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  1. Anyone who knows me knows how much I used to hate Kings Island back when it was run by Paramount Parks. Long lines spilling out into midways, giant lines for food, lack of queues, low capacity rides, blacktop everywhere, terrible maintenance, etc. I hated the place so much I haven't stepped foot in it since 2006. But with the good reviews of Banshee, Cedar Fair offering Fast Lane, and TPR planning a Bash there I figured this was the year to break the cycle and am I ever glad I did. Sure, some rides like Vortex still have very little queue, but the park has really turned around everything from good staffing at food services, speedy dispatches, vastly improving and restoring The Beast, and just an overall nicer atmosphere all around the park. Before I was well ready to leave by lunchtime, but this time I was in the park for 17 hours and was perfectly happy being there every minute of it. All the extra work the park and the Alveys did like the behind the scenes tours and ample amounts of ERT (and Sam Adams), plus the Fast Lanes and good group of friends definitely added to that, but not only was this day my favorite ever at Kings Island, it's among the best park days I've ever had at any park! Oh yeah, and yay for serving local microbrews at the Biergarten!
  2. ^Same. It's their way of thanking us for dealing with the glitch from the latest update. I never experienced the glitch, but I'll take the clams!
  3. Update today adds some new stuff to Krustyland. Make sure you have Homer and Krusty free to start the 2 tasks over there.
  4. The other day a friend of mine had his usual summer party where lots of beer geeks got together. Besides the 5 different kegs of beers, several home brews, and plenty of bottles from all over the world, we did a vertical tasting of 2007 thru 2014 Dark Lord RIS. Some were sweet, some were soy sauce, some were just right.
  5. Looks like another event will start on Thursday, requiring an App Store update. I'm all for these special weekend deals, but I'm still working on unlocking Carter, Stewie, and the costumes for Peter and Brian, I don't really need anything else to do at this moment. Plus I'm annoyed that it still seems like the same characters are needed for most of the quest items and limited quest items, whereas others have no purpose (Cleveland, Tricia, Connie) in any part of current challenges. Still, better than the latest Tapped Out update.
  6. Mmmmm....Balder And the rest of the park, and Helix, Kanonen, and Banan, but mostly Balder
  7. TusenFryd on a bad day is still better than the best Six Flags park on a good day. (And I think the soda is still cheaper in Norway with its crazy exchange rate and high cost of living than at a SF park).
  8. A "classic" would be roller coaster, a "new spin" would be water. Yup, it's gonna be an Aquatrax. Possibly an Intamin plug n play wooden Aquatrax, but that seems just a bit too crazy for Hersheypark.
  9. No matter what your inner coaster geek tells you, don't buy Seven Flags Atlantis with clams as soon as you see it, after a couple of quests for July 4th are accomplished one of the quests will be to buy the mystery boxes for $2000 each and once you collect all four types of fireworks, you're given Seven Flags for free. Ended up costing me about $18,000 but I also got 30 clams in the process.
  10. Wow, Hansa Park really seems to have kicked up the theming. The Euro Fighter looks amazing and the future hyper really intrigues me.
  11. Signed up. You got my interest with ERT on Banshee and Diamondback and won me over with FREE BEER! And to finally get night ERT on Beast is a nice bonus. Plus hooray for discounted Fastlane, that'll help get rid of my least favorite part of Kings Island, the lines that spill out into the midways!
  12. I broke down the other day and bought clams so I could get Ricky's Cantina and the Hanging Gardens to get the items I needed. Now today they have a weekend deal, doh! (Oops, wrong game) Anyway, pyramid's open and Cleveland is not needed to open it, just to move on to the next part of the quest. Good news is that once the pyramid is open values for Adventure Peter also double.
  13. I noticed that too. I just assumed it was a glitch because this is EA after all!
  14. So far I'm really liking this update, much more than the Easter event, and not just because it involves beer.
  15. I unlocked Adventure Peter, but I'm still a long ways away from getting Cleveland unlocked. Looking forward to the Pyramid opening.
  16. There are plenty of food options a very brief drive from Dorney, with easy access back to the park. Besides the McDonalds across the street there is also a Carrabbas, Friendly's, Boston Market, and I believe a Japanese hibachi amongst others all within a mile.
  17. I finally unlocked Anime Peter after needing another eyeball due to a crash several days ago. Luckily it only takes 4 hours of his task to unlock Trisha. Also only need one more hat to unlock crisis Lois.
  18. And now we need the headbands again for Anime Peter!
  19. Score, Asiantown has lots of new quests for stuff! New sweet costume for Peter and Lois, Trisha and Connie with their buildings, other new buildings, and new decorations. Now hurry up and fnish clearing land, you migrant workers!
  20. From other forums it sounds like quite a few people missed out on getting some of the characters and buildings, even after spending lots of donuts in an attempt to get them. I think a way EA could have done it better would be to make the primary eggs all be the decorations, fences, and more eggs; make the secondary eggs be the buildings, non-task characters, and a larger number of eggs; and make the gold eggs be all the task characters and Frink machines or something. Hearing this many people who played frequently and not just once every other day or so missed out on so much and got stuck with so many decorations that you cannot even sell or put in Krustyland is pretty poor on EA's part, and practically making you spend donuts and still not be guaranteed anything good puts a really bad light on EA, especially when newly competing TinyCo is practically giving out premium currency all the time. Hopefully EA makes up for it by releasing these items in a future update to those of us who didn't have a chance to get them and does so either as a freebie or with in-game cash and not donuts.
  21. I unlocked my final character, S&M Lois this morning and started clearing my final land plot. Also, make sure you download the update from the App Store, you get clams from unlocking the different character sets and costumes and it fixes the time glitch supposedly.
  22. Collected enough eggs for 2 boxes of my secondary type, didn't get either the iguanas or the Blocko Store that I still need, but got gold eggs...which quickly turned into my third Kang topiary. Meanwhile I still need Hugs, Shari, and Father Sean, and am still 3 fence pieces away from the donuts. They should have grouped all the crap gifts like ponds, bushes, gates, and eggs in with the fences, or at least let you sell them.
  23. I also sucked at the 50 donut gold egg option. Ended up with a topiary, three pastel fences, three Easter gates, and a tree that I got from more blue eggs.
  24. From what I've heard, you have to open 20 gold boxes before Shari is unlockable. I'm going to try saving up a whole bunch of my secondary eggs to try and win the items I need from that box yet, then probably break down and spend donuts on the last day, unless they swim things up at the end. I like the alternate mode too, and prefer this to having to switch modes like in the Whacking Day event. Plus my game every so often will play the vacuum sound from the Halloween ghost update instead of the zapping sound, which is a cute throwback. The only thing I don't like about this is the extreme amount of decorations that you aren't allowed to sell and that will look dumb if kept in town in the future.
  25. It looks like I'm at the point now where I have no quests at all and all that remains is for me to clear all the land I can, which is nice because this weekend's speedy workers will reduce my wait time for that. Also it looks like in the near future we'll be getting an update on iOS (Android is already out) that will take care of the time glitch as well as give us clams when we complete a FacePlace grouping. Also looks like a few new outfits for Peter and Lois are on the agenda and hopefully unlocking the next set of characters/buildings in the quest.
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