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  1. Okay, so 200' is a hypercoaster, 300' is a gigicoaster, 400' is a stratacoaster. What the hell will 500' be? a coasterzilla?
  2. SFNE avatar I'd like Scream (the SFNE Tower) in the middle, with Batman, Cyclone, Superman, and Pandemonium (Fetish ahoy)
  3. I try not to get scared on big rides I say to myself "it might be scary or rough, but I won't actually get hurt" then I look down and half the time it's a damn intamin.
  4. In the POV it was green. if it is green, then green is intamins official lucky color!
  5. Red Hot Chile Peppers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!subliminal message!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Please mysterious tag fairy, Change Mine to "Gangsta Amoeba".
  7. Parents that demand absolute obediencw. no exceptions! I swear to god I Am now going to recite yesterday morning. *Brother starts rubbing his shoulder on me. WTF?* I shove him off and my dad goes, "Show brotherly love." He rubs his shoulder on me again(WTF?!?!) and I give him this sour look. Dad yells "BE NICE!!!!!!!!" me: "but- Dad: "KIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNDDDDDDDNNNNNNNEEEEEEEESSS!!!!one!eleventy-four!1!!!!"
  8. Ryan did so that he had a friend to pound it with If George Bush were a rollercoaster what would he be?
  9. downloaded it (and got 1.7, Hell yeah!) And I have only one real problem. If I make a coaster, delete it, then start a new one without closing the window, Vertexes added at a top view will jump to random heights. If I use side view, they turn randomly! also, spinning coasters just won't spin!
  10. Does The X-car actually do anything aside from have those sicknasty lap restraints?
  11. LOL at stationman house of horrors! "POOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUNNNNDDDDDD IIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTT!!" tell me you are doing more lil robby rob TRs
  12. It is crazy, but a kid at my lunch table is so insecure about everything that he'll slam on a parks quality cuz they don't sell tuna! WTF?
  13. this is probably either thew stupidest question ever or already asked but, Where do I buy it?
  14. I am thinking about getting no limits for my PC. But, since I'm 12, I need to know how complicated the system is to use. for example I have heard of people using advanced mathmatics in No limits. Are these skills required?
  15. once, I went on a gravitron with my friend, and In the middle of it he started screaming, "PUSSY!!!" another example. a kid in my soc. studies thinks he;s "gangsta". so he was telling everyone about his SFNE trip and goes "Batman was fun, but not soulja boy worthy."
  16. Okay, so I was looking at the Alton towers website and, while looking at the rides, saw this I saw this and almost crapped myself laughing
  17. For your 2008 east coast trip, are you going to visit Canobie Lake Park?
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