait for Media Day. I am sure local news will be down there, so wouldn't this be on the news that day, such as CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX? And the movie looks awesome, it's going to be a very crazy weekend surrounding this new coaster, and movie. Exciting! Tim
  19. I don't think anyone should judge the look of the trains just yet, not until they are all hooked up and on the track, and testing. There may be additional work to be attached to the trains, decals, or props to make them look really cool. I think the trains will be just fine. If SFMM thought they wouldn't look right for the coaster, they wouldn't have ordered this particular design, so we'll have to wait and see. Sunday is testing day, so should be exciting.
  20. I believe now this little structure being built by the entrance to Terminator, is actually the photo viewing/pick-up area, exiting the ride. The other side is entering the queue line. I thought first it could be lockers for riders to store any carry-ons, however looks too small for lockers for the amount of riders who'll be riding the coaster daily. Could it be on-ride viewing/pick-up, or lockers?
  21. Awesome pictures. It's looking fantastic, and love that entrance sign, it's better than I thought it would be. The little structure by the bridge is lockers I believe. I believe they may be working 24/7 to get this thing done on time, because don't they need a week or two to test the trains? They probably have workers all night working on it, using large light lamps to see. I can't wait to see the progress by next week, they'll probably be testing the trains, and we'll all see what they look like. Tim
  22. I was just reading this article from the L.A. times website about Terminator, posted April 11th. Here is a small snippet from what General Manager Tim Burkhart had to say... To read the entire article, follow this link......... L.A. Times - Six Flags Magic Mountain - Terminator Salvation
  23. I changed the flashpass line entrance to what could be the exit to Terminator, thanks for CreditCrazy reminding me about the exit. If there is a flashpass quene line, it most likely will be somewhere in the regular quene line, or near the station. Note: How do you delete an image? I was going to delete the one I previously posted. Tim
  24. Oh yeah, the exit. Perhaps now since you brought that up, the exit is where I have the flashpass entrance. That may be the exit. -Tim
  25. Here is my interpretation of what the size of the entrance bridge should of been, and my take on what the quene line may look like for flashpass holders, and regular people in line. -Tim
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