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  1. Yea, I also say go for it, make a day out of it. Get on some of the coasters at the Pavilion and in the area. See some of the sites and go to Broadway at the Beach, and eat at the coolest Hard Rock Cafe' ever IMO, its a huge pyramid, its really awesome. Anyway, have fun in the Charlotte/Atlanta areas and the beach!
  2. I was in LoDo last week too bad I didn't walk over there and see the building, I wish we had known about it. We did get a chance to go into some pubs, of course no drinks for me , but soon haha. Denver has a neat atmosphere, there are a ton of bars in LoDo so there are going to be a lot of drunk people on the show... haha like thats any different.
  3. I think that if the directors got the families to agree to them making the movie, then yes, it should be released. I want to go see the movie too. I think they need to get as many things about September 11th out as possible so that no one will forget about how awful the events of that day were, and how awful the people we are fighting are. They are also using Ben Sliney, the FAA Operations Manager to play himself in the movie. Those who were present on the day and playing in the movie also have no script, they have it memorized in their heads what to say. I think that this is going to be a good way to keep it fresh in our minds how terrible that day was and how courageous those people on that flight and everywhere were to help others out. http://www.mtv.com/movies/news/articles/1529291/04212006/story.jhtml
  4. Theres one in Myrtle Beach across from the Pavilion with all these Tiki Huts and a model Volcano it looks cool, but I haven't gotten to play there, I will try to find info or pictures on it. Edit: It's called Mt. Atlanticus, and does not have a volcano, but it does have cool Tiki Huts.
  5. WOAH First Japan gives us Pocky, now this?? I love JAPAN!
  6. I thought it was really funny, even though Robert Smigel can't get through one episode without offending someone! SNL has slacked off the last couple of seasons, but I think that they may be getting to be funny again, especially with the addition of some new, funny people to the show. They are even going to have the Red Hot Chili Peppers on in a couple of weeks!! Go SNL, I'm ready for it to be funny again!
  7. Woah I really do have a ton of memories from the MBP, it is a great little park, with a good atmosphere at night, thats the only time we'd ever go. I will miss it, but I am excited in the prospects of Hard Rock Cafe's theme park where the Harbour used to be. I will miss it, but I am not really surprised or upset over it. Oh well, B&C are just out for the money and nothing much more, and I guess thats the way it goes.
  8. Woah! The American Orient Express sure is nice! I bet it costs a ton for a trip on that one! My only experience with riding trains for transportation is when we rode Amtrak to Atlanta, it was fun, I wish we would travel more by train. Anyway, awesome photos!
  9. Yea the new Vek trains look retarded, I like the KumbaK trains, they look awesome, and like they would feel a whole lot less cramped than the original Ninja trains.
  10. Shambala - Three Dog Night, my favorite TDN song by far.
  11. 1. Pineapple 2. Strawberries 3. Apples 4. Peaches 5. Soursop (I've only had Soursop flavored candy, but its awesome!) 6. Pears 7. Apricots 8. Cherries 9. Bananas 10. Lemons
  12. As of right now... no I don't want any kids after seeing what its like to go through with my sister and bro-in-law, but I love my nephew, so I will probably change my mind, but I am really not good with kids.
  13. Well today in Easley it is 56 degrees, and cloudless, but yesterday and the day before it has been hovering around 80 degrees, not quite reaching it though. It was awesome though!
  14. I too voted for Katun, but I like how Alpengeist and Top Gun's trains have different designs on the wheel covers.
  15. I Go Blind - Hootie & The Blowfish CONCERT IN MARCH I will hopefully be attending.... GO HOOTIE!!
  16. First of all, I want to thank everyone that is currently in service or served for the country in any branch! I am planning on going into the AirForce after High School, I want to eventually become an airline pilot, and a lot, if not most pilots have gotten their hours there! I knew a guy in it and he said the biggest mistake of his life was getting out, so I am pretty firm in my decision to join.
  17. Well as a follow up to mine, I had them removed back in August, and it didn't hurt bad at all, I loved the laughing gas, it was great!!
  18. Yes it is making little sense right now, I am thinking it has something to do with Jay Turser Guitars? Nevermind, I think I am way off now.
  19. Haha^ I couldn't find the numbers for a long time, then I had to figure them out, and I'm pretty slow anyway with numbers so yea...
  20. OK level 6 was definitely the most challenging so far, wow... onto 7
  21. woah I like accidentally clicked and dragged on the bottom or something and there are some numbers down below the very last sentence on the page, you have to highlight them to see them...
  22. OK I got through 4, stayed on 5 for a little bit, and now I am on 6, I have no clue what to do with the ASCII codes, I don't know how to change one into the other and what not...
  23. Yea so am I SLUSHIE, I can't find anything, and I'm pressing things that I thought would be related on my keyboard, but nothing is happening... it says stop being so negative, so I'm like pressing the plus signs and negative signs and turning caps lock and num lock and scroll lock on... because you can turn them on... anyone who knows, am I close or like way off? YEA I GOT IT!! haha WOOT now let me stay on level 4 for an hour!
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