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  1. I downloaded, in the midst of unlocking Quagmire now.
  2. How many of us are also going to play Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff when it becomes available on April 10 for iOS and Android?
  3. I won't give it the title of BEST wood coaster just yet since there is still some great competition out there, but it will definitely get me on a plane to Stockholm as soon as it's opened. Looks like everything I loved about Outlaw Run and my only criticism of it being not long enough being taken care of, throwing in more turns and twists, hills, and ride time. Really looking forward to this beast in 2016, visiting a park I didn't even know existed a few weeks ago, and getting back to Scandi for a mini-trip to a few other top coasters.
  4. The FPs do accumulate, even if it says "Max" it just doesn't show in your status bar while visiting other towns, it does show up when collecting them from cleaning graffiti in your own Springfield. Also be sure to go to Krustyland, we now have access to Bumblebee Man's Taco truck AND topiaries of the Seven Duffs!
  5. Just a heads up for those that have Stampy, it looks like the next friend item will be the EARL lighthouse, but in EA fashion they haven't reset the FP gauge when visiting neighbor towns, so it doesn't look like you can get any points yet if it says "Max Level" already. It did look like I got points from cleaning up graffiti in my own town, but I can't tell if the other 50 points I got from visiting other towns went through or not.
  6. Remember a couple of years ago when they had the bridge between El Toro and Medusa (now Bizarro) closed off? It's definitely a pain if they don't have the pathway between El Toro and Ka opened, but by making guests walk all the way over to Boardwalk to get between the two rides means walking right past all the games, food stands, and upcharges. We see it as a pain, they see it as a way to make $$$.
  7. ^You drank that without me?! Oh wait, you were supposed to, it's even in the name I enjoyed a Dirty Little Freak from DuClaw, a coconut caramel chocolate brown ale that tastes exactly like the Samoa Girl Scout cookies
  8. I found the Haunted Hospital to be a lot less scary or stressful than the average day working in a hospital. I think my favorite attraction there was the "buried alive in a coffin" ride, followed by the Hamster coaster, though I haven't experienced Takabisha or Eejanaika . Definitely liked Liseberg's Haunted Hotel better, though I felt too hurried through that one as well.
  9. Also wanted to let people know that you should still visit your friends towns every 24 hours, even after you get Stampy. Sure $$$ ain't really a problem for some of us these days in Springfield, but donuts also randomly drop once you've gotten to maximum friend level. I got 1 on Sunday, 1 on Monday (in addition to the St Paddys 5), 2 yesterday, and 1 today.
  10. After the building of the Guinea Pig Rescue Center is complete you'll be able to buy one guinea pig to wander around the town for 40 donuts. I'm still mad that I completed the St Patricks stuff and there was nothing else other than the free donuts on St Patricks Day. At least last year we got the shamrock shrub, a pot of gold or something would have been nice. I hate when a quest is over but there is nothing telling you that it's all done so you think maybe some other character is needed to continue it.
  11. Is it just me, or is this St Patricks Day quest going on too long. Here it is, the actual day of the event, and I'm still doing quest tasks that won't end until 4am tomorrow. It's not like I've missed a day playing or anything either!
  12. Thanks, now I want to either go back to Blackpool or to FAO Schwarz. Though I'd rather die on Valhalla than the streets of NYC.
  13. Completed. Top 20: 1. Favorite Wood Coaster Any Park Anywhere 2. Expedition GeForce Holiday Park 3. Nemesis Alton Towers 4. Kawasemi Tobu Zoo 5. Kumba Busch Gardens Tampa 6. Maverick Cedar Point 7. Intimidator 305 Kings Dominion 8. Montu Busch Gardens Tampa 9. Skyrush Hersheypark 10. Katun Mirabilandia 11. Goliath Walibi Holland 12. iSpeed Mirabilandia 13. Bizarro SF New England 14. Blue Fire Megacoaster Europa Park 15. Space Mountain Disneyland 16. Winjas - Fear Phantasialand 17. Manta SeaWorld Orlando 18. Euro-Mir Europa-Park 19. Shockwave Six Flags Over Texas 20. Phantom's Revenge Kennywood Park Skip a few... Bottom 10: 242. Anaconda Kings Dominion 243. Shockwave Kings Dominion 244. Mantis Cedar Point 245. Fav Zamperla Volare Any Park Anywhere 246. Green Lantern:1st Fl. Six Flags Magic Mountain 247. Ultimate Lightwater Valley 248. Sequoia Adventure Gardaland 249. Roller Coaster New York New York 250. Ninja Six Flags Over Georgia 251. Goudurix Parc Asterix I kind of feel bad for Green Lantern because my ride was horrible, but I know it's not the ride, it's the park the ride is in running it terribly which resulted in my opinion of the ride. I also feel pity for the two coasters in my bottom 10 from Kings Dominion, but they are only there because most other parks have removed their bad Arrow and Togo machines and therefore they're not on the poll this year.
  14. I'm all signed up for Kings Dominion, now off to get some donations! I only hope the entire marathon won't be on Anaconda or I may have to get some painkillers from work!
  15. Looks like there is a new update, with more incentives to keep visit neighboring Springfields with prizes only won by collecting Friend Points. FPs are arned exactly the same as Valentine Hearts, but back to tapping houses instead of people. Prizes include Olmec Head, Singing Sirloin, Snowball II, Homer's car, and Stampy!
  16. ^This is why I will continue to purchase the 10-day park tickets with the no expiration option added on, and get into the parks for much cheaper. My last one was purchased back in 2012 and I still have 7 days left on it. It may seem like a lot of money upfront, but it is totally worth it in the long run.
  17. Maybe they chose the name "Impulse" because it was an impulse buy, late at night after kicking back a few cold ones. It was either name the ride "Impulse" or "Dexter's Drunken Decision"
  18. Wow, I can't believe Chuck just put "Six Flags" and "themed" in the same sentence!
  19. If we look at all the clues so far it's pretty easy to figure out: Impulse- it's an Intamin shuttle coaster Skloosh control panel- means it's being placed inside are around Skloosh Three states visited- The three states are gas, liquid, and solid so.... it's an Intamin air launched aquatrax shuttle into a brick wall! You're welcome
  20. I found it helps if you save up a few spins before going in to the wheel, and don't always start at the same spot, but with the same amount of push every time.
  21. I just got the Tunnel of Love unlocked, now Marge can do stuff in Krustyland too. Also completed chapter 10 of the V-day story last night. Seemed to be a pretty quick story, though I guess that's what happens when they only release it so close to Valentines Day
  22. ^Last year I think towards the end they broke out a "heart grinder" which turned so many hearts into some amount of cash between $250-$1,000.
  23. Mine originally was 12 hours of rose bushes, I rushed it for 6 donuts to unlock Valentines to friends towns, then started to do the next part which was have Ned sing for 6 hours and that was at 1pm EST. Now it set me back to level 37, gave me 2 donuts, and I'm getting the Super Bowl ending and Blue Haired lawyer and courthouse quests again, but also Ned is still singing and I was able to collect 3 or 4 spins by visiting neighbors towns. It looks like those of us who played last year already have all of those decorations marked on our wheel, so we're sort of closer to getting the Tunnel of Love, though with Christmas it took me until the second to last day to obtain the Helter Shelter, so maybe not really. It also seems we need to keep growing roses at Cletus's to get more hearts and complete another step in the quest.
  24. Got Costington's last night, should be finished building around 7pm. Now for every 1000 gift cards I collect I earn a coin for the spin machine. So far I got Plow King, snow Lisa, snow Marge, and $1000. And now I'm being kicked off the server again consistently.
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