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  1. I got caught with the time glitch on a few of my characters, luckily I checked on them all an hour after setting them all up for 12 hour tasks. I think the key was I exited the game before they actually got to the location in which their tasks are to begin.
  2. Got enough eggs today to open one of each of the boxes. I ended up with: Easter fence, 300 gold eggs, and pastel fence. WTF! I haven't even gotten a random basket from the bunnies in over a week!
  3. I wouldn't waste clams on Pee Pants. From the looks of how many people didn't get enough items to unlock him even with the extension I wouldn't be surprised if he makes a return sometime shortly.
  4. I finally unlocked Rambo Lois and Mermaid Peter, then bought Jake Tucker and the church with all the clams I got from completing quests and visiting neighbors. Still need 2 First Editions to unlock Brian though and move on to the next task.
  5. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Shari isn't even unlocked by EA until like the last day of the Easter special. I'm getting pretty tired of the quest and constantly getting ponds and other decorations that aren't even helping me get donuts. Still haven't gotten anything good besides the Mexican restaurant, egg man, super bunny, and a topiary if you call that something good. They really need to add more of those ridiculously expensive buildings, because I really have no use for money in the game anymore.
  6. I managed to get the Hobo skin earlier today, but it definitely took lots of playing and making Chris do 1 hour tasks to achieve and I don't think the clowns were spawning properly. I also just created Mermaid Peter after getting the final sea shell needed. Current quests are creating Rambo Lois, some 24 hour task for Cop Joe, and unlocking Brian, which is taking forever as I need like 6 books yet to achieve from 8 hour tasks, and Rambo Lois needs 3 headbands yet. At bedtime I set them up to do at least 6 or 8 hour tasks, or longer if there's an item possibly generated like the 12 hour task for Lois that may drop an item to create her S&M skin. At least while I have the characters that can get those items busy with those tasks I can make my workers clear the land for future expansion and still know I'll have plenty of time to make back that money for the next building. Really liking the game so far, especially that it doesn't seem to take as long as Tapped Out to load, nor does it have as many glitches.
  7. It's probably caused by your office farming!
  8. The clowns will spawn every 1 to 4 hours depending on if it's a pie clown or a horn clown. You can only have 3 of the pie and 2 horn clowns in town at a time, and each one will give either a pie or a horn that you'll need to unlock hobo Peter.
  9. I only just got my first building today, all the other 15 or so boxes were all fences, eggs, ponds, etc.
  10. I keep getting nothing but fences, ponds, decoration eggs, and fences that don't even count toward donuts! The saddest thing is when I select the Easter box and it does that fake random selecting thing, none of the big prizes even show up as a possibility. My biggest prize to date is a Kang topiary, give me a building or character!
  11. Yes, do NOT buy the Easter baskets using donuts, once they're filled they are done and you won't get them back. You'll earn them for free at random from zapping bunnies. Also don't buy the Frink machine, you'll get one for free later in the quest.
  12. Same, a clam from Ollie 2 days in a row. Already better than Tapped Out, though I'm now getting 1 or 2 donuts a day visiting towns there too.
  13. Yeah, it's the crappy prize, so if you have the luck of Dave Thomas you may actually get rewarded in the end with 15 donuts
  14. The fences show up in the Easter boxes that you can "buy" for 500 eggs of any one color once you've collected that many eggs from your own town by zapping bunnies or having characters do egg related tasks (once they show up) or by visiting neighbor towns and tapping on buildings with eggs on them.
  15. Once you're in Easter mode and visit neighbor towns, here's a few hints: Do NOT vandalize, you won't collect eggs from doing this Only tap on buildings showing eggs to collect eggs, tapping on buildings showing only money will give you only money. If you exchange eggs with a neighbor, you will give 100 eggs of the color they want and you'll receive 50 eggs of the other color in exchange. Gold eggs can only be found by opening Easter boxes once you've collected 500 eggs of that color. Make sure you clear your handshakes so others can keep collecting eggs in your town! Tapping on the bunnies in neighbor towns does nothing. And you don't need to tap on the eggs before moving on to the next to collect them.
  16. Looks like the social feature will be turned off for the next week or so. Bummer, those extra coins really helped when I needed a few bucks to have enough for a build, and the random clams are always nice. Hope they get the bug fixed soon
  17. Do the cop out where you remove the building they came with and they disappear, resetting them to no task when you place their building again.
  18. Looks like it starts with having Homer, Apu, and Willie prepare for Whacking Day for 24 hours. Donut characters include Cat Lady and house and Mojo the Helper Monkey. Then it goes into another new twist of gaming where it's sort of like Whacking Day was where you collect snakes to earn prizes, but instead you earn eggs of different colors by zapping bunnies instead of snakes and when you have enough of one color you open a special mystery box to unlock your prize, which includes lots of decorations, the Blocko Store, Johnny Fiesta Mexican restaurant (Tacos!!), or golden eggs which can be used to unlock things like Banana Dictatorship, Father Sean, and Shari Bobbins! And now visiting friends towns will allow you to exchange eggs of a certain color for the other color. Easter instructions, once you wait 24 hours for Homer, Apu, and Willie to do their task.
  19. I'm afraid to third tap anyone lower than a level 6 at this point, as I did get a clam from someone, but then it crashed and I lost it. (I think it was Dave!). Now I'm up at level 10, so we'll see how tomorrow morning tapping on 6's goes. Woohoo, cartoon boob time! Oh Family Guy, I should have known!
  20. I'm still getting the glitch with Craig and Bob too, who are now level 5.
  21. Up to level 8 now, and running out of room! I do like how it tracks what you do, so if you're ahead of the game when a quest comes up it counts it already, instead of making you do it again. This game is very adult!
  22. Yes, clams are like donuts in TSTO. If you tap on the + at the top displaying the number of clams you have! it will bring up pricing for a certain amount of clams. The same happens if you tap the + on the coins bar, it'll show pricing to purchase more coins. Certain quests (I believe shown with a small gift box in the quest bar) also give clams when the quest is completely finished. Occasionally you'll get a clam from visiting neighboring towns as well, though I'm still having the glitch where it kicks me out of the game if I tap on a third Quahogian.
  23. ^Agreed. I'm trying to micromanage what tasks one character who has multiple quest components going on can accomplish while another character needed for the same quest is finishing up something. Looks like it is crashing now when visiting neighbors. I can get 2 coins from Soupy, but if I try to get the third it kicks me out.
  24. Currently midway on level 4, waiting on a cheeseburger to finish unlocking Jerome, building the Founding Father to give me Bruce, and Bonnie is twerking on the stripper pole. Enjoying the more challenging aspect of it, and the animations for all the tasks. Hopefully it continues with all the characters with their tasks instead of in TSTO where some characters just go in a building and that's that.
  25. As promised, following EA's success with The Simpson's: Tapped Out, Fox and Tiny Co have created a very similar Family Guy game. The game is very true to the Family Guy TV series and simple enough to figure out after a few minutes of play. It's not just a total rip off of Simpson's either, there are some new things and items to gather to complete tasks and unlock characters. Right now it looks like the only way to visit friends' towns is to log in via Facebook, but the game is pretty fun and amusing so far! It's free to download with in app purchases, so if you love Family Guy and want to run your own Quahog grab the game from the AppStore or Marketplace and join the fun! Post if you're playing and share what you've discovered.
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