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  1. I didn't see anything about a definitive maximum height restriction posted at the ride's entrance, but I also didn't read the fine print. Judging by the elevation of the test seat, I would suspect that as long as you can sit in the seat and your feet not touch the ground you'll be permitted to ride. Minimum height is 54" A bit higher than a normal test seat to represent the wing seats added height from station floor
  2. With the gorgeous weather we had in Pennsylvania last weekend (I know, hard to imagine no rain!) and Skyrush's media event on Wednesday, we now have our final winners in the next ride challenge. Homeboy23 placed 2nd with his guess of Phoenix at Knoebels, which was the first thing I rode on Sunday when I got to the park. $25 donation goes to you or any other Team TPR participant of your choosing. Moose placed 3rd with his guess of Black Diamond, which I rode immediately following Phoenix (yay, credit!) $15 donation to your Team TPR participant of choice. Nozzy and r0flcoasterniki each receive a $5 donation for themselves or their Team TPR participant of choice for their guess of Skyrush. Private Messages are coming your way winners, and thanks to all who played!
  3. Skyrush, back row center right...meaning someone won a prize!
  4. It's hard for me to compare them currently since I haven't been on Expedition GeForce since 2002 and Bizarro since 2009, but it's definitely an A+ coaster in my rankings. I would say I like it better than i305, which I haven't ridden yet this year but rode it last year, and as of last year I liked i305 better than Bizarro (based off of my dislike of Bizarro's sound system trains). So based off of an old Steel Coaster Poll Ballot I guess I'd say GeForce>Skyrush≥Kawasemi>i305>Bizarro maybe? I'd have to give it a few days to really sink in, and hope GeForce is running in a month to compare fresh! :knocks on wood:
  5. More pictures Skyrush's station resembles the old railroad station Take too many photos of Skyrush and they put you to work! Another look at the trains The lapbars make this ride very open, even more than the B&M hypers A seatbelt attached to the center of the lapbar between the legs as seen on most inverted coasters At this point the front of the train is going "Awesome!" and the back is going "OMG AHHHHH!" The path by the Sunken Gardens is now opened and provides great views of the ride, as well as a nice shortcut past Founder's Circle! So far very open in the new area I'm sure this will look really pretty once more flowers bloom If you want speed and airtime, let me introduce you to Skyrush Nice headchopper here The trees provide another headchopper when exiting the Stengel Dive Notice the cable pulley at the bottom of the support My front seat photo, taken at bottom of first drop Here's the "Spin Bin". Add your items before the gates open to board and they'll rotate to inside the gates once the gates open for you to ride And thus concludes the preview of Skyrush. Forget the barbecues, beaches, and family gatherings, get out to Hershey this weekend and ride it, folks! And I'll leave you with some coaster train porn to show just how truly bare and naked these trains are!
  6. For well over the past 10 years there was always wonder if and when Hersheypark was going to put in a 200 foot tall coaster. Finally in 2012 the question has been answered and it was more than worth the wait! Built over Spring Creek and crammed into a little area of the park that hasn't seen guests in quite a while, Skyrush focuses on some of the best parts about a hyper/megacoaster; the speed and airtime, INSANE moments of airtime. Climbing quickly with the aid of a cable lift over top of Comet and sooperdooperLooper, Skyrush reaches the 200 foot mark in under 8 seconds and then drops at an 85 degree angle and sharply banking to the right reaching speeds of 75mph, but not forceful enough to cause any grey-outs. Riders towards the back of the train get their first moment of ejector air while the front of the train gets some airtime, but not as severe. An airtime hill tries to send you out of the train while crossing over Spring Creek, then a banked turn to the left, followed by another airtime hill of major negative G's over the creek, and then a banked turn to the right. A Stengel Dive banking right awaits next followed by a twist, banked right turn, another twist, and another airtime hill with enough force to launch you into orbit if not for the restraints. Then it's a left turn over Comet and into the brakes. All this 3600 feet with an over-the-head lapbar and your choice of a standard floored seat or a winged seat. Loading and unloading is all done on the same side of the station and there is no separate load and unload. This will slow down dispatch time, but Hersheypark has installed "spin bins" for each row, allowing you to drop off your goods before the gates even open and collect them as you exit the train without hindering the people next in line as they rotate once the gates open. I rode a total of 20 times during the event, trying out as many seats as possible. The back is definitely more intense than the front, and I found the left side to vibrate a little more than the right. My favorite seat was probably the front right wing, followed by the back left center, and both winged and floored do offer a slightly different sensation that is worth trying both conditions out. Not really sure I prefer one way of riding over the other. So far most of the talk from those who have ridden it is the insane amounts of airtime and its effect on the thighs. The airtime is comparable to El Toro or the Mega-Lites, very strong negative G's. It's definitely forceful and many guests won't be able to ride it too many times in a row, but then again how many people have that opportunity to do so. Many of the media there was with their families, and after a ride or two they would sit down for a few minutes or walk around and be back ready to ride 15-20 minutes later. It could maybe use more soft padding on the underside of the restraint, but I found if you just hold on and try to work against the forces of physics and keep yourself in the train, it's not so bad. Skyrush is a sensational ride from start to finish, offering up lots of airtime, directional changes, and speed all in a very open train. Hersheypark and Intamin definitely have another hit on their hands, and after 2004's Storm Runner, 2008's Fahrenheit, and 2012's Skyrush, I'm really looking forward to what the two are working on for 2016 (Aquatrax) Thanks to Hersheypark for allowing us to attend this media preview. Onto the pictures! SkyRush POV Video! Last August we Rushed the Hollow, now we're back for our reward Time to preview Hersheypark's newest rollercoaster before it opens to the public on Saturday, May 26 Festivities start at 6pm The Cocoa Rhythm Factory performed some sweet music for us while we waited And since it's all about rushing the sky, here's some of our flying friends. We'll just call this Gunter: The Golden Eagle since that name seems popular right now Making this little bird Gerta. She's all like "um, whats up with that big yellow thing there, I wanna ride too!" Kathy, John, and Kevin welcome us to Hersheypark for their 105th season and their 12th currently operating coaster, Skyrush and the rush is on! This is all the queue there appears to be, 8 switchbacks and then the stairs to the station When you reach the stairs there's a separate queue just for the front row And here's the station for all other rows The ride is all ready to go Down the first drop goes the first train with people of the night Falling at 85 degrees and 75mph Airtime over Spring Creek Different angle of the same cross over the creek Banked turn at far end Crossing over the creek again Another banked turn Exiting the Stengel Dive A little bit of twisty!!! And another major airtime hill following Comet And over Comet's station to return to Skyrush's own
  7. When I think of a Gunter, he's a stout, balding guy with a mustache wearing Lederhosen with a beer and chocolate bar in each hand. Much like how I've never met a thin Bertha, it's a doomed name. Good report, Chuck. I look forward to taking a spin on Verbolten sometime this year.
  8. The park was definitely a really neat atmosphere at night after the Expedition Everest Challenge, but some areas of the park were way too dark and required temporary lighting to be brought in, taking up precious walking space in that park. I'd love to see the park stay opened later once Avatar arises, but I think areas like Camp Minnie Mickey, Oasis, and that section between Africa and Asia would need more permanent lighting added.
  9. I never expected it to be anything more than a fun family coaster (for the family all over 48") that I'll ride at some point when I'm in the mood for some BGW goodness, a Das Alpine sandwich, and some German potato salad. Still, I'd much rather have another coaster to ride than look at a closed Big Bad Wolf or empty plot of land, and at least it's something new, unique, and themed.
  10. I finally rode my first coasters of the season this past weekend, the order being Space Mt, Manta, and Kraken. So congrats gromithere, you won first prize and will be receiving a PM from me shortly about your $50 prize. Since there were no other guesses the 2nd place, 3rd place, and 2 runners up prizes are still up for grabs until June 1, so keep placing your bets!
  11. I just found manageable flights for that weekend so I jumped on it. Gotta love when flights are $300 cheaper if it isn't nonstop but ends up going through the airport you're used to anyway, and pretty much half the price is taxes. Can't wait to get back up to Toronto, gotta check out the Hockey Hall of Fame and drink the ONE beer they have on tap at The Keg
  12. Yay, playoff beard picture time! Pre-playoffs Current playoffs beard, no shaving since April 9
  13. Sadly that's my weekend to work and I already promised them I wouldn't quit until after Labor Day or I'd be there. Really bummed because I was looking forward to it, as the last 2 ECBs were fantastic and I suspect this year's will be even better. Everyone (over the age of 21) should enjoy a not-too-nasty beer at Grogan's Pub or over in the Oktoberfest area of BGW that day while I slave away in the hospital. On the bright side, I'm in for Leviathan Bash!
  14. ^Oooh, good idea. I do love Manta and could use some quality cargo net time with KT sometime soon! Keep em coming people!
  15. I'm definitely looking forward to the next round of the Flyers-Penguins death match on Saturday. I knew early in the year when I saw the Flyers schedule that the final game of the regular season was probably going to be good, but after Sunday's game there I think it's going to be epic. Though I wouldn't be surprised if Bylsma takes the cowards way and keep his stars off the ice until the playoffs, we can't have Sissy Crosby getting injured (by overacting and falling on the ice and getting hurt from his own doing). Whatcha gonna do!?
  16. The more guesses I see the more I realize how many places I could possibly visits and all the new credits I've yet to ride! Keep em coming!
  17. 22/26. I definitely feel nerdy, though several I hadn't even heard of so I just figured they opened more recently and ended up correct.
  18. All are very good guesses so far. Lots of my favorite coasters as well as some new ones I'm really looking forward to riding. Keep the guesses coming people, even if someone already said your answer!
  19. I don't know if it's the incredible pictures Hanno always seems to capture, but I think I have a new most anticipated coaster of the summer. Or I'm just excited to get back to Europa
  20. I have opened up the "Guess My Next Ride" Challenge where I'll donate to 5 Team TPR people who guess correctly.
  21. The coaster season is upon us for most of the world now (unless you live somewhere like SoCal, Florida, Japan, etc where they never stop) and I've been so busy planning my summer riding that I haven't really given any thought to what I'll be riding first this year. I figured let's make this into a fun game and donate to some Team TPR people in the Coasting For Kids events around the US. It's quite simple: 1. Make a guess in this thread about what roller coaster in what park I'll ride first this year 2. People who guessed correctly will be put into a raffle with names drawn at random. 3. I will donate to that person's profile First place: $50 Second place $25 Third place $15 Two runners up $5 each Each and every person is allowed one guess and only one, multiple entries will not count, I'll stick with your first answer. Do not create multiple screen names or anything like that. Even if you aren't attending the Coasting For Kids events for Team TPR, you may guess and if you win I will allow you to select the person or persons participating for Team TPR to donate to. Don't let my location in Pennsylvania limit your guesses as to where I'm going to go first. As of now, I really have no idea, but I know it will definitely be by May 31, though who knows it could be Easter weekend, so get those guesses in early! If no one guesses the first ride correctly we will continue through the order until 5 people have won. Game on!
  22. ^I'm certain there's a beer out there somewhere that you'd enjoy, Brandy. There are plenty of fruity ones that are so fruity that they taste more like a soda than beer, or ones that are just totally not what you expect beer to taste like (peanut butter and chocolate, coffee, pumpkin pie, etc) it's just finding out that it exists and is worth trying that's the difficult part most often. Troeg's really doesn't have a beer like that though, theirs all taste very much like beer, though the free samples wouldn't hurt you try to find something you may not totally hate.
  23. Do it! What could be more fun than hanging out with other TPR people and riding a coaster for 6 hours for a good cause. What's the worst that's gonna happen, the coaster chosen to marathon will be Woodstock Express
  24. I stopped reviewing beers a few years ago for some reason or another (probably a woman) but I recall it being pretty good with some cocoa bitterness and a touch of vanilla. Wait, you're only 16...and you like bacon, turtles, and roller coasters is it possible that you're my younger clone?
  25. I'll introduce myself. I'm Derek, been riding roller coasters since I was 4 years old, and going to Dorney Park even before that. Coasting For Kids sounds like a great cause for a wonderful organization and I'm excited to be participating in this event for the first time and doing so with Team TPR. I even switched my work schedule so I was able to come out for this cause at Dorney, so if you're in the area I encourage you to come support, it'll be a good time, and even better the more people we have participating! My donations page: https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/derekruth/DorneyPark And now, pictures of me and things I like (other than roller coasters and parks): Dole Whips! Beer! Hockey, more specifically the Flyers but I won't hold it against you if you're a Penguins, Devils, or Rangers fan [the other gentlemen are Flyers alumni from the Stanley Cup Champion Teams of 74 and 75]
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