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  1. I don't have any experience with the meal plan since I'm a Cast Member, but I've heard nothing but good things about it. I usually hear some people don't end up using all of their meals, just make sure you do. And definitely make reservations in advance for the sitdown restaurants. For a Thanksgiving meal, I'd suggest Liberty Tree Tavern. It is one of my favorite places to eat at in general. They serve steak, turkey, ham, mac-n-cheese, salad, bread, mashed taters, gravy, and apple pie for dessert. Its SO good. Plus, Minnie, Goofy, Chip, Dale, and Pluto will stop by to visit. I also enjoy working there because its not too busy compared to other restaurants and I get to have fun with the guests. Have a fun vacation!
  2. You've got some great pictures there. I don't see why people don't like Gwazi. I think I enjoyed that ride more than I did Sheikra. I remember going sometime in July and re-rode Gwazi quite a few times without getting off. It was just way too much fun. I love the ride. You people are nuts. Haha. I need to get back to Busch Gardens because I miss that place. Their rides are fantastic! Great TR! I look forward to some more photos.
  3. Here are some more pictures of myself in Jammin Jungle at Animal Kingdom. Also, a picture from the final Pirate and Princess party March 8th! Jack Sparrow and Ariel! The Lion in the finale unit of the parade!
  4. Congradulations guys! She is absolutely beautiful! Another coaster enthusiast born into the world. Or so you hope? What does one do when their children doesn't like coasters? Ahh...baby sitter! Nice!
  5. Ever since I saw it on the Amazing Race I've wanted to do it. I think I've seen it on Celebrity Fit Club or something like it. If and when I go to Dollywood, I'll have to make a pitstop there as well!
  6. Nice update! I often see Yeti Balls on parade route during the DAK parade and I go "YETI BALL!" and give him a good pet. Unfortunately, its not the TPR Yeti Ball. Disappointing.
  7. Today was my first time doing Mickey's Jammin Jungle Stiltwalker! It was pretty much amazing! I was a Porcupine infront of Goofy's float! Jeremy as a Porcupine!
  8. Today I walked in Stilts in Mickey's Jammin Jungle Parade for the first time!
  9. Was this Jack Sparrow a random guest dressed up or an actual Sparrow? Hmm...interesting. I just noticed you got a picture with him as did Eric, so I'm assuming he's a character. I can't wait to go!
  10. I got the chance to see the parade and fireworks on the Cast Preview last weekend and I thought it was fantastic. The fireworks I think was the better of the two. I love how the Castle looks to be on fire and how Meriweather and Flora fight it out in fireworks. The parade is cute but rather short. I still enjoyed it though. I can't wait to attend an actual party! I'm greatly looking forward to it!
  11. Well, its been awhile since I posted any new photos of yours truely. I was watching Fantasmic and discovered that Beans from Even Stevens was sitting right infront of me! Launchpad McQuack and I.
  12. I haven't seen the show yet with the new talking heads, nor do I want to see the video since I can just see it live. I think it'll help bring the characters to life. I don't think there should be much of a problem of kids wanting the characters to talk to them, they already ask enough, before these new heads. The attendant will probably just use the same excuse that the character is saving his voice for the show or cartoon. I'd imagine more kids would wonder why Hook and Smee are face characters in the show but not for doing sets by Pirates. Then again, I'm sure they've handled that over in DLR since they used them for Fantasmic.
  13. I remember when I was at Kings Dominion waiting in line for the Shockwave. I was by myself, next to get on the ride. The person behind me asks "Are you waiting in line to ride?" I wanted to respond, "No you idiot, I am waiting in line for my health." Why else would I be in line, to watch people ride? Retards.
  14. I'm surprised that I haven't seen a review for... Dreamgirls. Absolutely amazing movie. If you enjoy musicals, you will definitely enjoy this movie. Jennifer Hudson's version of "Any I Am Telling You I Am Not Going" is freaking incredible. I didn't even take a breath during the entire performance. I was sweating from it. Incredible. Even if you don't like musicals, the music is very enjoyable. I highly suggest it! 10/10
  15. I haven't gotten to experience a MVMCP yet. I was apart of them all this year in the parade. So, I can't really comment. I do remember while attending a few MNSSHP they weren't too crowded. The parade spots were quickly taken, but I'm not surprised for a special event. When repeat guests and CMs are typically in the park during the day, they will skip the day parade if they have already seen it. When I did the Not So Scary, I didn't really ride anything, but I remember glancing at the wait times and I think 15 minutes might be the longest I saw. If you have any pictures of the parade, especially the Reindeer, I'd love to see them! Also, when did you see Jingle Jungle parade?
  16. I'm enjoying this TR a lot! I'm glad to see you were enjoying yourself and I can't wait to see MNSSHP pictures. I love that event!
  17. Easily one of my favorite websites: www.toothpastefordinner.com Contains a new cartoon everyday. They are witty and random. They sells books (which may be sold out but I have one), T-Shirts, and bags. Its pretty much amazing. Highly enjoyable, definitely check it out.
  18. Well, sad to hear you turned it down, but they'll offer it again, no worries. I'm on the College Program currently as well. I've been here since January and I'm leaving in January. I'm a Character Performer. *Shameless plug* Come check out Christmas Parade at Magic Kingdom! */Shameless Plug* This is my second CP, my first was Operations at the Living Seas and Soarin' and that experience was amazing as well. The program offers so many benefits and so many opportunties. The best part are the friends you make and the people you work with. Your job may suck, but the people are amazing.
  19. Screamhouse was my least favorite of the houses that I went through. Then again, I did the house around 12:45am so probably most the scare actors had already left. Though, your model looks really cool! I loved the beginning setting of the house!
  20. That was a great Photo TR! I've never really seen any pictures of the SeaWorld Halloween event. Looks kinda cute for the little ones. Some of those characters are a tad scary. I enjoy those Jumpin Jellies myself. I can make them spin as fast as I want, mwhahaha.
  21. Ha, those are EXCELLENT. Why don't we have such brilliant commercials. I wonder if there is a Robb version of the Truck Monkey? What would it do?
  22. I've never been infested with these said "lizards." I rather not have them, or I might smack my computer screen. Its all no good.
  23. I need to get to California soon then. As a kid, I would watch the Price is Right instead of any kid show. My mom always tells me that. I've loved Game Shows forever. I'd love to be his replacement! California Trip now planning. Just for TPiR!
  24. Aha! I told you Elissa that Clarice was at MGM Studios! I'm actually surprised she still comes out, but I'm glad to see it! I wish I wasn't working all the time you guys were here, otherwise I would've met up with you all. Poo on that. There's always next time!
  25. I'll give it a bump-eroo plus myself. Tiger Jeremy with Tarzan and Terk!
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