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  1. This could be the least shocking news of my night...and yours! At least I won't have to fly to California to ride it now, and it'll be a good addition to USF that isn't related at all to the Potter-verse.
  2. My iPhone 5 was delivered around 10:30 this morning and after a few hours playing around with it I'm very happy. Transferring all my information over was a breeze as was setting it up. I didn't have any of the scratches or screen bubbles and such that people have been noting online, so I consider myself lucky. Ran down to the local AT&T store to pick up a case and screen protector just to be on the safe side. Coming from the iPhone 4 I'm amazed by how light it feels and moves faster, and I'm totally loving the new earPods.
  3. I'm all for sharing the wealth and keeping the entire family coming to the park, even if the teenagers in the family will split apart from Mom, Dad, and their younger siblings. I'm just confused why Cedar Fair keeps marketing the Peanuts characters. Other than Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, and Dad does anyone even know who the Peanuts characters are anymore (besides the Great Pumpkin and Christmas special every year)? I would think there would have to be at least some other available more popular kids characters that would have them screaming to go to the parks to see their favorite characters in person or ride on their rotating firetrucks of doom.
  4. Front left wing of Skyrush earlier this evening. Happy National Roller Coaster Day indeed!
  5. Heck, I haven't ridden it since it had the lapbars fitted with the racing harnesses, which was like over 10 years ago! Adios, Plunge, sorry the morbidly obese ruined you for the masses.
  6. ^thats why I said "when it opens.". I doubt CF is going to add one to Kings Island next year as well, unless B&M is running a deal like Mondial did with the Windseekers, in which case, Keymaster: Opening the gates of Kings Island in 2013!!!
  7. That's just a technicality, it's still gonna be the best one in Ohio, even if it is the only one there. I'm just being positive
  8. When this thing opens, it's gonna be the best Wing Rider in Ohio. I do like the whole "Ride layout designed specifically for Cedar Point" part of the press release, must just be Cedar Fair's way of saying "this ride was totally designed for this park, not for one of our other parks and then sent here instead."
  9. Great job capturing the awesomeness that was those few torrential downpour rides on Colossos, Hanno. I'm still amazed of the magic powers my hoodie must have that it was completely dry the next day.
  10. Big thanks to Robb and Elissa and Dineen and Matt and everyone else at Canada's Wonderland for organizing a great event. With all the ERT and the wonders of Fastlane there was plenty of rides to be had even with the big crowds that came due to the perfect weather. I don't think I'll need to eat for a couple of days with all the food we were offered (4 meals?!) and the walkbacks of Leviathan and Wilde Beast were a great treat, not to mention the sweet bonus surprise ERTs. My only sadness is that I can't do the next couple Bashes these next couple of weekends, blasted job!
  11. Front row on Leviathan at Canada's Wonderland last night with TPR during Leviathan Bash. Coasters are always fun at night, especially at 11:30pm!
  12. mmmmm...GeForce, worth the price of the flight just to ride again.
  13. Yay Japan, yay messed up new credit, yay not having to ride Spin Bullet ever again! Can't wait to go back to Joypolis and do that Evil Dolls Sounds Dangerous thing, plus hopefully seeing the Rainbow Bridge all lit up at night.
  14. An Orient Express at a local fair. Bring on the weekend and Canaba's Wonderland!
  15. ^She could always add a "No Longer" above the Dueling Dragons logo, then it would be appropriate, or a "In Memory of"
  16. Going way back to when I got really interested in roller coasters: 1996: 6 1997: 13 1998: 14 1999: 107 2000: 59 2001: 48 2002: 121 2003: 62 2004: 5 2005: 71 2006: 128 2007: 27 2008: 32 2009: 23 2010: 29 2011: 47 2012: 30 so far 2002 and 2006 were big years due to international trips to the UK, Canada, mainland Europe, and Scandinavia. Not sure what happened in 2004, I guess Islands of Adventure was still good back then, and BGT wasn't too far away if I needed a change of scenery.
  17. I had no idea Elitch put in a Half Pipe (or I did and then forgot)! And to think I've been back to Denver twice since they added it and just focused all my time on beer. Very cool about their line skip system too.
  18. The park seems to have much in common with Hard Rock Park as far as rides, shows, great theming, and lack of shade go. The major differences are that there were more people waiting for the dark ride to open than in an entire day at the entrance to HRP, and this park is still open.
  19. Great, with Dispatch Master Transport gone I guess I'll have to fly on a plane to get to Alaska. Ugh, that means dealing with the TSA.
  20. Definitely looks like a break from the norm for GCI and yet still featuring a lot of the things they do so well. Really looking forward to this, Orlando definitely can use a wood coaster, and this looks like it'll be a winner.
  21. Seeing "Newsies" and drinking at Ginger Man is better than riding Skyrush and drinking at Troegs, but only slightly Besides, Skyrush isn't going anywhere anytime soon, whereas unfortunately "Newsies" will be leaving eventually. Glad you got to see it! And too much manliness in the second update!
  22. Would have been much better if they used "We Built This City" or "The Final Countdown" instead of that lame and way-too-long song.
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