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  1. This did not have to happen. Six Flags sold the park when it drew 2.1 million guests. Cedar Fair dropped that to 700,000. Here in Cleveland we will not forget how this was handled. Cedar Point's attendance is down. Many of us are going to Kennywood. They closed a park that families went to for generations, and lied about it. This may seem like just another park closing to some people. But here in Cleveland this is going to resonate for a long time. Cedar Fair messed this up big, it will take years for them to get their good name back, if ever. They pissed off their local market. I think you need to get your facts straight. CP has not announced any attendace figures so why are you going around saying attendance is down? For the record also, EVEN if CP's attendance was down it was not be because of GL. You may think just because a little community called GLT hates CP for no reason means attendance is down because of that. Sorry your wrong again. Everyone is going to Kennywood? Another thing that is news to me. Everyone I know in the Cleveland area will be going to CP this summer. One of my frieds was at Kennywood the other day and said the park was dirty, a lot of rides were down, and it just isn't a fun park. People will be forgetting about GL trust me. Now that the auction and all the talk about BD is over, there is nothing left to talk about. People now from the Cleveland area will begin to go to CP.
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