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  1. I was expecting the splash down to be bigger, you know like Sheikra's splash down. But very cool none-the-less. And also, the letters that make up the word Manta on the sign entrance looks photo-shopped every time I see it. But the ray the letters are on looks very cool.
  2. I'm going to wait till the higher quality version comes out on coastertube later today. The anticipation is killing me.
  3. I always thought that an inverted coaster with a dive loop would be cool. Also any coaster with a wrap around dive loop. Like how Dueling Dragons Fire has the wrap around Immelmann loop but instead of that, the coaster would be going the other way.
  4. Sea World just released a POV of the first half of Manta!!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ld2BbcxWzPk It seems kind of rough but it could be the person holding the camera. They also made a commercial. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6eD1VXcXkw
  5. From the video it looks like they changed the name of the Crowd Surfer element to the Jump Cut.
  6. Awesome, awesome, awesome update! You know, I'm starting to look forward to Manta more than HRRR.
  7. The zero car looks awesome, but I think it looks weird that only the zero car has the new graphics and not the smaller rays behind it.
  8. All I've ever had was Six Flags until 3 years ago when I started working at Six Flags White Water as a Lifeguard, and never had one since. Also I never had a Disney, Universal, and Busch AP's because I only go once a year (twice if I'm lucky). I've had my ten day Disney Pass since I think 2005 and I still have 2 days left on it.
  9. ^^^ Yea, there is one at Ocean Park Hong Kong. It's on their website and it's called Space Wheel. http://www.oceanpark.com.hk/eng/main/ It's in their Adventure Land. It's weird that Wikipedia doesn't mention the ride, but then again, it's Wikipedia. I remember riding that thing five times in a row and after that, I had a headache for the rest of the day.
  10. Awesome video. Isn't there also an enterprise at Ocean Park Hong Kong? I don't know if it's still there or not because I've haven't been in years. HUSS HUSS HUSS HUSS
  11. ^ Stole the words right out of my mouth. But yeah, before TPR, I never really put any thought about the ending. But after joining, I realized that they didn't really end the ride very well. Don't get me wrong, Revenge of the Mummy is still one of my favorite coasters even though I realized that they didn't really conclude the story very well on that coaster.
  12. Oh yeah, I forgot about Dragon at Ocean Park's ending. Go up a lift hill, right turn, straight track, left turn, and into the brakes. Very boring. And another good ending is any of the Batman clones. Even though the coaster has stopped, my adrenalin is still pumping.
  13. Worst: Revenge of the Mummy (At first I didn't notice the crappy ending. After joining TPR I realized how bad the ending was. But the whole ride is awesome until the end.) Best: Space Mountain at WDW (I love the red tube at the end or as I always call it the rectum part.)
  14. My first coaster with an inversion was riding Python by myself at BGA. I thought that riding it was like going on a fighter jet. Too bad it's not there any more . The last time I went to BGA, I was looking forward to riding it and Sheikra. But when I got there, they already tore it down and started working on Jungala. But the first coaster with a loop that I've been on is Scorpion. Well at least they didn't tear that down.
  15. Quick question, how long does it take to get to Disney from the airport via the train?
  16. My first coaster in 2009 would probably be either Manta, or Kraken at Sea World Orlando. And, if everything works out then I'll probably be going on May 10th.
  17. Every picture I see is getting me even more pumped up for this ride.
  18. My cousin had a wedding at the aquarium and they served fish. The food there was very good.
  19. That looks crazy. It doesn't even look like the MCBR takes off much speed from the second half of the ride. Also from the second video, the drop after the MCBR looks like it would produce some airtime. At least in the front row.
  20. This ride is going to be so crazy. I cannot wait to ride this in the summer.
  21. Shoot, I'm going on May 1 so I'll miss it. There's always next Thanksgiving.
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