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  1. I did the haunted hospital on my 2005 visit to Fuji-Q (the wait was too long on my 2007 visit). It really was amazing! One of the best haunted houses I've ever been in (it's number one or two for me). I waited nearly 90 minutes, and then it takes about 45 minutes to walk through the hospital. (And it's designed to ensure that you WILL get lost inside.) I seem to recall it being an upcharge attraction. The lines are always long, since they only let in a few people at a time - that way, no matter where you are in the hospital, you always have the feeling of isolation. (And then you get chased through the corridors by zombies!) One thing that was fun - the exit was right next to the entrance, and the entire time I was waiting in line, I saw nearly every single person come RUNNING out the exit, screaming - definitely a promising sign! (Scottish Steve really needs to experience this one!) Anyhow - it's worth the long wait. Although there's certainly room for improvement, I actually enjoyed Fuji-Q a lot on both visits. The haunted hospital is really phenomenal. I like Fujiyama a lot - it has some faults (it's a bit rough in places, has some lagging moments, and could use more airtime), but it's still a fun hypercoaster - really tall, really long. I like Eejanaika much better than the California version (X2 is an improvement over X1, but it still beats me up a bit - Eejanaika didn't). Dodonpa was great when I rode it in 2005 (the line was too long in 2007). Although the park could use more theming, the view of Fuji-san is breathtaking. And there's some yummy food in the park - SQUID ON A STICK!! (Mmm!) My biggest complaint about the park is the crowds - on both of my visits, the lines were ridiculously long. I'm sure ride operations plays a role in this too. But overall, I enjoyed the park and will visit again someday.
  2. Looks like it's coming along quite nicely! On the Web site you can vote for the coaster's name - fun! I voted for Tronador. (I thought Zorn der Inka and Viracocha were good choices too.) But Yucatan is clearly in the lead at the moment.
  3. My thoughts exactly, Dave. Europa is one of my favorite parks. They've really got the whole package - in terms of rides, theming, atmosphere, food, hotels, etc. Definitely a highlight of the '08 Europe trip. Can't wait to go back this summer and check out Blue Fire - it looks amazing.
  4. Great pics, Chuck! I'm really looking forward to the Intimidators - hoping to make it down to ride them both later this summer, sometime between TPR UK / Europe and Oktoberfest. (I'm missing other credits down there as well - it's been a while since I've visited either park. Last time I was down there, the parks were still Paramount, Thunder Road and Rebel Yell still rode one train backward, and KD still had HyperSonic.)
  5. The Edinburgh Dungeon sounds awesome - I wanna go! (I'll be checking out the London Dungeon in June, and hopefully the one in Amsterdam in July.) Congrats to Steve for being such a brave soul - and for making it out alive. The deep-fried pizza looks incredible - WOW. But what are Scrummy Yummies?! (And more importantly, do they live up to their name?)
  6. A park as awesome as Tripsdrill should never be this empty! Tripsdrill is truly charming and delightful on so many levels - I wish parks in the U.S. had half as much character as this place has. Nice to see more theming added to Mammut since our 2008 visit.
  7. Joris en de Draak looks like it's coming along quite nicely. Hope all continues on schedule, so it can be ready for our July visit! I'm really looking forward to riding this... Pegasus was a pleasant little ride, but seriously, this looks a thousand times better. Greats pics Hanno - thanks for sharing!
  8. Wow, what a view from the top of the tower! Kinda like looking down on the earth from outer space. The Sega Republic looks like Sega Joypolis in Tokyo (except Sega Joypolis would have been a lot more crowded).
  9. I'm stoked to see we're going here in September! One of my German buddies was just talking about Skyline park the other day. I knew we weren't visiting in the summer, but I couldn't remember which parks were on our Oktoberfest itinerary. And I'm even more stoked to see... NO OTS RESTRAINTS ON SKY WHEEL! YAY!
  10. How are we skipping this park on this year's UK trip?!? So much Pinfari goodness, the most boisterous ride on Earth, chicken chunks, whisky fudge, and a hot dog that will put ketchup on you and eat you... What's not to love?
  11. Loudoun Castle looks like a delightful little park! Hell, I'd visit for the castle alone - that castle looks seriously awesome. Great theming on the S&S tower. And Schwarzkopfs are always fun. Did the dive show have a pirate theme? (I see Jolly Rogers behind the divers - nice!)
  12. Great TR Divv! Looks like an awesome day all around. You just made me that much more stoked for the UK trip in June. Can't wait to try the "tastiest pancakes ever" - mmm!
  13. BEST PICTURE: Four-way tie - THE HURT LOCKR, AVATAR, INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS and DISTRICT 9 (These movies were all so damn awesome - I'd be happy to see any one of them win. UP was really good too, even if it was Pixar. And yes, AVATAR had a predictable plot and was a bit too politically correct, but visually, it was possibly the most jaw-dropping film-going experience I've ever had. It deserves all of its attention and hype.) BEST ACTOR: Jeremy Renner (THE HURT LOCKR) (In fairness, I haven't seen Crazy Heart yet - I'm sure Jeff Bridges was good too.) BEST ACTRESS: Meryl Streep (I didn't see any of the movies in this category - Streep wins by default, on the basis of seniority.) BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Christoph Waltz (INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS) - no contest here! BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Tie - Melanie Laurent and Diane Kruger (both from INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS, even though neither were actually nominated)
  14. I saw Believe in Orlando two and a half weeks ago and I thought it was absolutely wonderful. Maybe I caught the whales on a good day, or maybe I don't see enough shows to be properly critical of them - but I loved the show, I was impressed. I hope the trainers will be able to rejoin the whales in the water soon - hard to imagine the show without this element. I think that's what made the show so special in my eyes - witnessing the magical bond the trainers seemed to share with these amazing creatures. I'm sure it must be strange for both the trainers and the whales to suddenly have this separation between them.
  15. Such sad news! I was just down there a couple weeks ago - I saw this same show, and probably this same trainer and this same whale. When you're watching such a delightful, entertaining performance, it's easy to forget that these animals can indeed be quite dangerous. The performers make it look like it's so easy to work with them - but these magnificent creatures are still much bigger than us, and so very powerful. My heart goes out to the trainer's family and friends, to the rest of the staff, and to SeaWorld Orlando.
  16. I voted no. A lot of reasons factor into this... the location, the current state of the economy... but ultimately, I don't think the park has a decent theme anymore. Hard Rock Park was a great idea, and had a popular brand name attached to it - I could have seen that succeeding, if properly managed. But "Freestyle Music Park" is pretty weak - totally generic and flaccid. I can't imagine it drumming up enough public interest to bring in the necessary revenue.
  17. ^Sounds pretty tentative, but I'll be keeping my fingers crossed and hoping this pans out. Would love to see them save Elvis' coaster! I'd gladly "travel to the land of crazy football fans" in order to ride this.
  18. Such sad news! Looks like a delightful park - and there are so few scenic railways left in existence that it would be a real shame to lose another one. (After riding the gems in Scandinavia, I'm dying to ride the others as well!) I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best. I would really love to visit Vidámpark in the next couple years - sure hope it's around that long.
  19. It seems like being Elvis' favorite coaster should have given this ride enough historical significance to warrant saving it. I know certain parties have looked into doing so - I seem to recall reading that Dolly Parton wanted to move it to Dollywood, but it wasn't possible due to the ride not fitting into the topography of the park. I'm guessing this one's a goner at this point, more kindling for the fire. It breaks my heart. The King is rolling over in his grave. RIP Zippin Pippin.
  20. Looks great! Phantasialand was definitely one of the highlights of our 2008 Europe trip. Can't wait to visit again - and I would love to see it in the wintertime, with all the lights! That's so awesome they run the coasters in winter. I wish U.S. parks would do this. Glühwein + coasters = a winning combination!
  21. I predict it will be a good ten years or so before we see anything turned into reality, but I'm excited about this just the same. I love Coney Island, but it's been in sorry shape for ages. It would be so nice to see it return to the glory of its past. The key will be finding the right balance of old and new. Keep the Cyclone, the Wonder Wheel, the Sideshow... renovate Spook-a-rama a bit... restore the parachute drop... and yes, put in a big new coaster! The proposed red coaster in the drawings would be awesome. (Personally, I'd like to see an Intamin hyper - something along the lines of Thunder Dolphin, which is shoehorned into a pretty tight footprint at Tokyo Dome City.) This park can be made GREAT again... but it will take some time.
  22. Wow, Liseberg in the snow looks amazing! I've always wanted to ride coasters in the snow. I'd even settle for Rabalder in the snow. Too bad the ice bar wasn't around when we were there in June - I sure hope it's back to stay. Would love to check it out on my next visit. Great Balder photos! Best woodie on Earth. I want to go back to Sweden now.
  23. These photos really make me want to go back to Liseberg! One of my fave parks on Earth, and home of my #1 fave woodie. I need to make it to Scandinavia more often.
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