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  1. Thanks for your comments guys and for liking the scenery. Got loads more pretty scenery in this update Also thanks for putting my trip report on the main page. I was not expecting this being this is my first TR for TPR, this is a nice suprise Today we head into Slovenia but before that we go to Hermagor (Nassfeld) and another park nearby to ride another Butterfly Onto the pics..... Hermagor (Nassfeld) our first stop. We had to take a cable car to the top.....the longest of the trip. We didn't manage to get a ride up on Mcdonald's sponsored cable car! Arriving at the top. View from the top. Those are Italian mountains in the background. This alpine coaster is located very close to the Italian alps. Me in front of the Italian mountains. First sight of the alpine coaster cars. Track with a view. Cars ready to go down. The Pendolino coaster cars sound so Italian. Final brake run. Next stop was Kärntner Erlebnispark. Park map. Butterfly In action. Proper credit. Butterfly from another angle. Kranjska Gora in Slovenia was next. The track. In action. Station at the top. Unior d.d. program Turizm. Zrece Station. This was the hard to photograph as 90% of the track was in the wooded part well hidden. Large safety poster. We had to run to catch this on at Sportini Center Porhorje Maribor. We were 10 minutes late so we requested nicely and they let us on. Ticket office on the left. We also went to Lake Bled but can't locate the photos from there at precent. Will put them up later. Tomorrow we hit another Butterfly that was not listed on Rcdb even. It's probably the best themed Butterfly in the world so stay tuned for that and thanks again for all your lovely comment.
  2. Larry we drove. We squeezed a lot into this trip so had to cover a lot of distance in a short time. We also went to Slovenia as well.
  3. Next on the agenda were four alpine coasters. For that we had to go towards the alps meaning more dramatic scenery From the four one is a Wiegand model and three are from Braso. The first one is the Wiegand and had been open for just two days. So we were few of the first to be riding this brand new alpine coaster. Enjoy..... Next stop Fieberbrunn. The new alpine coaster called Timoks Alm Coaster Old man with an alien coming out of his head. The Timoks coaster!! Close up. Coaster track. In action. Lift hill. Why are you looking behind? More Timok coaster action. End of the ride. Cable car that takes you up and back down the mountain. Cable car reminds me of a James Bond movie. Alpine coaster number two was the first of three Braso models. Entrance to the cable car that takes us up the mountain. The place had a bike course too, one of many ways to attract people in the off skiing season. This is a really short alpine coaster. A lady dressed in a burka ready to ride. I guess there not banned in Austria like France have. Coaster cars in line at the start. Imortant rules for the ride. More breathtaking scenery coaster in action. The coaster being pulled back up after the short ride. A convoy of alpine coaster cars making there way back up again. End of the ride. Chair lifts were needed rather then a cable car for our next alpine coaster.Zinkenlifte Bad Dürrnberg Coaster dives through the trees making it a more thrilling ride. Coaster in action. The main difference between a Wiegand and a Braso is the Wiegand is run on a track similar to a normal coaster track while Braso on a singular tube. The Braso brake is operated by a handle in the centre of the car and also the car is much more exposed compared to a Wiegand coaster car. more track. Station at the top. View from the top Final alpine coaster of the day. Cable car to the top again. All stacked up. View from the top of this mountain. Our hotel for the night. Updates continued tomorrow.
  4. Just over a week ago i joined up with Thomas to ride some coasters in Austria and Slovenia. Austria is not known for its normal coasters ( the very few it has) but it has loads of alpine coasters which can and are great fun to ride also scenery wise it can't be beaten. It's one of the most beautiful country in the world.We had a great time there and hope to share our memories with you guys. Photo report....enjoy First park we went to was Freizeitzentrum Zahmer Kaiser near the German border. First credit of the trip, the Buterfly coaster. Thomas enjoying the Butterfly coaster. Butterfly coaster. from another angle. other rides at the very small park. simulator ride. park view from the car park. Next stop Familienland Erlebnispark. It's a nice family park with one coaster. Entrance. Childrens play slide with elephant head themeing. Nice clean park with plenty of animal characters. First view of the coaster. getting closer to the Interpark model of the zyklon coaster. Coaster cars from inside the station. General park shot. Even the slide is well themed. Swing ship. The coaster from another angle. A ride you may see at the Legoland parks. Not operating when we where there. For you donkey lovers out there Thomas on the dragon swing. New water ride, really well done. Characters on the water ride. Nice theming. Water ride. more characters. I like this park. Nice, clean and the view is not bad. Rino trying to eat me Water ride again. Coaster going up the lift hill. Coaster porn. more coaster porn. coaster car going up the lift hill. park logo on the coaster car. Full coaster shot. Also not bad scenery for a coaster in the back ground. Rapids ride in the distance. Rapids ride. Rapids. Lions bench. I hope you enjoyed the photos so far more to come soon.
  5. Great report and brilliant photos. Any news when battlestar galactica might open? Was in Malaysia a few years back, really loved the place. Thanks for bringing back some grat memories
  6. Will be there in October just before the parks open Just the perfect excuse to go back i guess. Looks fantastic, thanks for posting. Malcolm are you going with the Valt?
  7. Forgot to put this in the last post. Do you know the opening and closing times for Jing Ying park or the best time in the day to visit them when all the coasters will be most likely operating?
  8. Shawn Thanks for info on Jing Ying park. From the metro stop it should be walking distance. Can you remember the exit? I just want to save as much time as possible as i'm planning to hit three parks on that day including Nanhu and Chimelong. Before you ask i have been to Chimelong before so only need to get the new B&M credit. Did you do any parks in Zhuhai? Your trip reports are great. The saucer coaster looks really cramped.Haven't seen anything like this before.
  9. Shawn! Great report. just a quick question what is the name of the park Jing Ying Amusement Park is in? Also what is the nearest metro station to it if known? Thanks
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