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  1. If you're not a "real" American, what kind of American are you? A bootleg American?
  2. Yeah, it truly freaking is. I just read the whole damn thing in like two hours and now I dont have ELA homework for the rest of the year
  3. I just finished standardized testing!
  4. I'm a guinea saurus rex! Rararararararararararararara!
  5. Three words. Offspring Track Pack. Three more words. Not for PS2
  6. Something to do with the Large Hadron Collider?
  7. My best friends jewish and also a total coke junky so he has kosher coke all year round. Did I hear someone say Kosher-Kola? Okay, I'll call it Kosher-Cola
  8. ^Saw the best foot forward one a few days ago and thought it was pretty damn funny
  9. Teachers in my school are telling people to wear gloves and open doors with paper towel over your hand. At the same time. It's pretty obvious that the nurses in my school have the brain capacity of corn bread
  10. Hamster jelly. You heard me, Hamster jelly. HAMSTER JELLY DAMMIT!
  11. ^I hate GameVance so damn much! I had it on my pc for the longest time and it completely turned my computer into a vegetable.
  12. I just really discovered Threadless to see if it would make facebook stop raping my eyes with ads for it, and I'm already buying at least two shirts. Your designs are pretty cool, too. The roller coaster one looks like it would make a good girls tee, and the soda one is definitely something I would wear.
  13. Wait is Rooftop going to be serious or parody?
  14. My grades are back up!!! I went from C's and B's to A's and B's in half a quarter!
  15. My life kicks a$$ right now. I'm in a relationship with a girl I like, I'm in the pit band for the school performance of Guys and Dolls, my grades are back up, I'm going to SFNE early this summer, and I'm finally gonna start skateboarding next weekend. SCHWEET.
  16. I'm playing drums in the school production of Guys and Dolls! And flirting with the extras during rehearsal
  17. Black and white Burton T-shirt and plaid boxers.
  18. ^Yeah, my dad instantly becomes an insane germophobe as soon as he heres about any type of disease. I scratched my nose and he totally went off on me about putting my fingers near my face. Which really pisses me off because early last spring my brother pushed me into the freezing water off a dock with sludge and plastic bottles floating in it and sh*t and my dad just laughed and said it was no big deal. I got mild hypothermia.
  19. I think the mud one should've been a two part with the first strip ending with hunter in the mud going ERERERERERERERERERERER! And then starting off from there in the second strip. Just my opinion, is all
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