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  1. Looking back, 2015 was a great year. Much better then I had hoped for. 56 parks on four different continents. SOUTH AFRICA Gold Reef City Magic Castle Rand Show Ratanga Junction BOTSWANA Lion Park Resort MEXICO Bosque de Aragón Bosque Mágico Divertido Adventure Park La Feria Chapultepec Magico Lago Mayer Alameda Orient Parque Bicentenario Parque de Diversiones Quiqueland Parque de la Selva Parque Del Refugio Parque Francisco Villa Parque Infantil Miguel Hidalgo Parque Infantil Plaza de la Bandera Parque Plaza Sesamo Parque Xochipilli Selva Mágica Six Flags Mexico Villa Alegria Selvatica Adventure Park CUBA Isla del Coco Parque Lenin Todo en Uno IRELAND Fun Zone Tayto Park Tramore Amusement Park UNITED KINGDOM Barry's Amusements Billing Aquadrome Blackpool Pleasure Beach Gulliver's Milton Keynes Pleasurelands ROMANIA Orășelul Copiilor Satul de Vacanta Terra Park Zorky's Planet Pârtia Kalinderu Bulgaria Fun Park Sunny Beach Playground Varna SkyPark Sunny Beach Luna Park BANGLADESH Dreamland Amusement & Water Park Dreamland Fantasy Kingdom Fantasy Island Heritage Park Concord Nandan Park Jamuna Future Park Foy's Lake Park Mini Bangladesh Shishu Park OMAN Foton World Fantasia Sindbad's Amusement Centre Marah Land
  2. You should include Sunway Lagoon and Berjaya Times Square Theme Park. There are a few other smaller parks, but unless you're into counting coasters, I wouldn't worry about them. If you're prepared to venture across the border into China from Honk Kong, you'll find some decent parks, including Happy Valley Shenzhen, Chimelong Paradise, Knight Valley and Chimelong Ocean Kingdom ect...
  3. I walked all the way from the cable car to the elevator. It took me a couple of hours but it was worth it as the scenery was outstanding. I loved Zhangjiajie National Park. I allocated two days there but could have easily spent a week in the region. You trip report is bringing back some great memories for me. Thanks for sharing it.
  4. I did a four week coaster trip to China last year, starting from Shanghai crossing all the way over to Urumqi.....Without question the trip highlights were the two days I spent in Zhangjiajie along with Terracotta Warriors. Zhangjiajie is a stunning place and highly recommended....Plus it's a perfect place to get away from all those Golden Horse spinning coasters
  5. My other passion away from amusement parks is sports so I would try to visit as many as possible during off season. This time I'm seeing Track cycling, snooker, and soccer.
  6. First: Achtbaan @ Kinderstad Heerlen, Netherlands Last: Pepeto @ Soukra Parc, Tunisia
  7. Hi, Any chance the Schwarzkopf @ Isla San Marcos Parque Tematico, Could be added to the Mexico trip as an add on?
  8. I fully agree. The similarities are endless. They can easily name it Happy Valley Europe Rainbow Magicland needs a few years to settle in. The main issue with this park is lack of shade. Once the plantation is matured and they manage to open up all the rides it can become a top park in Europe. In it's present condition ( large percentage of rides not open) it's average at best.
  9. Thanks for all your replies. The view from the top is amazing and is highly recommended. Last update of this report, Rainbow Magicland....Enjoy Vekoma junior coaster, Bomborun A selection of children rides. Amerigo the wacky worm coaster. First look at Shock! Cagliostro, Enclosed Maurer spinner. Italian firemen enjoying the park too. Stunning theming. Vekoma Mine train, Olandese Volante. Good Rapid ride, fairly wet; but with the heat it was a relief to get wet. Tower ride, Closed. Nice indoor ride. Rather boring 4D cineman show. Park overview shots. Entrance round about. Covered parking bays. Shock's station.
  10. Vatican City, the smallest country in the world. This place is amazing. Absolutely stunning. Nearest metro station is Ottaviano, which is on line A.From the station Vatican City is a few minutes walk. . Walking to the entrance. Massive pillars. First look at St. Peter's Square. Swiss guards by the door. St Peter's basilica. Looking back at the square. The narthex Inside...... Due to poor lighting inside some photos did not come out well. Next up was the climbing up the Cupola (Dome) One would take the lift to roof level then walk up the remaining steps but during my visit the lift was not operating so i had to climb the 551 steps. It's 5 euros extra to climb to the top or 7 euros if you use the lift part way and climb the rest.. The view from the top is stunning. Looking down from the Gallery at roof level. tight stairs going to the top. If you are Claustrophobic, then it's best to not do this. View from the top. Palace of the Governorate of Vatican City State. Close up of Palace of the Governorate of Vatican City State. The museum building. The famous post card view. I thought i got rid of you. How the hell did you climb up all these steps anyway? Steps to go back down. Back at roof level for coming down only. Here you will find toilets, water drinking fountain, souvenir shop. If you look at the crown on top of the dome, that's where we were a few minutes ago. Taking all the pics of the surroundings. Close up, it was crowded up there a while back. Seams i bought the crowds down with me. Back down again. Thanks for looking at my photo TR. Hope you guys enjoyed this update. Final update from Rainbow Magicland still to come.
  11. Parco Morelli is another children park located in south east Rome. The park was not on Rcdb when i visited it. It was the hardest park to get to as it was no way near any metro or train stations. I took the bus to this park. I don't have the bus number, as my notes are not on me, but i'll give direction to this park later. Photos.... Entrance to Parco Morelli. The coaster is called "Le Tour de Paris" Eiffel tower in Rome. Bonus Nerd shot. Thanks all for reading my report. Good things come to those who wait. I've left the best till last. I have two more large updates left. One for Vatican City and One for Rainbow Magicland. Stay tuned they'll be coming soon.
  12. Parcolido is on the east coast area not far from Fiumcino airport. From Rome central it took around just under one hour. Although bigger then the other two smaller parks i reported on, it is still mainly for those who count coaster. Photos.... To get to Parcolido one needs to get to Piranide metro stop Line B. From there change to Roma Lido (grey line) You need to get off at Lido Centro and the park is about 3/4 minutes walk from the station. I got there around 7pm. The park was deserted. The park closd at midnight the day i was there. completly empty. The reason for coming. I know it's sad. Head hanging in shame. Mine train Il Treno Delle Miniere. Hooray, finally found someone human, even if they are climbing the rope course. Opposite Parcolido is a small children park. No coasters. Small gem of a place. Stunning.
  13. Thanks for liking the report I fully agree with the last reply. For ease of transport you can't beat Termini. Even though more expensive the area around Pantheon or Piazza Novona, are a much nicer area to stay in. I stayed near Termini for ease of transport. Shuttle to Zoomarine and Rainbow magicland depart from here. Also i frequently used the metro so staying near Termini was a better option for me. I stayed in Augusta Lucilla Palace hotel http://www.augustalucillapalace.com/ Review here http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Hotel_Review-g187791-d1060784-Reviews-Augusta_Lucilla_Palace-Rome_Lazio.html Hotel was ok but do make your own mind up after reading the review.
  14. Eden Park is is located in western Rome. It is one minute walk from metro station Battistini, the last stop on line A. Eden park is even smaller then Oasi Park in size so may only interest the hardcore coaster counters. Like Oasi Park it has one big Apple coaster call "Brucomela" Photos...... Eden Park entrance. The coaster was another Big Apple called, Brucomela. For all you control box fans out there. Other rides. Park exit. More updates to follow.......
  15. Park looks great. Hats off to Trans Studio for opening it so soon as when i was there in April there was still loads of work still pending. I didn't think it would be possible to open it by July. Good to see the park is busy as well. Thanks for the update guys.
  16. That's correct, new part is the flooring were the battles happened. The walls below are rooms minus the roof were the animals and Gladiators were kept before the fights. Oasi Park is a small children park in South eastern Rome. The nearest metro station is Giulio Agricola which is on the A line. The park is 5/6 minutes walk from the metro station. The park has a wacky worm coaster called Mini Mouse. Photos..... Park entrance. Roger Rabbit Dodgems. Train Ride. I see a Smurf Pokemon too. They even had a fountain in the park. Didn't see anyone throw coins in it though. For all you Claw game fans out there. The Mini Mouse coaster. They even had Hellooooooooo Kitty Still to come, the worlds smallest country; Vatican City and Rainbow Magicland along with a couple more smaller amusement parks. Thanks for reading.
  17. First of all, thank you for reading my trip report and enjoying my holiday experience. Thanks for all the feedback as well Italy is one of my favarite countries. The Colosseum is just purely amazing. I'm sure when you get there you will have a great time Underground tour only opened this year and no one knows how long they will operate for. Hopefully when your there next they will be open. Continueing the report, after the Colosseum i went to the Roman Forams and walked the around the city for a bit. Enjoy. Roman Forums. After the Roman Forams we headed to Romes best shopping street Via del Corso. There were loads of famous stores but we only shopped in the "Disney Store" Off Via del Corso is the famous Trevi Fountain. Traditional holds that if visitors throw a coin into the fountain, they are ensured a return to Rome. The huge crowd at the fountain certainly believed that, as loads were chucking their hard earned cash in there. On average 3000 euros worth of coins are collected from the fountain every day. I'm having a fountain installed in my back garden, so those not fortunate to visit Trevi fountain; sure can chuck their coins in my fountain Oh Gosh!! it's the same guy we left behind at the Colosseum....he never gives up! Back on the shopping street we walked through this small shopping mall. We finished the long tiring day at the Spanish Steps.....yes that's correct Spanish Steps in Rome not Spain. Huge crowds at the Spanish Steps as well. For gods sake! please don't spoil my report. Go and show your face in someone elses report. Next update would include Oasi Park,followed by a large Vatican City report. Rainbow Magicland and other smaller parks will follow.
  18. Day 2) Today was the Colosseum day. I had booked a hypogeum (underground/basement) and the third level tour. This is the first instance that public have been allowed to access the underground level of the Colosseum since ancient times. Even in the ancient times public were not allowed in the lower level. Lower level was only for gladiators and animals. Public were not allowed to go up to the third level as well now. The tour had to be booked in advance. The English speaking tours were sold out for my trip so i had to book a Italian speaking tour even though i didn't speak the language. The tour was great. Onto photos From the our hotel we walked it to the Colosseum. First sight of the Colosseum. Entry tickets Map Sticker for the tour. Toilets this way! They even have a lift for the disables access and buggies to the first level. Stair for the rest of us. Tour starting point. Steep steps. Stairs to go down to the underground. Going down. Were there. Original floor. The drainage system. All this timber work is new. You will know why, when you see photos from the upper levels. Back up, now going out. First sight of this magnificent arena. This was our tour guide. Rather crowded here. Going up again. Third level passage. Out side third level. Looking down from the third level at the city. People look so small from the top. Colosseum has it's own metro station called "Colosseo" The magnificent arena. Remember the timer work photos from the underground level. They are rebuilding a small part of the arena floor were all the battles took place just to give public a feel of how it used to be in ancient times. Going back down. Ignore him! Colosseum has a small museum on the first level indoor. Use your own captions if you want to. Back out again. His back again. Just leave please. Why are you trying to spoil my trip report. Go,and don't come back now. Bye bye Colosseum It was a long trip report section as the Colosseum being one of the wonders of the world deserved it. Thanks for hanging in there till the end. More reports from the Vatican City, smaller Rome amusement parks ,walk around Rome and Rainbow Magicland to come. Thanks again for reading.
  19. Yes agree, it is one of the saddest looking ride car i've seen too. The surrounding were not too good. It seams like the park is a showman's ground were rides come and go. The place does needs a lot of attention and care.
  20. Thanks for you comments. Both Zoomarine and Rainbow Magicland are heavily advertised in Rome. Zoomarine have a promotion with Mcdonalds and you can get money of coupons from there too. I left Zoomarine at around 3pm to go to a Fantasiland. Fantasiland is a newly discovered park about 10 minutes walk from Zoomarine. I spent under an hour there before returning to Zoomarine as i had to catch my free return shuttle to Rome from there. Onto photos of Fantasiland. Enjoy Walking to the park. Fantasiland is left of the red building. The bigger coaster from the road. Made it to the park. The grand entrance. Do you guys notice anything similar? Micky Mouse, Donald Duck and Winnie the Pooh all at the entrance of Fantasiland I wonder what Disney think about this? Random ride photos. Indoor ride. Ride tickets Sign at the bigger coaster. The coaster train. The coaster is an Interpark Galaxi. Lifthill Coaster shots Thumbs up! Guess it wasn't rough then. Controls! General park shots The Bassotto coaster. Typical big apple coaster. Coaster train. Coaster controls. You have to have pity on him. Thanks for viewing guys. Next update would be of the Colosseum and a walk around Rome. Stay tuned.
  21. Day 1 proper; Zoomarine was the first park i visited. As the name suggests it's a mini seaworld with some rollercoasters and flat rides thrown in. The shows are absolutely brilliant here. Zoomarine entrance Squalotto was the first coaster you see as you enter the park and head left. took the photo for the sign only. Honestly Animal models Flamingoes I've seen many Dolohin shows around the world but this beats them all. Large crowd enjoying the show. No seats available at all. Bird show next. First view of Vertigo. Schwarzkopf goodness Station poetry in motion. 4D cinema Random kiddie rides Indoor dinosaur walk through. Finished the day with another great show. Thankyou Zoomarine for a nice day. Rainbow Magicland,Colosseum,Vatican City and more smaller parks in Rome to follow......
  22. Recently went to Rome for a five day break. Rainbow Magicland was the main draw, but there were a few smaller parks along with loads of touristy stuff as well. Rome itself is like a large well themed park with beautiful building and historical sites. On to photos.... ADMIN EDIT: I went ahead and added the "Photo TR" notation to the front of your thread's title. Thanks for sharing this with us! At the airport, ready for the adventure. Street near my hotel in Rome. Best setting for a Mcdonald ever. Did i mention they even serve beer. Would make a few people happy
  23. Wow! i'm amazed how fast they have done the work. In April it never looked like this place would open this year. The park looks amazing and hope they have a great opening.
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