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  1. One word: beans. Why does all the food thats bad for you taste the best?
  2. ^ 1. No, John's the tallest 2. Technically that's possible.
  3. ^Year? Okay, why not. In other news, my parents are basically confining me to our block for no reason. I can't bike more than like half a mile. Plus, I was going to go on a date tomorrow and now I can't When I asked my dad why he was doing this he said I was being disrespectful by asking and started screaming his face off.
  4. ^Yeah I knew that I just didn't know if it made that much of a difference. Is it like a Fender/Squire kind of relationship between DW and Pacific?
  5. Yesterday me and my girlfriend, my close friend and his girlfriend, and a somewhat close friend and her boyfriend all broke up. And my other best friend may be breaking up with his girlfriend soon.
  6. ^Holy law-abiding citizens batman! I have a DW FS 5-piecer with 10 12 and 14" toms. My cymbals are Zildjian ZBTs. I like Zildjian for my "important" cymbals but I rely on Sabian for my crazy-ass effect cymbals
  7. Because everyone else collects stamps. How many fingers am I holding up?
  8. I just saw a pair of Aviators (Well, more like Aviatorish something-or-others) That are so tacky that I'm actually compelled to buy them for the irony Aviators.bmp I mean, they're actually kinda cool in a really geeky sort of way.
  9. I like the Offspring and I really just got exposed to them, so that makes them my favorite for at least the next 20 minutes. My musical taste is all over the place, so if you asked me two days in a row what my favorite band was, I could tell you Led Zeppelin the first day and Greenday the next. Wow, I'm giving it five seconds until someone re-posts that out of context so let me say this: Led Zeppelin is the better band. They will always be the best band ever, and I'm not saying Greenday will ever compare to them. My favorite band all depends on my mood that day. But yeah, my favorites list includes Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, Offspring, Blink 182, Jet, and a whole mess of other bands.
  10. I'm hoping to go to the Boston stop on the Offspring's Sh*t is F*cked Up tour, but the name is the only reason my dad might not let me go. It sucks 'cause they're my favorite band and all my friends are going!
  11. ^^^I'm not even sure what he was trying to say. Astro World makes him not read books? Astro World makes him atheist? Someone help before I hurt myself re-reading that.
  12. ^^Well I sometimes play metal but I play all styles really. I'm more into hard rock and skate punk. Would it work for those types of music?
  13. ^That was amazing . I can only remember one time that I drank Mr.Pibb, or whatever we're going to call this Pibb-related substance, but I remember that Pibb Xtra is rank as hell.
  14. Time to revive an old thread. So I'm looking for a really deep snare for a relatively good price. What I got was the Vinnie Paul sig snare. Can anyone describe how this snare sounds?
  15. ^No, what sucks more than anything else is when you work for like a month straight on a project that's a massive part of your grade, look at it, think it's perfect, then someone spills water (Or god forbid cranberry juice) all over it when you're out of the house. And also, I got a C on my report card for the first time ever! I was out sick and asked the teacher for the work I missed. I got it all in, and then five weeks later she says I didn't give her an assignment from when I was sick. I asked to make it up, and she said no, then continued lowering my grade for every day she didn't get it. What the hell kind of teacher does that?
  16. Pair of sh*tty sunglasses from Claire's (Please don't ask how I ended up in Claire's)- $8.00
  17. I'm lazy EDIT: 555th post! I wouldn't want it to say anything else.
  18. I saw a trailer for Drag me to Hell now I'm scared to leave the computer
  19. You do know that's less than 1/2 hour a day, right? Not in a 180 day school year it isn't
  20. ^There's waaaaay too much awesome in that picture.
  21. ^That wasn't stupid, it was hilarious. Actually, the entire context of that conversation pretty funny.
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