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  1. Sorry this is a little late, I just got back. What a great day at CP! We get to the park and take the Sky Ride towards ID and WC. Take a quick ride on ID and take the train back to Frontier Town. Next up was MS and we sat in the front. We actually had a great ride! Front row on MS is the way to go! Next up was Mine Ride and had another good ride. Now it was time for lunch and we at at some place in FT that I have never eaten at before. We got pizza, pop, and salad. It was pretty good. Now it was time for Thunder Canyon and I actually didn't get too wet. My shorts did but my shirt didn't really. Then we walked over to Gemini and rode that and then after that we rode Magnum. TTD, MF, and Maverick had long waits all day. So sadly we didn't ride any of them. MF was actually down for the first hour or two of the day. Next up was Paddlewheel, then after Paddlewheel we went over to the dodgems and rode those. After Dodgems was Snoopy's Big Bow Wow. What a great show! All the families seemed to be enjoying! After that we took a quick ride on ID and then headed to Famous Daves for dinner. We had some great ribs there! After dinner we wanted to ride TTD or MF but never got too, because the lines were both two hours! So we rode WC and Raptor. Front row on Raptor is so amazing! So before we left I bought a CP t-shirt and we got some ice cream at tofts. Man do they give you a lot of ice cream there! Another great time at CP!
  2. Wow, is the name of that ride really called Ride of Steel? They must of put a lot of thought into that name.
  3. Now I've noticed a lot of parks seem to get these disgusting things. I know Cedar Point will get one once in a while in the Raptor line but they are pretty good at cleaning it off. SF over Georgia has one in line for the log flume. SF GADV has a whole wall of one in one of their ques.
  4. The hotel is great! I especially love the look of the lobby. The rooms are nothing fancy but are fine and the pool area is nice.
  5. If you are going to make a rude reply like that at least spell GRAMMAR right.
  6. CP admission is underpriced. Pretty much all SF parks cost more than CP.
  7. This happens every year at CP, the prices will go up a little in August and next May will go back to the original price. It's a trend for CP. Not sure about other CF parks though.
  8. Ultimately, the only thing that Six Flags did wrong at Geauga Lake was to sell it to Cedar Fair. Yeah SF just did so well. Adding what, like 4 coasters in one year? CF was cleaning up the mess that SF made. They cluttered the place like crazy and were making it less of a a FAMILY park. You know SF was not all that great. Not sure why you are trying to lie and say they did so well. You obviously have NO CLUE to why SF went into debt, do you? Just another year and that water park would of been cleaned out, but the attendance was down thanks to SF. Now you say CF closed it to eliminate competion? Oh that just cracks me up! CF owns both GL and CP, so either way they are making money! You have some lame conspiracies.
  9. ^How so? CF has been doing wonders with the Paramount parks and Cedar Point.
  10. By looking at the webcams today, it looks jammed once again! I bet Kinzel must be thrilled when he looks at the parking lot when he wakes up every morning.
  11. I guess the Cleveland Clinic people used to always go to GL for their trip but went to CP, because GL is obviously now gone.
  12. From my understanding CP might hit up to 60,000 guests today, with the main lot being full and people having to park on the causeway! Great news for CP!
  13. Because MF has awesome speed, some great airtime, an amazing first drop, is really smooth, and is just plain fun especially in the front row!
  14. Man, what a great day for a Saturday! Weather was alright and there were showers off and on throughout the day. It was just my cousin and I today and we entered through the side entrance (Famous Daves entrance). It was great because we entered the park around 9:58 so we beat the crowds at the front entrance. First up was going to be MF, but ID had no line whatsoever so we took a quick ride on that. Then next up was MF. Wait was about an hour or so, and waited for the front row. We had about a ten minute delay because the red train hit a seagull and they had to clean that up. We finally got on and it was my best ride on MF yet! Boy what a great ride! The front is just amazing and worth the wait. Next up we went over to Gemini and had a great ride, they were running both sides so the line went by quick. Then we went over to CCMR and took a quick spin on that and then went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch. I got a chicken sandwich, waffle fries, and a water for $10.29. Next up were the water rides. We rode TC twice and SRF twice, and then I bought an $8 cheap towel to dry off. I regret doing that but oh well. So after the water rides we checked out Mavericks line and that was a definite NO, because the line was overflowing out of the que. So we walked over to Magnum and waited 45 min for a great ride! Some guy sitting behind us said this was his first ride on Magnum in 10 years. He said the ride has definetly changed a lot. So next we walked over to Paddlewheel and took a ride on that, just love that ride, not sure why. Now time to head over to DT, and on our way a man bumps into us and wouldn't you know it, it's John Hildebrandt! It was nice to meet him and we had a nice convo with him. So we waited an hour for DT, pretty much just for the air conditioning. I see they added the music which I like! The ride was pretty much all dark, BUT I noticed one piece of theming lit up, not sure what it was though. The ride seemed faster than usual, or is it just me? Right when we walk out of DT here comes the rain, so we stood under the MaXair games waiting for it to let up. It finally did and it was time for a ride on Raptor. This was probably our longest wait of the day, it was about one and a half hours. Totally worth the wait though. After we stopped and got some Dippin dots and sat down for a little while. Then we had a small dinner. We wanted to sit down at Game Day Grille or Johnny Rockets but both had lines coming out the door. So I just got a corn dog, chips, and a drink at a fast food place. Corn dog looked really funny, but was still good. So next we took the sky ride over to the train and on our way to the train we see Bill Spehn walking down the WC midway. Didn't talk to him though. We did see a few corporates today but never saw Kinzel. Just my luck. So we rode the train a few times around because here comes the rain AGAIN. Checked out Mavericks line and it was still long as ever so never rode. So since we had done everything in FT we walked over by PT, because my cousin wanted to ride and it seemed to be the only ride running because of the rain. So she rode both sides while I watched. So it's getting late and we want to end the day on TTD, we waited about an hour and half and had an amazing ride! So we go over and get some pretzels from the pretzel place and end the day on a great note. -Smoking was out of control today on the midways and in some que lines. On a positive note, many were using the designated areas. -We spent a lot of money in the park. -Food was overall pretty good. A lot of people were willing to buy as the food lines were long. -Park was packed, from Sky ride we could see the the parking lot was totally full. Ride count: MF x1 TTD x1 Sky Ride x2 Train x2 Power Tower x2 CCMR x1 DT x1 Gemini x1 Magnum x1 Iron Dragon x1 Paddlewheel Excursions x1 Raptor x1 TC x2 SRF x2
  15. You have a pretty bad taste in coasters no offense. You thought Maverick was rough and MF sucked? And the reason rides were running low capacity was because of low crowds. Why run three trains when lines are short??
  16. Great looking compared to what? There are so many more aesthetic parks: BGE, Dollywood, Europa, Tripsdrill, Efteling, etc. And they did have plenty of natural beauty to work with, they just chose to cut all those pesky trees down. As for the trash can issue, there are plenty of parks that manage to stay clean without installing one trash can for every guest. Us Ohio people must be pretty sad if we can't be bothered to walk more than 5 feet to throw something away. He's not comparing CP's beauty to anything. He is right that CP is gorgeous. I think there a plenty of enough trees and can never understand why people say there are no trees.
  17. CF just put in that exact same ride at Great America and theming that looked just like that, so obviously they can handle it.
  18. I think you forgot to talk about Sandcastle Suites. How was your stay?
  19. If you are talking to me I have been to Geauga Lake thank you very much and wasn't very impressed. How was I criticizing any other park? I just said they cited low attendance. CP isn't going anywhere. At least not in my lifetime. I have the rest of my life to enjoy it. And yes you already posted this over at the Cleveland site. Do you need to post it again?
  20. That link proves nothing. Did you take a look at the webcams today? Cedar Point looks pretty darn crowded. It's still the early season with graduation parties going on and people finishing school. Obviously you have no clue what soft means. That means flat. Kennywood reported down attendance so far so things really arn't looking good for them especially with this new ownership. Cedar Point is going to be around for many more years for people to enjoy and you need to accept that. July and August are the really big months and that is when attendance will show. You GL fan boys crack me up. What left is there to talk about? Seriously what? The auction is over and the park is gone.
  21. I will be going to CP again this August and can't wait!!
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