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  1. Great picture! It looks even more amazing covered in snow. And so glad to hear it made it through the hurricane alright.
  2. ^Ha ha, we totally did - I forgot about that. We spent all the time we needed to there. The other coaster (Drachenritt) was much better than the new Euro-fighter.
  3. Although the inversions look absolutely incredible, I'm even more excited about that first drop... WOW!! Looking forward to another visit to SDC in the near future.
  4. Was awesome to see you guys! Come back soon so we can enjoy some more Tip Drip.
  5. ^Knowing the age stats of the young men in the cast is totally not gay at all.
  6. Wow... GREAT theming, love it! I especially like the fire wolves at the top. Nice interaction with the other rides, too. Looks like another winner for Europa Park (my fave park in the world). Can't wait to return to Germany and ride this!
  7. Yay!! Ryan, you're coming?? Yah, I don't have that credit either haha Of course I'm coming! I was told there'd be an ice bar, a buffet of raw game meats, and a special meet-and-greet session with the park's new mascot - a helpful green monster wearing crocs. How could I possibly say no? Awesome news!! And I hear ya on not being able to afford a trip this year. It totally blows, and not in a good way. Damn you, unemployment! (Wait, I forgot - I'm not "unemployed," I'm "in transition.") Looks like this may be the first year since 2006 that I don't make it out of the country at least once. Or I should say, that I don't make it out of North America... Canada's a foreign country, right? (Everyone please speak French around me at the Bash, so I can perpetuate this notion and convince myself that I am indeed in some wildly exotic foreign locale.)
  8. Yes - we totally need to make this happen! A Tat Pack reunion would be awesome.
  9. Some wonderful photos that do a great job of capturing the spirit of the place. (I especially like the dog with the sunglasses.) And it's so good to hear that the old trains will be staying on the Cyclone. The new season is almost here... almost time to ride the excellent Air Race again.
  10. Mission accomplished, ballot submitted. Didn’t have too many changes for 2011 – not a lot of Ys in the “rode this year” column, and only two new additions. The Champions: (1. Fave steel – Expedition GeForce) 1. Balder 2. El Toro (SFGA) 3. Boulder Dash 4. Ravine Flyer II 5. Colossos 6. Troy 7. Thunderhead 8. El Toro (Freizeitpark Plohn) 9. Twister (Gröna Lund) 10. The Beast And… the five woodies I like even less than Anaconda at Walygator: 117. Mean Streak 118. Grizzly (CGA) 119. Antelope (Still can’t believe kids are allowed to ride this – flagrant child abuse.) 120. Son Of Beast (How is this one not firewood yet?) 121. Bandit (I still suffer posttraumatic stress from the pummeling I took on this one. Wowch!)
  11. Wow, this is seriously awesome! Can't wait to see those dark rides up and running. I will totally have to take a trip up there... nice that it's within easy driving distance. Thanks for sharing Larry!
  12. Wow... as if Leviathan weren't awesome enough already, how about that electric color scheme? Looks like this coaster would glow in the dark. Great photos Jason and Andrew... thanks for sharing!
  13. Nice TR! I really enjoyed Plohn when we visited last September. El Toro took me by surprise - I'd heard good things, but had no idea just how much fun it was going to be. Such a GREAT ride!! Love it. Didn't know I was in a German newspaper... awesome!
  14. Ah... my second favourite Goliath. (Topped just slightly by a green machine in Holland...) Love those French Canadian hills!
  15. I for one am VERY excited about Leviathan!! I love all of the B&M hypers - many of them are in my top ten - so how could I not be excited by a 300+ foot B&M? I guess I'm not too concerned whether it looks similar to something else, or was originally meant to go someplace else... to me, the bottom line is - this looks like it will be a GREAT ride! I love the original name - very cool. (If this were in a Six Flags park, I'm sure there'd be some sort of Batman or Superman tie-in with the name and theming...) Nice color scheme too. And, looks like it will have a couple more drops than 305 and MF, which is what I always loved about the hypers in the first place - big drops and lots of 'em! Already looking forward to returning to Canada next year...
  16. SIX? I wouldn't have guessed! When I rode the two at Oktoberfest, I only counted one of them as a new credit, as I figured one of them HAD to be the one I rode at Hamburgerdom. (And maybe it was?) Because, I reasoned, there couldn't possibly be more than two traveling Wilde Maus coasters touring Germany, right? But I stand corrected. I guess six Wilde Mäuse would make sense... seeing as there are a LOT of fairs in Germany.
  17. ^ Brilliant! Great TR! Glad to hear GeForce is running better than ever. I’m curious to check out Van Helsing - cool theming, and if nothing else, it’s gotta be a thousand times better than that crappy movie (though the building hardly looks tall enough to have a coaster inside). And the Rheinkirmes fair looks great! I love Olympia Looping and Alpina Bahn. Haven’t ridden Spinning Racer yet. The Wilde Maus looks different than the one at Hamburgerdom and the ones at Oktoberfest (I don’t recall being eaten by a cat). Ah, I really wanna go back to Germany now…
  18. Yes! A country I really want to visit. Ireland deserves a good theme park.
  19. Bizarro Bash F@%K!NG RAWKED!! Robb and Elissa - thanks so much for such an amazing event! You guys are superheroes, really. Someday the parks will be naming (and re-naming) their coasters after you both. (Robb Ultimate Flight! Elissa Ride Of Steel!) And thanks to all the awesome TPR folks who helped make it such an incredible day.
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