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  1. I have a reoccurring night terror where I'm at the beach and there are snakes everywhere. Then I wake up thinking that the bed and mattress is full of snakes, rip the covers off and stumble about the room screaming. I'll then fall asleep leaving my partner terrified and bewildered at my behaviour. Awesome.
  2. Has anyone given Child of Eden a go yet? I piked up a kinect at Christmas time after being nagged by the other half that it would be fun and like all the other kinects, it's been gathering dust ever since. I love Rez so much, so I'm hoping for more crazy fun. Shadows of the Damned looks like it could be awesome. Killer7 was one of last generations best games.
  3. I liked that they just borrowed Universals motion sickness sign, as it's already awesome anyway.
  4. Nice to see it going up the tower. I've only rode it the once and I thought it was ok but nothing special. Of course it wasn't travelling at full speed, so I'm looking forward to the beefed up version. The drop face first sounds fun as well.
  5. That was an excellent trip report. I had very little interest in the ride, till I read through. I love the idea of the Cheetah lure, it sounds ace!
  6. What's most interesting to me is how they even managed to get hot cheese at Cosmic Rays, it's always luke warm and congealing when I have it. Nacho Time! Let's hope I have some cheese.
  7. There's always V&A at the Floridian if you're after a really fancy meal. Although I second Ohana's.
  8. Their website seems to have been beefed up a bit. The whole park looks pretty awesome. Some of the themed sections have been borrowed from Blizzard games from the looks of it, the kids section has more then a passing resemblance to Suess Landing. I'm sure they are all their own original creations though. Good old China. joyland.ccjoy.com edit. I hope one of the rides is called: it's a small world of warcraft.
  9. I'd go for Chatham. Scuzz mall is opposite the Commons and is about 10 minutes walk. From the mall you could get the I-ride trolly up to SeaWorld and Universal. It's close to a Publix as well, which even though it's slightly more expensive than WalMart, at least you're not wasting hours of your life getting there and back. To get there from Vista you'd need to catch a bus to the Commons or Chatham first. If American Coach still run the buses, you will grow to hate them. Especially the C bus at night. Also Chatham has washers/driers in the apartments so you don't need to risk having it stolen.
  10. My current local park is Galaxyland at West Edmonton Mall. After that nothing for miles and miles and miles. Good old Canada. Still it's nice to have a fantastic Schwarzkopf so close.
  11. I miss British television. My biggest concern at Christmas time was getting to watch the Doctor Who special. I love Come Dine With Me, and a Canadian version started at some point. It's really irritating. In the English one it's accepted that every one is getting drunk and nothing is mention. The announcer for the Canadian one tries really hard to hammer in the fact that they are drinking. No subtly what so ever. I guess Walking Dead counts as international for me and that was (mostly) awesome.
  12. I didn't get out to the cinema too much last year. Scott Pilgrim was my favourite film of the year. Then Toy Story 3 and Inception. I'm bored of all this 3-d nonsense now though can't wait for that bubble to burst.
  13. Sea World wins points for the Brewmasters Club, although I think they have it at Busch as well. Busch Gardens you can easily spend a full day there Montu and Sheikra are great fun, Gwazi is a nasty bit of work though. You can spend a full day at Islands of Adventure as well, there's a lot of detail for the first time visitor. Depending on the park ticket you get you might even be able to hop over to the Studios and get to go on the Mummy. Also if Horror Nights is running make sure you go to it, great fun. Spiderman, Hulk and DD are awesome. Dudley and Popeye are a bit over-rated but Jurassic Park River Adventure is brilliant! September time the parks should be fairly dead, so the Express Pass is probably not worth the cost. You can't really go wrong so just have fun!
  14. I thought Riddler's Revenge was great fun. Although I'm not sure how much was added to the ride by standing up. Still much more fun that Scream. Only other one I've done is Shockwave at Drayton Manor, only decent part of that one is the pre lift dip where you think you're going to knock your teeth out.
  15. Some restaurants you need reservations way more than a day in advance. Several months for Le Cellier! Sci-Fin Diner was a huge disappointment. We ate in the evening (the lunch menu is different and hopefully better), but all the food on the menu was pasta in white wine sauce and duck gently caressed in Mexican spice. You get the point it wasn't hamburgers. Which as afar as I'm concerned is a problem if you go to a 50's dine-in themed restaurant and the waitresses are on rollerblades. I wanted foods like the Atomic Hotdog or the Artery Clogger Cheeseburger. If I'd wanted to eat decent food I could have done it in any number of restaurants there. Hmm, let's see. Front row for EE is well worth the wait, but if you don't want to wait in line the single riders line is a godsend. Soarin you either need to be the first rider of the day or get fast passes for it before 11 as it i that popular. It shouldn't be too busy, last year the lines were very nice. Actually now that I think about it I walked onto Soarin' so you should be ok.
  16. So I've been working around with dates and the like. Unfortunately none of the tour buses I found do trips to MM mid-week this time of year. (If someone could prove me wrong that'd be fantastic). So we'd need to go to MM on the 19th, which is a Saturday (interestingly they run trips EVERY DAY to Legoland despite it not being open for the whole week). From previous visits could anyone give me a rough idea for lines (and bare in mind the coach will probably arrive after opening as well). Then I think the Friday (the 18th) would be a good day for Legoland with Knotts on the 17th and Disney filling in the remaining time. Hurrah
  17. I saw Doomsday the other day. Still don't know if I liked it or not. It really does pay homage to 80's disaster movies. The plot is ridiculous but at the same time they took it seriously so it made it even more daft. If the tone had been a bit more tongue in cheek it'd have been more enjoyable and the plot holes wouldn't have been as noticeable or important. But it's got a UK cast so that makes it awesome! Maybe a film for watching after you've had a few beers.
  18. If there is anyway you can find an oppertunity to steer the interview towards a ride you want to work at, that helps. I knew in advance that there weren't many attraction roles available and from doing some research online found out that Fantasyland and Tomorrowland were understaffed so I managed to talk about how fantastic Space was and I answered the questions based on working on a ride rather than working somewhere in the resort. It worked! Got a job on Space and had the time on my life.
  19. Hey I'm Trevannosaurus. I've spent the last year living in Orlando working for peanuts (actually peanuts would have probably been worth more) In quite possibly the most boring job of all time. Finishing up here now ready to start a new adventure somewhere.... Favourite park is Phantasialand and my favourite coasters are probably Nemesis & Black Mamba.
  20. I've been lurking here for a few weeks now as I'd been planning a trip to Disneyland, but all this positive press about MM has caused me to include it in the trip, I was put off by the gangster stories and the parks running half a train on half the rides. Glad to see the parks finally getting some attention! Won't be there for X2 but what would be recommended as must rides? It'll also be my first 6 flags park so that'll be entertaining.
  21. Thanks for the quick replies! Unfortunately neither of us can drive, so we are stuck with the chartered buses. I've been to Legoland Windsor and Germany and I heard that California was closer to Windsor than Germany's (which I didn't really like that much). So I'd be going not just for credits but for the whole park as I'm not really a credit whore. Want to get to MM during the week so we can avoid some of the lines. Pretty gutted that X2 will be closed as that looks like fun. I wasn't particularly interested in visiting MM as I'd heard the horror stories of 1 train operation and half the park closed and didn't really want to wait for hours in a queue line full of screaming teenagers, but from the sounds of things I think they are wanting to get away from that old image. Besides Tatsu sounds like fun.
  22. I'm making my first trip to California in a few weeks, arriving on the 13th April and leaving on the 21st. Planning on hitting the parks. We're staying in a hotel within walking distance to Disneyland and we've got 4 days worth of park hoppers, very familiar with the Florida site....But not done Disneyland, so that part of the trip shouldn't be too difficult. The fun part comes from wanting to get to Knotts, Legoland and Magic Mountain. A taxi to and from Knotts shouldn't be too bad, but there doesn't seem to be a lot in the way of public transport to Legoland or MM. The hotel does run shuttle busses but when we booked couldn't give me some sensible details on the times the busses run. My previous experience with getting a coach to theme parks means getting there an hour after opening and then leaving before the place closes. Which isn't ideal, but it's either that or nothing at all. So if you have any advice on hitting the parks with a limited amount of time in a day, (best days to go and so on, what's worth skipping and so on). That would be much appreciated. Enough slacking off back to work I suppose.
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