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  1. ^Thank you. I guess I was lying when I said I hate *all* Metallica. They were okay/pretty good till they shat out St. Anger.
  2. I see your logic. But I'm not a logical person, so there.
  3. I hate Metallica but think One has one of the greatest intros ever written.
  4. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Offspring, Led Zeppelin, Green Day.
  5. I wish I was kidding for all of these. -Don't go downtown without a parent, you'll get attacked by a hobo. -Your best friend is a druggie. -When you go on a forum/facebook/online at all, the whole world can see you're name, age, and location.
  6. I actually liked the second two, but I think the first strip would be funnier without the last line from hunter. I actually like comics without a definite punch line though, so my opinion probably isn't anything to go by.
  7. Crunch, Twix, or those massive-ass Toblerone bars
  8. A lot of stuff. The most memorable probably being a duck and a Star Wars original trilogy box set. AT THE SAME TIME. No joke, the duck flew in through a window and knocked over a shelf of DVDs. That explains way too much.
  9. My girlfriend's going to her dad's house in Vermont for a month and a half
  10. I figured that, but I think that if you only played GH guitar or GH drums then tried their respective "real" instruments, you'd get way more out of GH drumming.
  11. Nothing flash related on my computer is working. Youtube, browser games, you name, it's frozen.
  12. Space stage on Spore. It lags like sh*t but it's still pretty fun
  13. People now say I'm supporting the death of music by supporting Rock Band and Guitar Hero. I hate people treating the guitar for GH like an actual instrument with a burning passion, but I said the drums were a good way to learn rhythm. That's what I actually did less than a year ago before ever being behind a drum set, and my school band teacher invited me into band yesterday, which is not something that requires invitation, nor have I ever heard of someone being invited. And honestly, you don't think this: Requires more talent than this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwV3ON9uqk0
  14. ^^Damn, that was a hell of a party last night, huh?
  15. This isn't really good so much as weird and a hell of a story. My music teacher (The coolest mofo in the world) has a bright orange Scion Xb that me and my friends call "The Pumpkin". Pretty hard to miss. So a few weeks ago I had a dream that I saw The Pumpkin pulling into my neighbor's driveway and thinking to myself "I'm pretty sure that's Mr. C's car." Sure enough, my music teacher gets out of the car, and I say "Hi, Mr. C!" He stares at me, says "I'm not Mr. C." And gets back in The Pumpkin. The car's tires turn into rockets and it flies away. I'm still trying to figure out why my subconscious is Ozzy Osbourne.
  16. Jesus Christ! That sounds like the most ridiculously painful thing that could ever happen. I've broken no bones, but my worst injury was probably falling off my bike last year and scraping my elbow. That sounds pretty pussy, but by scraping I mean scraping. By the end of the ordeal there was a maybe six by two inch open wound on my arm, and the skin formerly covering it flapping in the breeze. It was freaking terrible. I like italics.
  17. ^Yeah, I have to second flirting. And yes, it does land me in deep sh*t every now and then.
  18. I can't find my friggen FEDORA! That aside, my world geography teacher out of nowhere today gave us a final exam, and we were expected to label maps of Eastern Europe, Africa, South America, Australia and a bunch of other crap off the top of our heads with no warning whatsoever.
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